Friday, October 20, 2017

My First Bellinger

Back when 2017 Bowman Platinum first released, I really wanted my first rookie card of Dodgers Outfielder Cody Bellinger. I collect at least one rookie card of every player but I just couldn't find any Platinum anywhere. I also looked for trading partners including my father willing to give him up and most wouldn't without asking for an arm and a leg and possibly some innards as well.

I know he is a hot rookie at that time, but no way I was going to give up the world to get him. Especially since he plays on a team I don't care much about.

So I saw a contest for a Bowman Platinum rookie from PalmStateSportsCards on Twitter and I jumped on it. There wasn't much requirement for entering other than commenting on their very interesting blog posts so I commented away and seemed to have been the only one who did. Their blog posts are written by a buddy of mine who writes Inception Baseball:A Very Simple Idea blog which made them intriguing to me.

A week later, I found out I was a winner winner chicken dinner and this arrived a few days later....
A big thanks goes out PalmStateSportsCards for the mail day and I apologize big time for the much, much long delay on this thank you. I do really appreciate this card!

Thursday, October 19, 2017


It's been 15.

Yes, 15 Brandon Marshall years I have been married to my wife.

15 years that my wife has put up with my hobby addiction. 15 years my wife has joined in on busting packs and boxes with me. 15 years of my wife having to stare at pictures of Ken Griffey Jr, Derek
Jeter and many NY Giants on the walls. 15 years of hearing my hint about new product releases and what I would want for Christmas. 15 years of listening to my eBay wants and needs. 15 years of listening to all of the hobby terms. 15 years of listening to me cheer and scream at my television set when the Giants are on.

Most importantly, 15 years of love.

my love! Here's to many more!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

TTM Legends

Once again, my mother-in-law came through with another awesome snag at an odds and ends store.

First up, a couple of plaques from the 90's I assume with some 90's cards included. Can't ever go wrong adding a Michael Jordan card.

The plaques are nicely done as well.

She also found a couple of autographs she thought I would appreciate for my growing non sports PC. They were signed on larger index cards of two of the bigger names in Hollywood. I guess the shop owner had quite a few of these index cards signed from a collection he had bought. 

For $7 each I think she did pretty well picking two I would like.

The first is from the great Alex Trebek! He has been the Jeopardy host for what...100 years??

The second is from the legendary, well I am pretty sure you can read it, Dick Van Dyke. I remember watching Diagnosis Murder with my grandmother. Of course Dick has been in many shows and movies as well and and is a legend.
I was pretty stoked to add the two autographs to my non-sport PC especially of legends that you may not get signatures from every day.

Thoughts on the adds are welcomed below!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

U Can't Touch This

Today's mail day post is a double header as I am trying to catch up on some posts. I have many drafts over the next few months that have been pushed off so many may discuss the Giants winning the Super Bowl or may be cards I received even a year ago. But, they are coming and I don't have time to change some of the writing on them so appreciate them as is.

Today's however is fresh off the press with mail from Puck Junk and Buck City Breaks. Let's take a gander shall we??

@PuckJunk from had thrown up some of his doubles up for grabs for those who wanted them a couple weeks ago. Once again it was a fun selection and one that I had to snag a couple from.

This time they were a bit different.

I think his PWE's are pretty cool as he always includes some great reading material. This time it was a selection of articles of his he did for Beckett Hockey.

In 1991, Pro Set came out with a SuperStars MusiCards set that included a bunch of musicians from different eras. There was 340 cards in the set with multiples of each singer or groups. I never owned any of them til I snagged a couple from his offerings. As I have said before I am really expanding my non sport PC.

The Doors weren't a group I listened to but made me think of my father as he did. So a cool add.

However, MC Hammer was someone I listened to for a short time. Who hasn't heard U Can't Touch This??? Or have used the phrase, "Hammer Time." I know I have, maybe not so much today however. Also, who could ever forget his choice of attire, just check out the on this card....

A big thanks goes out to Puck Junk once again for the cool cards!

@BuckCityBreaks have got to be some of the most generous breakers out there. They have done multiple case breaks for free for their followers among other charity breaks along the way. They also have pulled some sick cards for their followers in both the free and paid breaks.

I was fortunate enough to get into one of their free breaks and ended up with the Lions. Not my favorite landing spot but it would do. I was hoping for a Giants spot obviously or at least wished I had gotten the Chiefs spot that actually landed someone a Kareem Hunt auto/patch card along with a Tyreek Hill auto. But, I didn't go empty handed as I brought this home.
Golladay started the season out well then has slipped recently mostly due to injuries. It's still my first decent card of the guy and I am always happy to fill some 2017 rookie needs when I can.

If you haven't yet, I suggest you go check out @BuckCityBreaks on Twitter and give them a follow. You can also check out their website,

Monday, October 16, 2017

Just Encased You Had A Redemption....

I cannot remember how long ago I got today's card. It was not long after the 2016 Panini Encased product released but I have been so backed up on blogging that it's taking me this long to get it posted.

But, remember when I told you I don't mind redemption cards because I let them go the 4 months so I can actually get something I would want more, well, this was the case. Or I should say, the encase.

I had two some-what decent redemptions end after 4 months and just like I normally do, I contacted Panini Customer Service Via Twitter to get them replaced. You can ask to get them replaced on Twitter which makes the process much faster.

At the time I had no idea what was arriving in their place, then this bad boy showed up a few days later...
Wow! What a beaut! Now you see what I don't mind redemptions too much? What were the odds I actually pulled this in a box instead of have gotten those redmeptions...astronomical. I never pull PC stuff.
So when I see a redemption card in my box, I just smile and wait.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Review:2017 Bowman Chrome Baseball

All I need to see is the word chrome and I will come running.

But, when it has chrome to the Bowman power, it makes me run a bit faster.

Combining the power of chrome and the Bowman baseball is a beautiful thing. Not only do we get to see our favorite rookies in chrome action, but we get to search for their many parallels and autographs within the product. Prospectors dream!

This is one of my many breaks over the years of Bowman Chrome. Let's see how 2017 went.

Every Hobby Box of 2017 Bowman Chrome has 2 mini boxes. Each mini box come with 6 packs and one autograph. Each hobby box comes with Two Autographs, One Prospect Shimmer Parallel Card, and Two 2016 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars Chrome Insert Cards. Boxes are currently running $105. Not to bad in my opinion.

The base set is built up of veterans and rookies. There are only 100 cards in the base set with not a ton of rookie but the normal group of, Cody Bellinger, Aaron Judge, Yoan Moncada, Andrew Benintendi, Alex Bregman, Yulieski Gurriel, Alex Reyes, Jharel Cotton, David Dahl, Ryon Healy, Carson Fulmer, Jordan Montgomery, Manny Margot, Josh Bell, Tyler Glasnow, Dansby Swanson, Hunter Renfroe, and Amir Garrett.
My box only had 6 total rookies with the best being Alex Bregman.

Speaking of the rookie cards, there are also photo variations. Luckily for us chasers of these 1:119 variations, we can tell them apart once again by the digits on the back. Base cards end in 927.The SSP variations end in 953.

To go along with a 100 card base set, there are also 100 prospect cards to chase. Like I said, this is for the prospector!

As I mentioned above, parallel chase is part of the chrome fun. Both prospects and base cards have them.

Base have the following refractor parallels, Refractor /499, Purple /250, Blue /150, Green /99, Gold /50, Orange #/25, Red /5 and SuperFractor 1/1.

Prospects have the following refractor parallels, Refractor /499, Bowman 70th Logo Blue, Purple Shimmer, Purple /250, Blue /150, Blue Shimmer /150, Green /99, Green Shimmer /99, Gold /50, Gold Shimmer /50, Orange /25, Orange Shimmer /25, Red /5, Black Shimmer 1/1 and SuperFractor 1/1.
I like how the refractors are numbered including the regular refractors like this one that falls 1:18 packs,

Purple refractors I found one in each mini box. These fall 1:36 packs.

And my shimmer refractor for the box was this tough-to-pull orange shimmer /25. These fall 1:356 packs.

Just like refractors, the inserts in the product shine as well. These were my promised 2016 Arizona Fall League Fall Stars inserts. Bellinger was a nice find. There are parallels of Orange Refractor /25 and SuperFractor 1/1 for these.

My Bowman Scout 100 pulls that also have Orange Refractor /25 and SuperFractor 1/1 parallels.

Now onto my autograph finds.

My first was of Mariner Braden Bishop.

My second one has a family name, Torii Hunter Jr.
The autographs have the following parallels, Refractor 499, Purple /250, Blue /150, Blue Mojo /150, Green /99, Gold /50, Gold Shimmer /50, Orange /25, Orange Wave /25, Red /5, Black Limited Edition 1/1 , and SuperFractor 1/1.
Hits not found in my box include, Chrome Rookie Autographs Set Checklist, Chrome Autograph Relics, 2016 AFL Fall Stars Autographs ,2016 AFL Fall Stars Relics, 2016 AFL Fall Stars Autograph Relics, All-America Game Autographs ,Bowman Scouts’ Updates Autographs, Chrome Sensation Autographs, Prime Chrome Inscription , Refractors that Never Were , Refractors that Never Were Autographs

OVERALL: I love chrome and will always pick up chrome when I can. Especially since I didn't get a Judge in this break at all. This box may not have had the biggest stars in the game for autograph hits, but they could be some day. That's truly what anything Bowman is about. Whoever thought Aaron Judge would be Aaron Judge this year. Very few I am guessing. So who knows if there is a future Aaron Judge hiding in this box or in any boxes of this product. That's the fun aspect of Bowman Chrome.

Another fun aspect is the Refractors That Never Were and Refractors That Never Were autographs as it brings some veteran and legend presence to this usual prospect heavy product.

Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review as they help provide prizes for me to giveaway in the MLB Pick Em Promotion! Follow Topps on all social media sites and visit their SITE, as well

Saturday, October 14, 2017

MVP Gold

We are actually closing in on the end of the Hampton posts or at least the ones I needed catching up on.

Today we travel back to 1996 to a simpler time in the hobby. Back to when the inserts were actually valuable and it wasn't all about big money hits. Back when pulling a big name player of an insert from Collectors Choice meant something.

To me, I still think of the hobby that way when I buy the 90's stuff. If I beat the box odds and pulled an Emmitt Smith of today's 1:35 pack pull card, I would be super stoked. It doesn't need to be signed or have a patch.

Which is why I am so happy when I get to add a tougher to pull card that averages one per box to my PC. I was also a huge fan of these foiled inserts that fell one-per-pack for the regular issue back then.
I have the regular Hampton, now I have the tougher gold thanks to Jammin JD Sport Cards.
The only difference between this card and it's base version, this one has gold foil instead of silver. 

Another Hampton down and still more than 50% to go!

Friday, October 13, 2017

MLB Pick Em:LCS Match Ups

Okay, here are the picks for MLB Pick Em's Championship match ups.
Here is the ALCS Match up


John Sharp vs @funtocollect

Pick the winner of the series, pick how many games. The Tie Breaker is how many runs in the series.
Entry due by Friday 13th 2017 by 9pm e.t.

Here is the NLCS Match up


defgav's dumpster divers vs  Irondequoit36 

Only two of you total will move onto the World Series!!!

Entries due by Saturday 14th 2017 by 8pm e.t.



Going to Xtremes

Yup, Rodney is back.

Once again today we go back to 1996 and go to the Xtreme. In 1996 Playoff Absolute Football, which by the way the base cards rank in my Top 10 all-time favorite designs, you could find these acetate Xtreme Team inserts that fell 1:24 packs or one-per-box.

It looks as cool as it appears as Rodney is "shredding" up on his run or at least on this card. I just wished these had been numbered that would have taken it to the next level.
A thanks goes out to Jammin JD Sports Cards for helping me add this one to the PC.

After looking at this insert again, I pose the question, what ever happened to cool inserts like this anyways?

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Inscribed By Landon

I can't say this enough, this year has been a total tough year when it comes to finances. I plan on doing a series in 2018 among other new changes to the blog about this topic and how I survived the hobby. I think it will give good insight for those that may be struggling the same way.

Well, one of those topics in that series as an early preview will be about trading. This year I have exploded onto the trading scene accepting trades with new traders and throwing myself out there which typically isn't me. I am not sure how many new traders I have added this year but I will by years end.

One of my new recent traders is @ccummings36 who posted some cards on Twitter he had available for trade and many I had interest in. Especially one biggie we will see at the end of this post. I was glad that he and I were able to work out such a quick trade.

Up first, I will show off the many cool freebies he tossed in. My first rookie cards of Bobby Hart and I think one of my first inserts of Tomlinson.

A sick Sterling Shepard in the Giants color rush uniform and two new Landon Collins including a Clear Vision rookie.

A couple of Prestige I didn't have.

Sick Elite parallels of Shep and Perk.

My third Brandon Marshall in a Giants uniform. It appears Panini used the same photo on all three cards.

Whoa! A bit trippy but my first Damon Harrison rookie cards! Parallel ones at that.

Up next is where our trade began. This Perkins Cross Training dual jersey card I really liked the design of.

Another Perkins. This time from Infinity. I can pair it with the auto I got from @DJSeneseiNJ.

Eli Manning Pro Swatch from Infinity. It's the first I have seen of this product in my last few trades. Seems kinda nice. Very Totally Certified partially.

And finally, the card that started the whole trade......
My very first inscribed card. To me, the best inscription there can be and it's signed by the one of the best safeties in the NFL, Landon Collins.

A big thanks goes out to @ccummings36 for the trade and for the sweet bonus cards. I hope we can work out another trade down the road.