Friday, November 15, 2019

Comin' In Hot:Tis The Season Mail Day

Last week I got an email from Jeff over at 2 by 3 Heroes asking if my address was the same and I responded yes. Only one can assume that meant some form of mail day was coming.

A few days later, these two boxes showed up.

And they were packed!!

The bulk of the mail day was from my claims of Jeff's Tis The Season last year. I had actually forgotten about making the claims until this mail day showed up and I recognized some of the cards.

The stacks are mainly non sport related and that's exactly what I wanted.

A stack of Golden Age with the guy on the penny on top of this stack

Goodwin Champions stack. Variety of years.

Some 2015 Americana base

Stack of Maple Leafs

Some 1991 Upper Deck football. I will be using a lot of these in my Caption This segment. I hope to see you guys participate in that. There will be some fun ones to caption especially from that year of Upper Deck.

Autograph of Ozzie...well...Jeff. I have never seen a card used like this before. It's a good idea to write notes on. He could be onto something for junk wax....

Some football inserts. I like the Rice for my PC of him and the Cameron is shiny. Prizm has some great parallels.

I have always liked the playing cards from Golden Age.

Clint Frazier GQ Fortune Teller

Jeff also sent along a ton of Yanks


Gary Sanchez rookie. Can't go wrong with that.

DJ I didn't have. Still my favorite Yankee.

Topps Flashbacks. Didn't have this one.

Joe D. I think these are fun sets to collect, but at least use a different image. At first I thought he sent a stack of the same card haha.

I see Godzilla!

Mickey Mantle

For some reason when I saw this card, the Wonder Years theme song piped in my head

Golden Age stack of mini's. Parallel backs as well.

Sammie Coates relic. I like the layout on these. Not just a tiny square swatch but a giant swatch with a player laid over the top

And a Sean Mannion auto to finish the mail day.

Well, I obviously didn't show all of my cards as there was TONS. I had to put it by stack or this could have been a very long series.

Thanks to Jeff for his generosity and hope to see you back in the blogging universe again.

Thursday, November 14, 2019

Let's Talk About Sets Volume 20 :1995 Pro Line Classic Football

This dirty ole sets talk has returned! Check out some my latest card porn set adds in this series making it's first come back in almost four months.

@Cardpocalypse and myself recently pulled off a good size trade, well a big trade since it will take two rounds of mailing to complete it for both of us.

In my end of the trade, Tim did me good with sending some major set help. One of those sets was from 1995 in Pro Line Classic.

The set is simple, 400 cards of stars of today and tomorrow. You also mix in borderless full color photography and you have a winner.

Tim sent along a few for me to knock down but I have more to go.

Actually, this is what I have left,

Not too terrible, but still enough of a challenge.

I hopefully can knock down some more from this set as time goes on. I have so much hot sets right now it's hard to keep up with it all.

Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Collectin' Griffey:1999 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory

@Cardpocalypse came through in our most recent trade and helped me knock another Griffey down on my want list in this 1999 Upper Deck Ultimate Victory or as I call it, Victory Chrome.

This was a fun affordable product with some great inserts in it. I don't believe the product lasted very long however.

Griffey is card number 102 in the set.

Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Comin' In Hot: Don't Judge Me

I kept seeing more great card after card that @JHawksHoops was posting and decided to try and do another trade since our first one went so well. Which this one did to expect I didn't quite get the card I wanted the most because it had been traded just before I inquired.

I did however finally settle on a card I would take in this trade for a PC I partially gave up on awhile ago. We will get to that in a second. First , let's check out my newest Darius Slayton add from this trade,
The Panini Phoenix autographs look solid. Just think they would be a tad better without sticker autos.

Now, onto the main piece. A new Aaron Judge autograph. I gave up collecting Judge last year after losing interest and putting my focus mainly on 90's cards and non sport again. I traded off three-quarters of my Judge PC but did hold the two autographs I had and now will add this one to it. I have yet to acquire a Judge autograph from Topps. I have two from Panini and one from Leaf.
This one by far is my favorite of the group. Prizm autographs are very appealing on the eyes despite Judge's poor autograph.

Thanks again to @JHawksHoops for the trade. Hopefully I can get some more trade bait that you would be interested in so we can do this again!

Monday, November 11, 2019

Comin' In Hot:The Mail Day I Wasn't Sure Would Arrive

I gave my Hotmail inbox a check one day and found that Nate over at The Buc Stops Here blog had contacted me again about another awesome soon to be trade. What we didn't know, is what would pursue next.

I mailed mine out a day before he did and he received my end in a couple of days. However, the USPS showed us some love by having his end never arrive to me. I checked in on a daily basis to let Nate know it hadn't arrived and we had gotten up to more than 10 days before Nate and I both decided it wasn't going to come and Nate was going to graciously replace the lost cards. Well guess what, USPS said "hey, even though the right address is on here, let's send it back to the sender" and they did. Nate got the envelope in the mail and re-sent it back out. Once again it took a little longer than expected, but it finally came into my possession and I did the happy dance.

Both Nate and I couldn't believe I actually had it.

Well, here is the proof.

Nate has been a HUGE help in knocking down my set needs from 90's chrome. Corey Dillion was another big name I was lacking from the 1997 Topps Chrome set.

Fred Taylor was one for my 1998 Topps Chrome set which is ever so creeping towards being completed

Especially after adding the last big one I needed in Moss. I have had the Peyton for awhile now.

Thanks again Nate for the set help. I look forward to our next trade and hopefully it arrives a bit more peaceful.

Here are the remaining cards I need for both of those Chrome sets if you have any help for me!

1997 Topps Chrome HAVES

1998 Topps Chrome HAVES

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Rodney's Cardboard:2018 Select Gold Autograph

If you haven't noticed, I changed the name to this series to Rodney's Cardboard instead. I think by now people know I am cornering all of the Rodney Hamptons so I wanted a quick name change for this series.

Here's is the latest Rodney Hampton Select autograph I have in hand. I say in hand, as I have a few Select others, see what I did there, in the hands of trader buddies I haven't pulled off trades for yet. But, when I do, they will be added to this series.

In the meantime, check out today's great looking card thanks to @90sNicheFBcard. I tried to capture it the best I can using the camera and light angle, but you just can't do it sometimes.

Sharp signature again.

Big time eBay 1/1 right here, 10/10!

Many more new Hamptons to show off with more on the way after that.

Thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 9, 2019

$25 A Week Challenge Week 1:Knocking Down An Autograph Need

This segment will become a regular on this blog as I will show you what I grabbed for $25 or less for the week.

These pickups will be all over the map. Autographs I need, toys, cards from all sports and non sports, off the beat relics and even some unopened packs. It should be a fun ride to take you all on. My collecting is all over the place that you would think I have a PHD in ADHD In Collecting.

Maybe I should try to get a degree for this.

Today I kick off the first one with some NY Giants pickups and an autograph of a player I have waited years to acquire. So sit back and see how I spent $25 this week.

For $5.75, I was able to snag my very first Panini Instant card. I couldn't live without this one of Daniel Jones getting his first win. Jones has been quite impressive so far for the Giants and leaving the naysayers in the distance.

There are only 668 cards produced of this one.

When I look at my Giants, I like to collect players of the past and even players that made it two games with them, but when I can get a current rookie, who has a ton of upside, lot that's shiny and has an autographed card for .99 plus $2.75 shipping, you better believe I will take that deal every time.

It feels like a century since I got to watch the Giants in a Super Bowl or even at this point get a winning season. My very first eTopps card of Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin staring at the Lombardi only cost me $1.99 plus $4.59 shipping. Yeah, shipping was a little steep, but the card price hooked me in.

And we finally get to the autograph of a player I have been wanting for awhile. Back in the 90's I really liked watching Kordell "Slash" Stewart player. The guy was one of those Patrick Mahomes types who can do it on the field and on the ground. This was a card I found at the last second and submitted my $2.30 bid in and won. I was surprised to had found a Stewart autograph so cheap. It's also from the 90's, my favorite era of collecting. Also is a sharp card from a great autograph line in the 90's in Inscriptions. This one is from 1999 Score Supplemental and it appears the acetate on these is better than the one used in 1996 and 1997 where the autographs tended to fade.

The Kordell also had $4 in shipping so our total this week is $22.37. Thought I did pretty well here grabbing my first Panini Instant card and an autograph on my needs list since 1995.

So I pass the challenge onto you, if you had $25 this week, what would you have spent it on?

Friday, November 8, 2019


More than two years ago, I put up a segment allowing you to put a caption on some cards with creative photos. Well, it's back. So give it your best and try to outdo and outwit my captions.

So I challenge you to give this one a caption.....

Leave a caption below for this card. Please keep it free of language and clean please for our younger audience  
Mine would be....
"One Giant Leap"

Thursday, November 7, 2019

Comin' In Hot:Trade With @JHawksHoops

I kept seeing great card after card that @JHawksHoops was posting. Lots of stuff that peaked my interest but I didn't have any idea what I would give up for it. He had specific things he was looking for and for me to find those things, it wasn't going to be easy.

But, I did finally find something and we worked out a deal.

Three Daniel Jones rookie cards from Illusions

Donruss Team Heroes Eli Manning

Saquon Barkley base from Illusions I didn't have

Sweet purple numbered parallel from Phoenix

Patrick Mahomes X-Tra Points purple parallel. I have been wanting a nice Mahomes for my collection. Now I finally have one.

And finally.......yes!! Another Daniel Jones auto! I can't get enough. I don't even have an Eli Manning rookie auto but have multiple Jones ones. Really need a Eli rookie auto at some point.

Big thanks goes out to @JHawksHoops for the trade. You definitely have some more stuff I want so hopefully we can work out another deal soon!

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Would You Rather...

Growing up, I knew all about the big three, no I am not talking about LeBron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. I am talking about the big three Nightly News anchors in Peter Jennings, Tom Brokaw and Dan Rather.

At the time, I didn't truly appreciate the work they put in when I was in my youth, but looking back on it, I have now come to appreciate what they did for the news in the 80's, 90's and early 2000's bringing us a lot of what we don't see today.

All three were dedicated to their work and it showed.

Out of the Big Three, only Dan Rather remains in the news world as Brokaw retired and Jennings passed away. Rather has been apart of some form of news for almost 70 years of his life now and between The Big Three, Rather was the one I grew up seeing on television the most as my parents always watched the CBS Evening News. He also did some corresponding for 48 Hours and 60 Minutes.

When I saw @rickklein post that Dan Rather had some rather unique relics in 2019 Allen And Ginter, I felt obligated to grab them. This has been a trend with my collecting in 2018 and 2019 with grabbing pieces of my past.

Upon doing some minor research, I found out that Dan Rather had base card, mini, parallels, autograph and two different relics in the product. These were relics that I haven't ever seen used before in the product, so that was a bonus for me.

The first one features a piece of typed document by Rather and this one I liked a lot with so many words visualized in the relic including the word "groundbreaking", which is a common catchphrase thrown out there by newscasters.

The second relic that Rather has in Allen and Ginter is one of his handwritten notes. This to me is two hits in one as you could say it was a form of autograph as well. However, a lot of the cuts on these notes are not many words and more of a few scribbles. But, hey, can't be easy to cut up a handwritten document. I found the best version of it I could.

The handwritten note relic was the one that Rick Klein shared to his followers as a piece of history he picked up for himself and was the one that guided me to pick the two different versions up.

So if you had wanted to pick up one of these relics, which would you rather have? The typed up document? The handwritten piece of history? Or would you be like me and go for the home run with both?

Either way is a win in my book. I still hope to pick up the autograph when the opportunity strikes.