Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Breakin' Wax:2019 Playoff Football Blaster Box

I really wanted to bust some football cards from 2019 since I didn't do much, so my wife went to Walmart and surprised me with a blaster of 2019 Playoff Football.

There are 56 cards in each box and one guaranteed hit. I wasn't expecting anything big, was just hoping for some PC cards.

the base card design is nice. Not a lot of action shots but mainly focused on players which is fine. However, I am a tad disappointed that Kurt Warner had two cards in the base set but neither were him in a Giants uniform...

The base set does however does include many legends of the game including Earl Campbell

and of course veterans like Evan Engram


and even a Darius Slayton. Still need the other Giants including Daniel Jones.

I know of a Hook 'Em fan that will enjoy this card I will send sometime. This is a green parallel.

These blasters also include a shot at 2nd down parallels that are /49. Not too bad of a find here.

These Star Gazing inserts are pretty sharp! Antonio Brown

And Baker Mayfield finds for those.

Ooooooh I really like these Air Commands. Really well done Panini! Drew Lock looks to be a stud down the road.

Another great looking insert. Except half the Lightning no longer is a Ram

And once again, another great looking card in this product. Had to be an Eagle of course but now I know I need the Giants of these.

My hit, well, an Eagle. I once again really like the design on this as well. Need to find the Jones and Slayton versions.

Not a bad break at all in my opinion. Got a couple PC cards and a few decent hits. Mainly I am digging the overall design of the product. Really stood out to me this year.

What are your thoughts?

Monday, January 27, 2020


I challenge you to give this card a caption.....

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"Kiss this!"

Sunday, January 26, 2020

Rodney's Cardboard:1994 Topps Uncut Sheet

I kept seeing this 1994 Topps uncut sheet featuring Rodney Hampton pop up on eBay a few times. So with one of my last gift cards I made a $7 offer on the listed $10 item. They turned it down.


It's Rodney Hampton with a bunch of other guys, sorry Rod Woodson. And they wouldn't take $7.

I had given up because there was no way I was paying more than that and even still that was being generous. I just wanted it enough to offer that much.

Well, somehow or another while looking up parallels, I found another one of these sheets under $5! Sweeeeeet!

Here she is in all it's beauty. And no, I am not cutting them apart :) Full sheet add is a great PC piece. I just gotta figure out a way to store it now. That's the problem with any oversized card. Gotta make sure it doesn't get ruined.

Another uncut sheet next week! That one may make you hungry.

Do you guys collect uncut sheets?

Saturday, January 25, 2020

Kerry Collins Of The Week Part 1

Welcome to the latest segment here on SCC!

It's the Kerry Collins of the week adds. I don't know how long I will keep this segment going, depends on response, but I thought I would show off some recent additions to my growing Kerry Collins PC.

That PC has now hit over 300 different cards out of 2,000+ different so there is still a long ways to go, but I am fine with that.

I was originally going to move this to the Saturday slot in place of $25 A Week Challenge and treat it like I do the Rodney Hampton on Sunday's by doing it card by card, but I decided it was simply too hard to keep up that way with as hard and fast as these were coming in.

So here we go with Week 1!

1996 Collectors Edge Advantage Crystal Cuts silver

2004 Prestige X's

1997 Bowmans Best Mirror Image Refractor

1997 Topps Mystery Finest Bronze

1998 Pacific Paramount Personal Bests

1995 Pinnacle GameBreakers

2002 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion

1995 Classic SP2 COA sealed pack Kerry Collins Autograph

Well, some solid finds this week. Next week, stay tuned for even more!

Friday, January 24, 2020

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 23:1995 Skybox Premium

Skybox Premium always brought their A game when it came to making a really solid base set design. Especially from 1995 and up.

But, none of them caught my eye more than 1995 that I bought a ton of back then.

I enjoyed the many layers it presents.

The regular base design. Yup, that nostalgia is kicking in

A newspaper add...so cool.

And one of the best, well, the best looking subset of all time. Nothing tops this. This card even looks better than today's inserts.

Kerry Collins rookie car. Kinda cool looking and a PC piece.

Once again these new sets adds were added thanks to @cardpocalypseNC.

Here are my remaining needs,
11,13,22,23,32,33,35,36,37,38,39,44,48,49,60,51,52,53,54,55,56,58,59,,80,88,89,91,92,111,119,120,123,139,141,142,145,146,147,148,150,151,154, 157,158,159,161,162,164,165,167,169,171,174,176,178,181,.182,183,

There's still plenty more sets to be had. Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 23, 2020


I challenge you to give this card a caption.....

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"And this is the story all about how Rodney's life got turned got flipped upside down....."

Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Chasing Lamar:2018 Panini Football Blaster Box

Here I am at it again. Chasing Lamar. Nothing like the 1997 movie flick Chasing Amy. Don't get them confused.

This time I went a different box even though I should have tried another one of those Donruss blaster boxes for the price it was at.

This time let's rip a Blaster box of 2018 Panini football blaster. This one went for $20 just like in retail.

Panini Blue Knight parallel.

Great player canvas rookie of Roquan Smith

Hines canvas rookie

Watson insert

Earl Thomas insert. It's still weird seeing him in a Ravens uniform.

Alvin Kamara has had a down year with injuries but he could turn it on just in time for the playoffs

Harold Landry blue knight canvas

PC! Well, Odell Beckham Jr Lightspeed. I wished he was still in this offense with Daniel Jones and the other young talent. However, I don't miss the drama

And my hit from this box, a Matt Ryan Honored jersey. Great job with design on this one I say.

No Lamar action again, or even my boy Saquon. Oh well, it was still a fun rip and pulled some okay cards.

And I got to see my favorite part of Panini football, the action photos. Here is a gallery of some of my favorites from this rip to leave ya til next Chasing Lamar!