Sunday, September 20, 2020

Coffee With Rodney:1995 Topps Series 2 Gold Foil GameDay Uncut Sheet

*sits down with his imaginary cup of coffee sitting across from Rodney Hampton about to show him the newest addition to his Super Collection*

What's this? Rodney Hampton on Sunday's is back? Well, for now it will be with some latest mail day offerings. I have at least the next three weeks covered with new Rodney Hampton goodness to show off.

Today's latest Super Collector addition is the first time I have ever seen it. It's a uncut sheet insert from an issue of 1995 Game Day. I believe that's the Giants official Magazine on well, Game Day that you can buy at the stadiums.

This six card sheet contained the one and only Rodney Hampton so I needed it despite the sheet not being flawless. It has a small crease down the center of it but for only a couple of bucks and being the only I have ever seen, it was still an obvious need.

The sheet featured Corey Miller, Chris Calloway, Thomas Randolph, Thomas Lewis, Doug Riesenberg and of course da man Rodney Hampton.

*I take a sip, imaginary Rodney takes a sip enjoying the six card sheet*

It appears they made a series of these preview sets as the next one was going to be Stadium Club football from 1995. I wonder if that one will ever make an appearance and if Rodney would be on it and how many of these were made and how many had Rodney. A good mystery maybe I will be able to unravel some day.

Also, you can see the crease better now that I blew up this photo. It wasn't terrible, but still noticeable for this blogger.

*finishes up cup of coffee, imaginary Rodney does the same and we will be back next week for another edition*

Saturday, September 19, 2020

Left A Bad Taste

*takes a sip of coffee* 

In my house, we have not one, but two coffee makers.

Why you may ask? Well, it seems that every time we buy a new coffee maker, it dies within a year or two. And guess when it decides to die, you guessed it, early in the morning when you wake up dead tired wanting that cup.

I use the phrase that makes me sound like an old person, but they sure don't make things the way they used to. It's true and you know it!

So my wife came up with the idea of suggesting a Keurig coffee maker to my mother in law for our Christmas present last year so we would have a backup plan in place. At first I wasn't really digging the idea as the last time we had one of those coffee makers I wasn't much of a fan. The coffee tasted watered down (it's not that I like my coffee black because I don't, but I don't add a lot of creamer in either because I like that coffee taste) and was missing that zing I need.

At the same time though, it wasn't like this one was going to be the main brew. It was a backup plan if the main brew broke. So I guess I was fine with that even though this time I am throwing in a new knucklecurve for it by having to be forced to drink decaf per doctors orders. It's challenging enough to find a good tasting drink that doesn't have caffeine in it, but to have had a cup of caffeinated coffee from the Keurig before and knowing it tasted watered down to add the fact now it's going to be decaf didn't sound like a great idea.

But, it had to be better than nothing right?


It wasn't long before I got to find out as our coffee maker died a month later forcing me to drink from the Keurig. And once again, same results but worse because of the decaf. I might as well just had a cup of water with creamer in it.

I could tell my wife knew I wasn't pleased with it as I didn't go for a second cup. So she began the hunt to find some new "pods" for me to try and hopefully find one I would enjoy. I can't remember how many different ones I gave a go on before finally striking gold. 

Finally, a coffee tasting magic pod known as Dark Magic created by Green Mountain Coffees. I can taste the actual coffee and it even smells like it.

Why did I just ramble on about Keurig coffee makers? Well, it's what I am having this morning. I messed up yesterday when we placed a grocery order to be picked up and I FORGOT THE COFFEE. How do you forget coffee? It's one of life's essentials.

That left a bad taste in my mouth for forgetting the coffee when I was right at the grocery store.

*Finishes up first cup, onto the second. It's one of those mornings*

That wasn't the only thing that left a base taste.

Recently, I found some "heck of a deal" steals on eBay....or thought they were.

This 1996 Trophy Collection Barry Sanders. These fell 1:24 packs and last one sold for $10. Mine, well, I got for .99

This Kerry Collins, rare/tough pull from 1997 Finest.

These are embossed and found 1:96 packs. Mine, I got .99. Most are $2 plus. So not a huge win there but still a win.

This 1997 Scoreboard Gems Of The NFL Kerry Collins was only .99. Normally, they can go $3 plus.

1999 Skybox Wild Wild West Ian Abercrombie autograph. Most listed at $10, I got this one for...well.. .99.

Roughly $4 spent. I thought I scored pretty well.

So you would expect $4 maybe combined shipping and I would be on my way.

Well, that wasn't the case.

The seller was partially new to eBay, 47 rate but had 100% positive feedback. As long as that feedback is high, I will take a chance.

And guess what, he didn't know how to do combine shipping. NOT AT ALL.

Each card was $4 shipped for a total of $16 in shipping. SIXTEEN STINKIN' DOLLARS. His claim was that eBay customer service would not respond to him on walking him through on how to do combined shipping.

So my wife gave me the go just to get it paid for and not to purchase from that seller again. Instead, I suggested a few things to the seller because I still wanted the cards, I mean, they were good deals still. I just wanted to make up that shipping gap.

Here is what I suggested,
1. Cancel the order, re-list as one lot with the $4 shipping and send me the link to purchase it. (I have done this before with another seller who had a combine shipping issue)
2. Throw me in $16 worth of cards to cover that extra shipping and I suggested a few off from his store.

He went with the number 2 option. I honestly preferred the first one, but was curious what he would propose. Instead of offering me what I asked, he said he would ship me Tim Couch Prestige rookie card and a Pinnacle Inscriptions Artist Proof parallel Vinny Testeverde.

I laughed a hearty laugh to myself.

It wasn't I didn't like those cards, but they weren't anywhere close to the value of $12 to fix that gap. Once again, I reiterated the ones I would want in exchange for the $12 shipping and he said he would ship some with the package.

I should have known that things weren't going to be right when I got the package. This 1997 Excalibur 22K game used helmet was what he sent. This was the card I wanted most of what I was trying to claim, but no way this was worth $12. This is more of the $4-$6 range.

Swigging away on the coffee aggressively...the coffee helps take away the bad taste left on this deal

I like the cards I got in the deal, so I try not to think about the whole shipping mishap. I am sure many of us have had good and bad deals before. I just got to make sure the next steal I think I get turns out better than this one did.

Just like my second experience with the Keurig. You have that bad taste in the first round, but a much better tasting second round.

Friday, September 18, 2020


It's early morning, about 5:30 am where I am. I just woke up, the smell of fresh brew is in the air. I take a look outside hoping to see sun, which I do and no snow so that's gotta be a good sign. However, I see a thick frost on my vehicle and am now hoping that my spring flowers have not died because of it. It's a chilly 25 degrees out but the coffee and house inside is warm.

So that's where I will stay.

So I grab my cup of coffee, the mug is a new one someone gave me for Easter, and I sit at my table in front of my computer to do some Cards Over Coffee.

*first sip*

Settling. It's the past tense for Settle which means "resolve or reach an agreement about (an argument or problem)"

It's something in life we all do whether we unintentionally do it or recognize the fact that we do it. But we all do it.

Remember that box of cereal you really wanted to have to go with your Saturday Morning cartoons but your younger sister wanted another one and you knew you couldn't win a fight against your parents favorite so you settled for hers? You settled.

How about that 8th grade field trip you could have taken to a baseball stadium and you fought really hard to keep it, but most of your classmates wanted to go to Six Flags so you said that was fine and went with it, you settled.

That time you really had your mind and stomach on pizza but your wife wanted subs, well, any married man knows, you settled with subs.

What about that sports car you wanted your whole life and could afford but realized your life and family situation couldn't allow it so you had to get a minivan, you settled.

Or even that time you told yourself you would get a 1998-1999 Topps Chrome Vince Carter rookie card because of the nostalgia and memories it brought you but your wallet told you otherwise and you ended up with a step down, you settled.

That last one actually wasn't actually an example, it happened to me.

But first, I will tell you the backstory to my want of a 1998-1999 Topps Chrome Vince Carter rookie card.

*Takes a good swig of coffee that almost finishes the first cup*

Back in 1998, I was running "errands" with my father or at least that's what my mother thought. We were actually hitting up the local gas station that served as our hobby shop. They had this rotating white cart that carried card boxes while off to the side on the counter were the opened card boxes to buy packs from that were sitting next to the candy and dog biscuits.

As much as we really wanted to snag a box of something, my father didn't have the funds so we looked on the packs counter and immediately noticed 1998-1999 Topps Chrome basketball. Having bought lots of Chrome in the past for football, baseball and basketball, we knew it was a no-brainer to grab a few packs acknowledging those had the best rookie cards in them.

So we did and got in the car to head home before my mother realized we were gone for a little too long. She always was very suspicious of us, which she should have been.

Knowing how my mom would react if we came home with cards, which we already knew we would have to sneak them in, we opened on the ride home. Yes, my father was driving and busting, not something I recommend doing. Pretty similar to drinking and driving.

As we were opening, all of a sudden,my father jolted. I wasn't sure if he got bit by a bug, spilled his soda on himself...again, or had an allergic reaction but something happened. That's when his shaking hands handed me his opened pack revealing a Vince Carter Topps Chrome rookie refractor on top. We knew we hit it big with the hottest rookie from that class. YOWZERS! And here I was excited myself to just find the base rookie in my two packs I was waiting to tell him about when we got home.

He blew my pull out of the water. Good thing Pack Battles didn't exist then that I knew of.

I remember vividly waiting for the newest Beckett basketball to come out so we could look up the value of the card- that we had no intentions of selling at the time-and it was going for $600. By far the best card we had ever pulled.

It was something I had hoped to take with me some day when I grew up and moved out.

But, sometimes things pop up and since my family wasn't extremely rich, my father had to sell it to his friend to have money for auto repairs. It wasn't easy for this 15 year old at the time to see their best card gone. But, it was what it was.

At least I had the base rookie right?

(insert picture of Donald Trump saying wrong)

When I moved out of my parents house my father and I split up the card collection in which I took mostly football and my Ken Griffey Jr collection I worked so hard to build. While forgetting and leaving behind my solid basketball collection including said Topps Chrome rookie. My father only collected for another year after I moved out and then sold it all off. Every last card.

*another sip of coffee. can see the bottom of the mug now*

So here I am over 20 years later slowly adding cards back into my collection I once had.

The past few months I have had my eye on the Topps Chrome Vince Carter rookie (I already know the the refractor version is too rich for my blood go look it up) and was looking to land one under $10. Well, I missed a couple of opportunities for one and then turned down even a couple of $12 and $15 offers I was given.

Am I ever kicking myself now.

Since the Last Dance, prices for the Topps Chrome Vince Carter rookie have exploded for one reason or another along with other 90's cards as most know. So those ones I thought were overpriced at $10-$15 are now $70 and up.

Seventy-stinkin-kicking myself in the groin-baseball to my eye-stepping on a nail with my little toe-dollars.

So you guessed it, I had to settle for the next best thing. An unchromed version of the card I landed for $3 and free shipping.
Vince's picture on this card was of him doing what he did best, especially in the 2000 Slam Dunk contest. It's one many have not forgotten. If you haven't seen this man in action, go Google or YouTube that video and be prepared to be amazed.

Back of the card.

*final sip of first cup, onto the second cup*

I may not have gotten the card I wanted and had to settle, but at least I got a version of it. Unlike the guy with pizza who had to settle for a sub. Those are not the same.

Will I stay settled on this card forever, I will try not to. But, until I can either trade for one or the prices drop back down under $20, I will have to make the best of what I got and sometimes in life that's enough.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Set Help:1997 Collectors Choice Football Turf Champions

1997 Collectors Choice Football Turf Champions HAVES

Tuesday, September 15, 2020