Friday, July 25, 2014


Another post in our new series Hobby Topics. This is not so much a post for us to comment about or give our opinions on, this is your chance to let your voice be heard on a variety of topics in the hobby. We are leaving the floor open to you! So comment away! But please no language and keep your answer clean as we do have a younger following as well.

Today's Topic: The National

Well, though this is a sad topic for me as I will never be able to go, I am curious however, your guys thoughts on it!

Have you ever been? What's the greatest part? Which booth is your favorite? How much do you usually spend when you go? What will you be looking to get this year? And so on and so forth. Just spill it!

Let's hear your thoughts!

That 90's Mail Day: Jammin JDcards 1997 Spx Set Numbers

Well, as you know from many posts on here about the product, I am a huge Spx fan. Especially between the years of 1996-1998 when they combined color, micro-etching and a huge hologram. But, recently when buying a box of the product, you can see that break on this blog, I didn't get a complete set of base cards. Knowing that I now had 1996 football complete, I had to have 1997 as well. So I went on a hunt to find my missing ones and my first thought was to hit up Jammin JDcards, who themselves just broke a box.

Luckily Jammin JDcards had some that I needed they were selling on their SITE. Here are six more to my set including a key Brett Favre:

Now I am only missing about 10 that I will need to hunt down elsewhere but I will not stop til I am finished and when I find them, I will show them off on here.

As always, comments are encouraged on this mail day.

Thursday, July 24, 2014


If you haven't checked out my other blog, The Card Bin, well why not? Some great posts up recently! Including this one posted yesterday on Exclusive Card Licensing in the hobby.

Exclusively Yours, The Leagues

Or this one on my Derek Jeter collecting in 2014 so far:
My 2014 Card Season In Jeter Thus Far @Yankees #Jeter #FinalSeason

 I have a ton more coming up as I will be revealing my Ken Griffey Jr collection, Rueben Randle, collection, more opinion stories. If you haven't subscribed to it, added it to your Blog list, or kept the link close by, I think you should!

Thanks for all of the support on here and I hope all of that translates to there!

Topps Card Of The Week: 2014 Bowman Masahiro Tananka

Monday, July 21, 2014

July's Contest Winners Announced!

First off, I would like to thank all that played in this months contest. The entries were a little down which was a bit disappointing so going forward I am returning to the original format. However, before I can do that, I must announce the three winners from July.

We had 4 perfect scores of all 6 games right. The total runs for all of those games played was 47 so with that being said it wasn't too hard to figure out who won this month.

Congrats to the following, who have not only won for the month, you will go into the WINNERS CIRCLE for Grand Prizes in October! It appears however that one of you is already in the Circle, so that will FREE UP ONE SPOT TO BE RANDOMED OFF TO WEEKLY/MONTHLY PARTICIPANTS! So make sure you enter all of the time!!

Winners for July are...
First pick of prizes goes to....Wilson
Second pick of prizes goes to....Mrblu
Final selection of prizes goes to...Scott N.

Here are those prizes to choose from!

3. And this from BCW Supplies: Variety of toploaders

Wilson, you get to pick which prize you want first, followed by Mrblu and Scott N will get the remaining. Please announce that selection in comments below.

Congrats to our winners this month and thanks to everyone who joined in. There are only two more months for chances into the winners circle plus I will random off a few free spots into the contest for weekly/monthly participants. So make sure to enter all of the time! 

As I stated earlier, I am going back to the weekly entries for the final two months. Lack of entries and the fact it took me forever to go through what I had for entries are the reasons. I also think having a weekly winner is more fun anyways :)

Also, PLEASE remember to not only follow BCW Supplies and Jammin JDcards on Facebook and Twitter, please tell them thank you for their generosity and check out their websites for tons of great stuff!

Winners please email me at with your addresses and I will pass them along to the right parties.