Sunday, February 23, 2014

Happy Birthday Upper Deck

Today marks an momentous day in the hobby as Upper Deck celebrates 25 years in business. I don't know about you but I have plenty of collecting memories in the past 25 years. Some of which I will share to celebrate this big day and I hope you will do the same.

The first memory that comes to mind is chasing my first Ken Griffey Jr rookie card. I was a huge Griffey Jr fan and collector and no Griffey Jr collection is set til you have one of those. It was a fun search for my father and I as we ran into quite a few at shows, card shops and yard sales. Most were a little too expensive for us which made the search so hard. Finally, we stumbled upon one at a yard sale. My dad fortunately knew the person running it so they gave us a great deal on one knowing how badly we wanted it for $20. My face never lit up as much as it did that day holding onto that piece of cardboard history. I still have it to this day and call it "my precious."

Another memory was at a card show, back when they were held locally, and a box of Spx football 1996. My best friend's uncle Tim, who was a die-hard collector, had been around the show all day picking up packs here and there from the box at the main table of the show. I kept drooling over the beautiful designed cards. The micro etching and hologram blended together like PB&J. I finally talked my dad into buying a couple of packs before Tim bought them all. The price was a little steep at $6.99 a pack for one card but we dug in. I opened the rainbow shine wrappers and pulled an Emmitt Smith base in one pack and a Barry Sanders base in another. I was still pretty excited to hit the best two running backs in the league. Tim saw that I had picked from the box and made his return. I wished I had waited for him to pick again as he opened his pack a group of collectors swarmed around him like he was road kill and they were vultures. I finally pushed my way into the middle and saw what they were hovering over... A stinking Joe Montana Tribute autographed card. My jaw dropped. I was excited for him and disappointed for myself. Still was an amazing sight to see however and I have yet to ever witness anything like that again.

One more memory was in 2012 when I pulled the biggest card I had ever gotten from Upper Deck... An Sp Authentic autograph of Trent Richardson numbered 5/5. 

There are still PLENTY MORE memories I have had collecting Upper Deck. These are only a few. I could probably fill a weeks worth of posts on them but will cut it down to these three for now.

I would however enjoy to hear some of yours! Just comment below with them.

Happy Birthday again Upper Deck and I look forward to seeing how you celebrate  this big moment.

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  1. I miss Upper Deck MLB, NFL, and NBA products. UD Masterpieces is one of my favorite products of all-time.