Saturday, October 25, 2014

Thank You! (The Big 300,000)

Just wanted to say that Sport Card Collectors reached yet another milestone today, the big 300,000. This means that Sport Card Collectors has been viewed 300,000 times (plus by the time this publishes).

Thank you for the continued support!


Another post in our new series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic: With Halloween just around the corner, have you ever given out cards for Trick Or Treaters? Have you ever dressed up as your favorite card, card box or used cards as part of a costume?

Let's hear your thoughts!

Friday, October 24, 2014

That 90's Card: 1998-1999 Upper Deck Black Diamond Dikembe Mutombo

Shiny. Micro-etched. Parallels. Everything about Black Diamond I enjoyed.

I think my favorite part about Black Diamond was chasing the Diamond Parallels in packs. This particular card is just a base with a single diamond. You can tell this by the one diamond above Dikembe on the left side. The chase for these parallels goes all the way up to quad diamonds. Each level of diamonds also had a different color of etching so it was never too hard to spot in packs when you had pulled one. Especially a bigger one such as gold or emerald for triple and quad diamonds.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Retail Break 'Em: 2014 Topps Chrome Baseball Rack Pack Part 3

Every year since 1996, I have chased down Topps Chrome. I don't know what it is about the product, but I just love it.

This year I was a big more intrigued by the baseball version than most years due to Jose Abreu. You will catch onto this with my many breaks of it. For the third time I broke a rack pack. Each rack, or what Topps now calls "value pack", comes with 3 Topps Chrome packs and one bonus pack that has 3 Orange refractor parallels. These packs run you about $10.

My rookies:

Refractors and X-Factors. I always wonder what pitchers are saying behind their gloves. "Hey, sup. So you wanna come over Friday and play some PS3?"
 The orange refractors.
And a little boom. Despite his failure in the playoffs, he is still the leagues top pitcher. This is a tough Sepia Refractor pull coming in at 1:105.
Overall, I can't argue with Chrome. Value is found here once again. I definitely feel like I got my money back. If not in card value, at least in the cards themselves.  Topps Chrome once again proves to be the hobby's bright spot in retail.

Panini Card Of The Week: 2013 Crown Royale Rookie Auto Silhouette LeVeon Bell

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

What's In The Mail Box? Tim Yount Mail Day Part 2: Got Some Flair!

In Part 2 of my mail day, Tim helped add more Flair to my collection. Most important, some more set pieces. I also got to add one sweet card which you will have to wait til the end to see!

The beast! 

Row 1 adds...still have a LONG ways to go with that set.

A nice looking jersey card of Giants bulldozer Andre Williams!

Then total sweetness.....a Teddy Bridgewater teal PMG /100! Absolutely love it and in hand its beautiful!

I just wanted to say thanks to Tim again for another stellar mail day. If you aren't following him on Twitter yet, please do! Great guy, awesome trader and hobbyist!

Topps Card Of The Week: 2013 Topps Best Of WWE Big E. Langston Autograph