Monday, April 6, 2020

The Two Jo(h)ns

I found the fact that I got two mail days from two different blogger Jo(h)ns in the same day was quite funny to me. I don't think that has ever happened before. The name is as common as Matt is across the blogosphere.

First up, my winnings from the BFG I was in at Johnny's Trading Spot. I sadly didn't get to choose a number or make a steal because I wasn't awake at the time the game was being played. I also would have to be on my laptop to comment as my phone doesn't allow blog comments even on my own. Hopefully next time I jump in I will be ready or maybe send an email when it's my turn.

I miss cereal cards in boxes. I think marketing things like that in food will help grab kids attentions. I know Topps has done some food things the past couple of years but it's time for Panini and Upper Deck to step up their game more.

Thanks for the Post cards Johnny and yes I realized there was another one hiding behind one of these after taking this pic and uploading it.

Next mail day is from Jon over at A Penny Sleeve For Your Thoughts.
Along with some claims on Free Friday, I also was sent some Giants including some older ones I didn't have.

I am always looking to add to my vintage or oddballs collection for baseball. I don't really have any vintage in general. The Yaz was a nice add.


Another hologram...I don't ever turn down some good holograms. One of the greatest hobby innovations ever! Sadly though, nobody uses it today. I am talking about you Upper Deck!!!

You know this card is bad, it's bad, you know it. Sorry wrong Michael Jackson but right card for my 1998 Topps Chrome refractor chase.

And final card was a nice 1999 Fleer Ultra Gold Medallion of Kerry Collins. Not sure where Jon found this one, but it makes me happy!

Thanks Jon for the awesome mail day! Hopefully can finally pack your return surprise up and send it out this week.

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Everybody Loves Shiny

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Cards,Cards And More Cards

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, I sit here thinking about what once was. The freedom to go out shopping, go to work normally, family coming up from Boston and Tennessee, the going to a restuarant, and the other parts that made life normal.

Now it's seclude to your home, my wife going to work dressed up like she was in a movie, can't go to the store unless it's necessities run, family through facetime and life feeling like it will never get back to normal.

Even if it does at some point, life won't ever be the same. I am hoping that will be a positive thing.

I have a few predictions going on in my head sports wise as well. One, the NBA season won't finish. Same goes for NASCAR and NHL. MLB will have to decide if a 30 game season is enough to count. The NFL will have two preseason games and a shortened 8 game regular season. And The National will be postponed til fall or will be cancelled overall. I just feel there is still months to go from going back to a normal life.

2020 will be a year we won't ever forget.

How do I take my mind off from all of that? Well, I shut off the news and I put a lot of focus on sports cards. Whether it's on here or at home. I am not sure where my mind would be without a hobby to rely on.

With all of my newfound extra time, I have been able to squeeze in more time for sorting. I don't sit down for hours of my day to do so, I do have many-many other more important things to do first, but I do squeeze in some breaks and finish a pile or two here and there.

It had gotten so bad, that my entire card "room" was covered on every surface with everything I have sorted by teams or players. The pictures today only show part of the disaster.

 and more.

One thing I came to realize as I was doing this, my supplies were running low. I use binders,pages, top loaders, boxes and especially penny sleeves which was the most dire need.
That must be the heard need from Dennis over at Too Many Verlanders blog who sent along all of these I got in the mail yesterday. This will be YUGE (sorry threw some Trump in here) in helping me move forward from the mess. Should be enough there to help at least tackle my baseball inserts and maybe dive into some football.

Thanks so much Dennis!
Another mail day I got yesterday was from Rod over at Padrographs. I have just recently in the past few weeks added him and a few other blogs to my blogroll. I am not even sure if he follows my blog or knows of it, but thanks Rod for the mail day. I lost my last Urias auto and this makes an excellent replacement!

I hope my predictions above will be wrong of course. I hope by June we will start to see life again. I worry also about the economy crashing as well and how that will effect everyone. It's an ugly mess right now, but we are all in this together. So please do your part by first of all staying home. It's so easy. Second, please take a few minutes out to post some uplifting words. We see enough negativity all over the internet right now, it would be nice to see something positive. Be someones light.

Hope everyone who reads this is well and stay safe!

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Rodney's Cardboard:1995 Collectors Edge 22K Die Cut

Man, I can't tell you how hard it is to figure out 1995 Collectors Edge all around. The parallels go so deep it's worse than trying to figure out Panini Prizm parallels.

Much worse.

But, I think after some much in-depth research, I have figured out what I have and fixed my checklists accordingly.

Today's card I assumed I had already in hand, but found out it was a different die cut in the series but in a different series if that makes any sense to you.

This die cut parallel is also a 22K gold parallel.

Which is also numbered to 500. I assume the DC stands for die cut.

I have a few more Collectors Edge to show off soon and you will notice when I do a recap post on them how hard it really is.

I also didn't give my usual odds info on this card because Collectors Edge doesn't provide them as they are usually randomly inserted. I assume this one was probably one of the tougher ones due to the numbering.

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Saturday, April 4, 2020

$25 A Week Challenge Week 15:Mix Of Things

This is the first $25 A Week Challenge in some time as I had to put a delay on this segment. With my wife's gifts bought and myself finally focused on finishing up some projects, I didn't really have time or patience to dilly dally into other stuff instead.

I am not sure how often posts from this series will appear anymore due to the fact I am focused on accomplishing some things, but they will appear whenever I have them ready to.

So for today, this is an undercut version of the segment as I didn't come close to spending $25 but at least there is some cool stuff to see.
Like this Daniel Jones Rookie Wave. I really loved the design on this so I had to make sure I locked up a Jones. Especially since it was only $1.26 and .99

Okay, so I loved these Holiday Match Up cards. I landed the Kerry Collins one awhile back and since then always on the lookout for more. When I saw these three up for auction for $1, I jumped and was the ONLY BIDDER. I won all three for $1 plus .75 shipping. That's crazy.

While I was bidding away on RJ Barrett cards and lots, I found this lot that had Barrett in it along with some other Knicks. Price, well, $3.99 plus $3.49 shipping. I couldn't say no.
Ewing, one of my favorite Knicks all time green Prizm

Dennis Smith Jr Optic rookie

Ewing Jersey card!! Love it!

And this guy lol.

Pretty solid lot overall. I already showed the Barretts in my RJ posts.

Up next and final, 2 1998 UD3 packs. I will be busting one of these two packs to show off the contents on here at some point.
Grabbed these two packs with a shot at getting a Peyton Manning for $3 plus $3.99 shipping.

This weeks grand total, $18.47. So under the $25 mark but some great pickups.

So now I pass this onto you, what would have you spent $25 on this week.

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Friday, April 3, 2020

Kerry's Cardboard:Catching Up Gallery

There are so, so many Kerry Collins cards I am behind on and they just keep getting stacked up, so let's just take a look at a bunch of different ones in this post I have added the last few months. I have saved some of the cooler ones for separate Kerry's Cardboard posts.

So let's take a look at a lengthy post of Collins cards.

1995 Finest Kerry Collins. This is by far his coolest rookie card. There are some other great ones, but this one takes the cake.

1996 Scoreboard Touchdown Performers

1997 Totally Certified. Still need the blue and gold. The gold was really expensive for Rodney Hampton so I can only imagine what Collins would be. Them only being numbered to 30 makes it harder.

1995 Playoff Draft Pick

1995 Absolute Rookie Kickoff. Acetate and die cut, yesssssssssss

Pig Pals insert of Collins and Strahan.

1996 Scoreboard Foundations

2009 Donruss Threads

2006 Topps

1996 Skybox Impact

1995 Pacific Crystal I believe

1995 Rookies and Stars silver

2003 Donruss Classics

1997 Pacific Smash Mouth Xtra

1997 Pacific Invincible Pop Ups

1997 Topps Chrome

1995 Pacific Pride Of The NFL

1999 Bowman

Well that does it for this weeks recap. I may do more of these recaps down the road and just post the cool cards as the separate ones. Not that some of these weren't cool and all but some definitely stand out more than others.

Hope you enjoyed another week of Kerry's Cardboard and see ya next time!