Sunday, May 29, 2016

Winner Of The Daniel Norris Autograph

Another contest done. I think this is 5th consecutive week of running a contest. That's something I haven't done in a couple of years and it feels good to be back in the groove again. I am usually not a fan of the random picks, but they seem to be doing well picking different winners every week and I am happy with that.

However, don't ever rule out me going with a game pick approach at some point and alternating it.

But, for now, we have a winner to announce.

I fired up the randomizer and here we go. After 7 randoms....

There were 32 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. kevin boxberger
  2. Miami Vice
  3. Jake1725
  4. Joe
  5. Bryan McCarter
  6. Matthew Scott
  7. defgav
  8. the bowl cut kid
  9. Trevor P
  10. Justin S
  11. Ozsportsfan
  12. Jake1725
  13. Tim B.
  14. Cameron Towe
  15. Tracy LeVeaux
  16. Superduperman99
  17. Bradley Defreitas
  18. Scott N.
  19. skunkman
  20. Sam Zozaya
  21. Trevor P
  22. Arrogant Observer
  23. Joe
  24. Fuji
  25. Sam Zozaya
  26. Roland Wake
  28. Scott N.
  29. Adam Kaningher
  30. God's humble servant
  31. hudsonfan15
  32. Tracy LeVeaux
Timestamp: 2016-05-29 10:33:23 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to kevin boxberger! You have won the Daniel Norris autograph. Please email with your address. You will have 48 hours from now to claim your prize or it will be re-given away in a future contest. Please also give a shout out when you receive your prize so we can continue to do this.

Thanks to everyone who RT'd and spread the word and entered.

Not sure when the next contest will be, but hopefully soon.

Sunday's With Rodney:1996 Summit Premium Stock

Up until recently and I mean recently, I had thought that today's card was the Ground Zero parallel from 1996 Summit, but upon further research, I found out Summit came out with a Part 2 of sorts in 1996.

1996 Summit Premium Stock is a 200 card parallel set to the base set of 1996 Summit and it was issued in its own packs. They were put in 8 pack boxes of 13 cards.

The cards are printed on 24pt cardboard.As opposed to the 1996 Summit football set that was black, these have a rainbow foil. They look pretty slick.

Saturday, May 28, 2016

1997 Upper Deck UD3 Baseball Pack # 10

Pack #10 helped add some more cards to my base set. With these, I am now halfway there with 30/60 cards.

Today's pack was ok. I think by far Jeff Bagwell was the star of the group but once again photo placement and use on these cards were well done. That alone makes me smile especially on these Homerun Heroes base. I would have loved a set alone with these.

Winners Of Upper Deck ePack

In what was a disappointing turnout for a contest my buddy Tim and I were running together, three people were going to each get an epack if they had serve(d) our great country or were close family members of someone who did.

Well, only three people entered the contest so it wasn't too hard to random the winners as no random was needed.

Congrats to Raz, Grady M and Alec P on each winning an epack. Grady and Alec, please DM @skunkman1998 on Twitter and he will give you instructions on how to claim. Raz, I am not sure if you are on Twitter, if so, please do the same and let me know if so. If not, comment below with your user name on Upper Deck ePack and I will have Tim give you a message that way.

Thanks to everyone who spread the word and for those three that entered.

Plenty more giveaways ahead!

Mail Day Saturday:Apple Of My Eye

Right after the Giants drafted cornerback Eli Apple in the first round of this years NFL Draft, I went through my collection to see if I had any cards of him and found none. Of course all I had busted up to this date is a 2016 box of Contenders Draft.

I made the case to my wife about my situation and she gladly fixed the problem by picking up my first 2016 Score card and autograph this year.
I was extremely happy to add this one to my collection. Now I just gotta pick up a Shepard and Perkins autograph to complete my 2016 Giants autograph rookie pickups.

Which 2016 rookie autographs are you chasing?

Friday, May 27, 2016

1997 Upper Deck UD3 Baseball Pack # 9

Pack #9 didn't provide me an insert yet, but the easiest ones are1:11 so let's hope soon!

Three decent players today.

I wasn't ever really much of a Palmeiro fan. One, I was a Yankees fan. Two, well, roid era player.


And my favorite card of the pack, Mr Vlad. Loved the way this guy swung a bat and there is just something about those Expos uni's. I actually got to see him once play for the Expos in Montreal. I believe he hit a deep home run that day. But, the Expos lost. Seemed like a thing then.
Three more cards down in the set. 

And hopefully Pack #10 will be busted tomorrow. Thoughts on today' pack are welcomed!

Nuttin But The Hits:2012-2013 Panini Brilliance Basketball

This edition of Nuttin But The Hits is my first basketball edition. One that comes courtesy of a Twitter Guess The Rebound contest from @SCCTradingCards. 

Each of these boxes come with three hits, one jersey card and two autographs and run roughly $40 per box. Some good rookies to find so I am hoping to hit it big.

Let's break this bad boy!.

There were a ton of base cards and a good amount of inserts. These were the best of the best. Can't go wrong adding some Anthony Davis rookies.

Pulled an Artist Proof parallel and almost missed it. You tell me if you would see this in a pack without having to look, once, twice, or even three times at it to see it. These are numbered /10 so it's def a tough pull. Mines a rookie card of Kyle Singler. (may also be the best pull of the box, but I will let you guys decide that)

My first hit. Marc Gasol jersey card.

My next auto is of James Johnson who I have honestly never heard of.

And my final hit of the box is a Jim Jackson autograph redemption which will look like the card above. I have sent in a request to Panini to redeem it even though it's outdated. Hoping I can exchange it as well for something for my PC.
Was a very, very rough break all around. But, it was a free one and a thanks is due to@SCCTradingCards for the contest and the box. If you haven't yet, give them a follow and enter their weekly contests for boxes of all types.  
I will also post when I get the redemption card in or any other updates surrounding it.

Thursday, May 26, 2016


Just tweeted this out. This id your final chance to enter.

If you don't qualify to enter, please spread the word on your blogs to if you know of anyone who serves, served or are close family members of those who did or do.

Military @UpperDeckSports 
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