Monday, May 22, 2017


This card is crying out for a Caption.
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Mine would be....
"Ugh. 18 innings and still going. Guess I am going to miss The Kardashians new episode tonight."

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Card I Have Wanted For 4 Years

My buddy @JGfan24ever struck again with set help and a surprise!

I knew he was sending some help for my 2014 Flair Football chase , but what I didn't know was about the extra card he tossed in.

Up first, my Flair set needs. I have officially completed the Row 2 set-thanks to him- and now have narrowed down the search for Row 1 even more thanks to @JGfan24ever.

With 11 more down, I am currently just 3 away from having the Row 1 set as well! I am quite impressed.  I am quite excited as I haven't completed a full set of anything newer in years as most of my set focus has been on the past which I will put a post about on a later date.

However, this Flair set brings back the past and present so this is my main new set chase right now.
And finally the card I have sought after for 4 years. I know it's a bit silly and most would laugh at me for wanting it, but it's a unique one of a kind card.
Introducing the 2013 Score Leon Sandcastle rookie card done in the glorious 1989 Score design:
If you don't remember anything about this card or the player, leading up to the 2013 NFL Draft, NFL Network's and former NFL Player Deion Sanders made some promo's starting in the commercials for Super Bowl XLVII featuring the fastest and most impressive player of that NFL Draft, Leon Sandcastle. They made it appear as if Sandcastle would be the Chiefs #1 pick that year because "Leon doesn't jump, Leon flies". 
Nobody in that draft could do what Leon could. Actually, taking a look back at that draft now, Leon would have been the obvious number 1 pick because of that poor year.
The promo's were so popular, that Panini decided to make a card of him in the 2013 Prestige (I want this version too) and the 2013 Score products. There were autograph versions as well. I am not sure how tough any of these cards were to pull, but I busted plenty of Score and Prestige and never saw a single one.

You can see this card crossed off my want list and the Prestige one still on there and the rest of my complete want list of cards and toys HERE.

A big thanks goes out to @JGfan24ever for the set help and for the Sandcastle. Please give him a Twitter follow if you haven't yet, great guy.


For a couple of weeks, Wes over at Willinghammer Rising, ran a Big Fun Game contest for a couple of weeks. It was something that was hosted by a previous blogger that Wes started up again.

I was curious what kinda game this was but in order to do that you had to be drafted into it first, luckily I was. The game itself come to find out, was simply picking a random number that was attached to a certain card you didn't know about or stealing someone else card who had picked before you or the worst part, someone could steal yours after you.

I sadly experienced that twice but will admit I did one prize steal myself.

I was 5th overall in the card draft. Not a bad spot as a few picked ahead of me for me to steal from but not the best either as 11 picked behind me meaning a steal could easily happen. My first pick at 5 was stealing a box of mystery goods. I was hoping nobody else would take it as a mystery is so exciting but within a pick it was gone. My next selection I went with lucky number 13 which was very lucky landing me a Topps Ripken rookie. But, once again, it was stolen. So I finally said, well, Eli Manning #10 give me some luck.

Here is what it landed me....
A one of a kind JBF auto from Wes himself!

These cards were extras he tossed in

More extras...

A few more extras including 2 Ricky Williams rookies and an Odell Topps one.

More extras with these 4 cool oddball baseball cards. Gotta love the oddballs.

These extras are from the Topps Walking Dead base set that will be my first Topps Walking Dead cards for my non-sport PC.

And to finish up the extras he tossed in, some cool non-sport items. My favorite of the group has got to be Robin Williams with FLUBBER!

This was my actual prize winning, three autograph cards. One of which I can easily see in someone else PC. Hint Hint you know who you are :)

Oh yeah. There was one more extra which is also now my oldest Giants card I own....

a 1956 Topps Bob Schnelker rookie card
A big thanks goes out to Wes for the mail day and all of the extras. I appreciate it and for allowing me to participate in the BFG.

Thoughts on my mail day are welcomed below!

2017 MLB Pick Em Week 8

Below are the picks for this weeks MLB Pick Em challenge!

The rules are simple, pick a winner, earn a point. Pick a loser, earn nothing.

The only other rule is you must be a U.S. Resident to enter or have an address in the U.S.

You will play 4 weeks like this and person with the most right at the end of May will win a prize!

Here are this weeks games to pick winners of:
Oakland @ NYY
SD @ Wash
Arizona @ Milw
Chicago @ LAD

Here are my picks for the games

Leave your picks in comments below. You will have til 6:30 pm Friday, May 26th 2017 to enter. Any entries after that will be disqualified for Week 1. If you missed Week 1, don't fret! You can enter Week 2 starting on Sunday. Even if you miss Week 2, enter Week 3. So on and so forth. I will slot those who enter in late even Week 20 in divisions that give them the best chance to win. Just remember even if you enter later in the contest and miss many weeks, there is still a monthly prize to win.

Standings should be updated Saturday!

Good Luck to all that enter!


Saturday, May 20, 2017

Some Twitter Friends Are National Treasures

I have met some incredible giving friends on Twitter, one of those great guys is @DubMentality
who runs the Dub Mentality blog. Give it a read or a blogroll add if you haven't yet. Lot's of interesting content on there.

Anyways, I was tagged in a post early last week that instructed for me to contact @NickLcitycards
with my address so I can get the card he had just picked up for me from Nick's sale. I was thrown back because of his generosity and also because of the pretty sweet card he had picked up for me.

A 2016 Panini National Treasures dual memorabilia card of future Pro Bowlers Sterling Shepard and Paul Perkins.

And as an added surprise, Nick had tossed in this pretty slick Donruss Optic Rated Rookie parallels.
A big thanks goes out to Dub for picking up the sweet dual memorabilia card for me and another thanks to Nick for tossing in the extras. You can check them both out on Twitter and give em a follow click!

Random Card On My Desk:2000 Upper Deck Ionix Kurt Warner

Friday, May 19, 2017

Another Griffey Jr Centerpiece

It's been a few months, but @Jake1725 and I just pulled off another big trade. This time the centerpiece was worked around a card we almost pulled off the last time which was delayed from someone else wanting to trade for it. Well, they never pulled off the deal so their loss is my gain. Stay tuned at the bottom for that beauty.

If you don't know @Jake1725 he runs the A Very Simple Idea blog which focuses on his main project of collecting the Topps/Bowman Inception autograph sets. Go check him out if you haven't done so yet.

Our trade focused around helping him acquire more cards for his project and for me, adding more cards to my PC.
Up first, here are some freebies he tossed into the trade. Oversized Donruss '84 baseball cards.

Including a new Pops I didn't have. He looks pretty good in pinstripes. I always wished Jr had gone that route to. Would have gotten him a ring he so deserved.

Cool oversized Finest cards I haven't seen before. One of Gwynn and one of Larry Walker.

Speaking of oversized cards that are cool, here is one of Jr I didn't have. I always liked the photo on this one.

A Ginter Fielder relic. I dig these mini relics.

Luis Ortiz auto rookie

Christian Vazquez auto. I have found this one a new home already in a big trade I am still working on.

I have always seen Post Cereal cards, but not ones that are unfolded and look like this. Awesome. Also a new Jr.

Don't Judge me for wanting some Judge. This is a foil parallel. I am sure this card like all of his others is on fire.

And we have finally reached our destination, the centerpiece of this trade. There's not much to say other than just drooling over it. Also check out the numbering. Seems like someone wore 24 once...
This makes Griffey auto card number three in my PC. I know that's not much compared to some, but it's all I can do for now.
A big thanks goes out to @Jake1725 for the trade and for considering me next in line for the Griffey auto. I am so thankful that we were able to work out a trade in the best of both of our interests. This card has found it's final home and I look forward to our next trade.

If you are not following him or have not checked him out yet for helping him with his project, please do so. He is overall a really good guy as well.

BASEically Awesome Part 10:1995 Pinnacle Football

By now you must be thinking....really....he did three of these posts in a row??!!

Yup. I am just trying to clean out my draft space as I have decided to no longer pursue segments on here. I would rather to free blog so you will be seeing lots of recurring segments over the next few weeks.

1995 had a ton of great base card set releases especially capturing the gridiron.

1995 Pinnacle not only had a solid base set design with the foil football at the bottom encasing the  name and position, but the photography throughout the 250 card set was amazing. You would have thought Upper Deck did it.

Great pic of Davis making a catch here

Kramer found on the ground. Something he did a lot of

Norton getting the recovery

Carter outrunning the defense

And this is only a sampling. I really want to chase down this set someday. It's on my bucket list but for now I am just focusing on my Ex and Spx projects.

So what do you guys think of this design and photography? Let me know in comments!!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

2017 Contenders Draft Football Autograph Winners!

I recently busted a box of 2017 Contenders Draft football and promised to give some of the autos away, specifically these:


Well, today's the day. Technically yesterday was but I am a day late.

I was trying to decide how to pick a winner and decided my usual random of 7 times was the way to go. So let's see who wins the cards above.

There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. Justin P
  2. B money
  3. Kyle Herring
  4. Dion's IP Autos only
  5. James Baurle
  6. John Sharp
  7. Justin S
  8. Unknown
  9. the bowl cut kid
  10. Jim Pieper
  11. Trevor P
  12. hudsonfan15
  13. Steve Wright
  14. Nick Frank
  16. mrs.mommyy
  17. God's humble servant
  18. ketchupman36
  19. william parker
  20. @funtocollect
  21. Luke Enno
  22. Tracy LeVeaux
  23. Miami Vice
  24. @JGfan24ever
Timestamp: 2017-05-18 10:52:39 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to Justin P on the win! Please email me me your info within 48 hours at to claim. If not, cards will be re-given away in a future contest. Thanks to all that entered.

Stay tuned for more contests!