Thursday, March 23, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 2:2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America Vol. 2

You witnessed Volume 1 yesterday with the baseball player portion of 2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America, but to me that was only a third of the slice of pie.

Today, we take a look at cards 51-115. Well, not all of them. Some to give you an idea of what this set was made of.

Yes, baseball is known to most as America's Game, but there is so much more of America that this product covers. Cards 51-132 covers Courage, Innovations, Perseverance, and American Treasures that wraps up and shows us how great America truly is.

Cards that showcase Courage from wars battled like Vietnam and the Gulf War
And courageous people such as Rosa Parks and Buzz Aldrin.
Innovations such as crayons and
 innovators such as the great Thomas Edison make an appearance in here as well.

Perseverance like the Statue Of Liberty and Battle Of Midway make their appearance as well.

And American Treasures such Mt.Rushmore and of course Bazooka Joe, it is a Topps product, make an appearance as well.

Like I said, this set has a lot to offer and a lot of fun to view. Not to mention a lot of proud history.
Up next in the set is.......oh....I won't blow it. Come back for Volume 3 tomorrow!
Thoughts on Volume 2 are welcomed in comments below.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

BASEically Awesome Part 2:2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America Vol 1

A couple of weeks ago, I post a Wrappers Of Collecting Past segment on 2002 Topps American Pie Spirit Of America and mentioned how I wanted to show some of the base cards off because they are BASEically Awesome. Well, I broke this down to a three-part series this week since the base set makeup is build that way to me.

Most of the time this series will focus on base sets that capture the action on the field with it's photogenic moments, this time, they just capture a bit more than that. They capture baseball history and history itself and I totally bought into it.

So let's take a look.

The first 50 cards of the base set are baseball players.Not just any players, legendary players on the field.

I found it cool to see Willie Mays in a Mets uni, not something you see too often anymore. I had to brush up on my baseball history a bit to see he played for the Mets after being traded from the Giants at the tail-end of his career for 72-73 seasons.

I am always excited to add a Jackie to the collection. Gotta love Reggie's shades. Really brings out the pic.

And some throwback uni's and a Brock not in a Cards uni is also a different site. Unlike Mays, Brock started out with the Cubs but was traded in 1964 after the Cubs got tired of waiting for his development. I bet now they wished they had given him a little more opportunity. I guess it was all apart of the Cubs curse.
Seeing the throwback uni's, some of the greatest players in a different uniform and the overall design of the product is some of the reason they are BASEically Awesome. You will have to stay tuned to see the rest over the next two days.

Thoughts on Volume 1 are welcomed in comments.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Mike Torrez To The Red Sox

When working on my sorting project, I came across a card that caught my eye. It was a 1977 O-Pee-Chee Mike Torrez base card.
Someone who owned the card before me wanted to update their collection it appears and put Torrez in their Red Sox pile.
However, from my research, there are many things wrong with this card. First and most important...SOMEONE DEFACED A CARD!! AHHHHHHH! (it's okay when Baseball Card Breakdown does it however as he is always creates a masterpiece with it)
Secondly, he wasn't traded to the Red Sox. They signed him as a Free Agent after the 1977 season when he had a short stint with the Yankees. He had many small stints it seems with 7 teams over his 18 playing years.
Third, if you are going to change his team from A's to Red Sox, why not had changed it to the Yankees first then scribble it out to the Red Sox??? If your going to do the work and deface it, do it right ;)

Also during my research of Torrez, I was surprised to hear he was traded for the great Reggie Jackson which is how he ended up on the A's. Looking at his career leading up to that trade he only had one decent season. Seemed like a bit of an uneven trade in my eyes even with Don Baylor and Paul Mitchell being included in that deal.

Usually a card being scribbled on like this, I would normally toss into a freebie box. But, I couldn't do it this time for a couple of reasons. It's a card older than 1980 which I don't have a lot of and there is just something appealing about the card. I can't figure it out. So instead, it's going in my Oakland A's box despite Red Sox being written on it.

What do guys normally do when a player gets traded or signed elsewhere? Do you place them in the jersey team they are wearing or the new one? Do you write on the cards to keep track? Let me know in comments!

Monday, March 20, 2017

Another Blog? I Know, I Know...

I know what you all are thinking, here he goes again creating another blog that will just sit there and collect internet dust with a rare new post.

Well, I think this time will be different.

My new blog is called SNAGGING CARDBOARD and it's a specific blog just for my NY Giants collecting. You all know as dedicated readers how much I am passionate about that.

That's why I think this time will be different. My passion is strong for this one. That had a Star Wars feel didn't it?

I also really like my layout and design on the blog. I have four posts ready to be read on there with many more in drafts. Please read the first post so you know what to expect of the blog and whether you would want to follow or add it to your blogroll. I hope you do anyways :)

Stay tuned for new posts on there as I put myself a few posts ahead on here so I can focus on some posts for the new blog. It should be all new content!

Hope everyone has a great day! And thanks for reading!

Collectin' Jeets:1998 Upper Deck Retro

I thought another fun segment on this blog would be to showcase a few more of my Yankee cards as I know the blogosphere is loaded with baseball and baseball card fanatics.

One of my bigger Yankee collections player-wise, is of one of my favorite Yanks all-time. Makes sense doesn't it?

Mr. Derek Jeter!

So inside of this binder like the Griffey one I have, I found these once at a dollar store so couldn't go wrong, are all of my Jeters. Currently I sit at 227 different ones. Not a huge collection,but a fairly decent one.

I have backed off Jeter chasing in the past 10 years due to the cost of his cards. They are not cheap. I also had to make the decision on that when I decided to get back to Collectin' Griffey again a few years ago. Even though Jeter played for my team vs Griffey who never did, I still liked Griffey a bit more and had a much more significant collection of him so I stayed with him. However, when I pull a Jeter or see a cheap one or can trade for one, I will definitely make a move.
Today's kickoff to this new segment features a card from 1998 UD Retro. A product that had both a retro look and feel. One you could also after busting a box pack your lunch in. That's right, the boxes of the product were metal lunch boxes. Pretty cool. I own one of the Griffey versions but not the Jeter. Maybe a future chase.

Jeter was base card #67 in the set and featured a photo of him finishing off one of his signature swings. I like the card because it's a sharp photo and seeing the pinstripes showing some dirt from possibly from one of his amazing diving plays.
Thoughts on this new segment and today's card are welcomed in comments!

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Happy Birthday To Me! A New Eli!

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me.....happy birthday to me

That's right, today is my birthday and to celebrate I am taking this week off from Sunday's With Rodney to show off my birthday present, a new Eli Manning auto card!

This one is from the 2015 Topps Field Access and my wife got me this for what I consider a steal of a deal at only $25.

This guy is a possible future HOFer, yes I truly believe he belongs there with 2 rings and 2 Super Bowl MVP trophies that he won against the supposed GOAT of the NFL.Not to mention, he still has at least another 3 years in him so who knows if a third will come.
When you can add an auto for that cheap of a future HOFer, I call it a steal and Happy Birthday to me!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Mail Day Saturday: Psych:Jimmi Scribbled His Face

Here I am once again to show off another Psych Autograph addition to my Psych autograph project which you can see, HERE. I am trying to narrow down the 25 card seasons 5-8 set and hopefully pull of the dual as well.

Today's card is probably the most unique one of the group. I think Jimmi Simpson who starred as Mary Lightly, a criminal psychologist who was obsessed with the Yin/Yang cases for four episodes, missed the que on where to sign his autograph as he signed his face:

He did this for every one of his autos in the product. I can't tell if he was being goofy by doing this or didn't want to do the signing. Either way, a bit unique.
This is the first show I have known him on but he has played and starred in many other TV shows and movies. 

Thoughts on today's unique add or Simpson are welcomed in comments. Another new Psych addition for a much big namer coming up next week so stay tuned!

Friday, March 17, 2017

WHAT'S IN THE BOX?!:Smooth Rock

The next edition of What's In The Box was kicked off by a 2003 World Series find. This time it's a bit different and has nothing to do with sports. I had a feeling I would come across some non-sport items.

As I mentioned in that post, I made this wooden box in graded school,
and it appears I kept an item in there from graded school as well. No, I didn't propose to anyone in graded school and no there isn't a ring inside...

It was a rock. And no, that's not my inner Charlie Brown from the Halloween special coming out. This is one of those science experiments in graded school we did using a Rock Tumbler. You know, one of those machines that takes a rough-edged rock and turns it smooth. Tumblers also do/create other things with rocks and jewelry.
So yes, I made you click on this link to see a rock. You probably could have looked outside but where's the fun in that. So I hope this post didn't disappoint and hope it ROCKed.

At least you know I am genuinely showing you WHAT'S IN THE BOX ;)

Let me know in comments your thoughts on today's find and if you have use or still use a rock tumbler