Monday, October 19, 2020


I was trying to think of a way to integrate the number 18 into today's post using the NY Giants.

But, I couldn't.

I could have written about some punter, a back up QB or WR or maybe even tackle the fact they beat the 18-0 Patriots in Super Bowl 42, but I think I have done enough of that.

So it got me to thinking, what other player wore the jersey that I am a fan of?

That's right, this guy.

This is Peyton Manning to some but to me he is known as Eli Manning's older brother who may have done a few things or two in the NFL. Maybe he won a couple of Super Bowls, was a Super Bowl MVP, was a 5x league MVP, and led the league many times in many passing game categories. He may also own a few records both team and league.

I wouldn't say I am a huge die card collector of his chasing all of his cards, but I have put together a pretty solid collection of Peyton Manning cards that extends over 300 different ones including a couple of autographs. I don't have an exact number yet as I am continuing to put stuff away and recount everything.Those updates to come on here.

Like the three cards in today's post that I pack pulled from 2020 Donruss football.

Just hopefully it won't take me 18 recounts of his cards to get a spot on number.
And another fun fact about Peyton, he coincidentally played in the league for 18 years.
How's that for adding an extra way of using the number 18 for today's post?
Why is the number 18 so significant today on October the 19th? Well, it's my 18th wedding anniversary and this was a way to say Happy Anniversary to my wife who I love and appreciate more every day for all that she does. What she does is too much to list or go into detail about on here but in the hobby alone she puts up with my blogging, constant cardboard discussions and for giving me a Matt Cave for my hobby.
18 years is a long time as Peyton could tell you, but unlike him I don't plan on retiring from my wife. Though I am sure she may feel like retiring from me some days.

Happy Anniversary to my wife of 18 years, here's to another 18 and more.

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Same Game, Same Play?

Have deep do you look at your cards? Have you noticed anything more than just an image of your favorite player featured on the front?

I know that I haven't. 

I do enjoy action photography and can sometimes pick the game from which the picture was taken, but other than that, I don't take much note.

Today's cards however, I will take a deeper look at.

I don't remember who sent me the two cards from today's post, but they pointed out with a note that they have one thing in common, they are from the same game.

Interesting. Never would have thought of matching up two cards to see if the photographs were taken from the same game.

So I dug deeper and looked at the two cards from 2004 Topps and 2004 Topps Total.

The game played was between the St.Louis Rams and the NY Giants. It was played on Week One of the 2003 NFL season in a game which was won by the NY Giants 23-13, despite Kurt Warner's big day.

I looked at the two cards and can see it was the same game, but was there something else about the comparison that I could look at.

Here we see Kurt Warner dropping back to pass but the question becomes....

is this the same play? Is Mike chasing him down?

Michael Strahan did record a sack in that game but did he get it right there? Does Kurt see Michael coming after him? Is this two different plays?
So I had to take a second look by putting the cards side by side again.

It appears Kurt's angle doesn't match up with the other card. But, does that rule this out as the same play, no. However, looking at body language tells me a lot. It's pretty obvious on the Kurt Warner card he is throwing. The Strahan card appears he has either already thrown (which doesn't rule it out) or has just handed the ball off looking at the way he is standing and the fact I do not see a ball in his right hand. That would rule it out. 

Once again, I am not dead set on that as an answer.

The only answer I can come up with is the fact it's the same game but not the same play. Am I right? Who knows? Either way it was fun trying to dissect this card and figure it out.

So what do you guys think? Same Game, Same Play? Or nah? Let me know in comments!

Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Admiral

Sometimes even the easiest to find of cards land on my want list. 

This 1989-1990 Hoops rookie card of David Robinson has been on my want list for many years, but I never think to go out and try to find one to either pick up or trade for. It's one of those forgotten ones that despite being a need, I never think about.
That's until I saw the PWE Thread last Friday. 

@pdawson224 posted one of these iconic, yes I will use that word for this card of The Admirals, and I went to claim it until I saw it had already been claimed. I am always late to the party on that thread so I wasn't surprised I missed out. The difference this time though was that Patty actually had another copy of the card and offered to mail me one, I wasn't going to turn that down!

A few days later, Robinson arrived safely and soundly into my Hall Of Famer rookie PC. Thanks to Patty for mailing me one!

Robinson was a 7ft 1inch center drafted 1st overall by the Spurs in the 1987 draft and played in the league for 14 years winning a few championships, NBA awards and records and possibly being named the greatest center ever to play both college and pros.

I am sure this is not the only card I have forgotten about on my want lists that I still need to search for. Maybe I need to extensively look at them and make sure of no more cards hiding on it.

What is one card you have hiding on your want list that you tend to forget about?



Leave a clean caption on this not so clean catch in comments below!

Mine would be, "me handling life in 2020"

Friday, October 16, 2020

Cardboard Catch Up


If you had read the title of this post too quickly, you may have read Cardboard Ketchup. Which sounds like a unique marketing idea whether it's putting cards in ketchup bottles (think cards in cans like Pinnacle Inside) or making homemade ketchup with the labels to the bottles as iconic cards of the past but that's not what this post is about.

I know you have a sad look on your face right now but hey, I am still showing off some cards so that's gotta make things better, right?

This summer I went from having nothing to post about to way too much to post about and not enough time to do so. I have upped my trading a little bit, had some surprise mail days and even a RAK or two. Today's post is showing off a couple of free cardboard mailings I had.

The first mail day comes from @NamathSeaver who was nice enough to pass along the Oakley you saw above and these two new Allan Houston cards for my PC.

I haven't added to this PC in quite some time after my funds left out of the door like an angry woman and slammed it shut behind their exit. So it was nice to add a couple and now I really need to update my PC on TCDB of Houston.

Thanks to Gary for the mail day!

The next mail day is courtesy of @nekbone860 who joined in on my newly added RAK Friday on Twitter. You just list what your PC is, people will respond and send you a mail day for free. All that is asked of you is if you get a mail day for you to pick someone else to forward it on to.

@nekbone860 hit up a variety of different PC's for me,

With 90's inserts, non sport and NY Giants.

Thanks to @nekbone860 for the mail day. Hope you enjoy the one I sent you as well.

I still have much to post about and hopefully at some point here I can get caught up again.

Where Monsters Live

When I was younger, I watched a ton of horror movies and watched them again and again with my mother. It was the one thing we had, even though I was under 10 years old when doing so.

We literally, no joke either, watched every VHS horror movie in the local video store. They had a 7 for 7 days for $7 dollars deal that we always took advantage of.

Surprisingly being young like that, I didn't have any nightmares, just a few theories of where the Monsters Lived nearby.
We didn't have any stairs, so didn't have to worry about that.

Or any old trunks so that wasn't ever a concern either.

However, we did live on a farm so I always used to think Jason was walking around the farm somewhere all because of Friday The 13th Part 5. But, that was my only theory.

Being that its October, a month of evil, I found these Where Monsters Live a fun insert in Allen and Ginter that I wanted to chase. Thanks to @DaveMitchner I was able to knock two more down which brings me to half of the set. I hope to finish it up before the month is over.

I also plan to watch a few snip picks of horror movies just for old time sake. My wife really isn't into horror so I will watch it whenever I get a chance to and bring back all of the nostalgia I used to have on those days off from school or the weekends watching those movies with my mother.

What is your favorite Horror Movie?

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Thursday, October 15, 2020

Needing Some Ho's

I have been posting on Twitter for a long time now without a lot of feedback that I am on the lookout for holiday themed cards.

Christmas is my favorite time of year, I could literally just blog about it all year, so I thought it was time I translated my passion for Christmas and cross it over to my hobby.

What am I looking for exactly?

ANY AND ALL of the cards posted in today's post (images borrowed from eBay)

Or any Pro Set, Fleer, Ultra, Pinnacle, Pro Line Santa cards you can send. Also, any Topps or Bowman Holiday Sp's (especially the 2019 Sp's with candy cane bats, Santa hats, presents) or Parallels such as snowflake, red-green sweater like this Turkey card, or cards that involve anything about Christmas such as the memorabilia cards with Santa hat swatches, socks, ugly sweaters, etc.

I would be more than happy to PWE trade for them or if they are just collecting dust in your house send them my way. I will put them to great use. Contact me on Twitter or my email

Soon, I plan to gather what I have, which isn't much, and put them in a Christmas binder to be used every year for the holidays and for posts on here for those times of year.

Thanks everyone!

Set Help:1995 Stadium Club Metalists

1995 Stadium Club Metalists HAVES
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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Offbeat All-Stars

The mail days for me recently have been rolling in. Between doing threads for free cards to mail and receive, I have been doing small pwe type trades that have led me to getting some decent cards in the mail in return. It's kept my mail box and blog going.

Speaking of blogs still going, Cards Over Coffee is still alive despite my focus being more on here recently. I am actually hosting a giveaway for that blog once it gets to 50 Followers I will give PWE a team lot of your choice to you! I have all four sports, well everything you can imagine. So go follow that blog, spread the contest news on your blog and let's grow Cards Over Coffee together!

In the meantime, let's check out my latest mail day this time via Twitter trade with @offbeatallstars.

Jeremy Shockey Fleer Mystique

Ike Hilliard Millenium Collection parallel

David Tyree Finest rookie. He may not be a big household name, but in my house he is. I will never forget Super Bowl 42 and the joy he brought me.

A new Toomah!

Ike Hilliard gold parallel

Shockey and Toomer cards I didn't have or even seen before

Visanthe didn't do much in blue, but I think he made more of an impact in Minnesota. Seems a lot of Giants that leave make bigger impacts elsewhere.

And a sweet ending. I keep telling everyone I collect MJ but don't get much action on the trade end for him except this time. I don't however think I will get used to seeing him in a Wizards uniform. It's like seeing Jerry Rice for the Raiders, Emmitt Smith for the Cardinals, Tom Brady now for the Bucs. Just weird seeing legends of the game in other uniforms.
Thanks to Offbeat All-Stars for the trade and hope we can do it again.

Now I gotta ask, which player looked the oddest for you in a new uniform?

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Tuesday, October 13, 2020

At Least These Look Good

Football hasn't gone quite the way I had hoped this season.

I know the Giants had a rough road ahead with their tough schedule, but if you were to tell me they would be 0-5 yet again, I would have shunned you.

But, here we are and I have nobody to shun except myself for expecting so much out of this team. 

My prediction for this years team had them pegged for a 8-8 or 9-7 season and it guiding them into the playoffs. With a newly rebuilt offensive line and defense fixed, I expected no less, but it has been even less then less with them currently sitting at the top spot for next years draft. Now there is a chance they could still win eight or nine games and pull off my prediction, but it's highly unlikely.

Their offense is one of the leagues worst. The line can't block, Jones isn't having time to throw and is turning the ball over because of it.

Oh, and they lost their best offensive player in Saquon Barkley for the season. That alone was a huge blow and set the pace for this season.
The defense hasn't been atrocious, but has still cost them some games when it matters most. They don't quite hit home yet on the pass rush though it's better than last year and the secondary is still iffy giving up big plays. They really need to find a corner to put alongside James Bradberry instead of week to week plug-ins.
Too bad that Sam Madison wasn't still playing. They signed him back in 2006 and he made an instant impact for the team and helped them to a Super Bowl 42 win.

At least one high point this season is that I have had some nice mail days, with today's coming from @StephenJFurlong, that has kept my mind occupied while I suffer though each Sunday's game. Stephen had some duplicates of Giants from 2020 Panini Certified I didn't have so he told me he was sending those but the Sam Madison Pro Bowl swatch was a nice surprise.

The 0-5 Giants take on the 1-4 Washington (bites his tongue on calling them the wrong team name)  Football Team on Sunday in a matchup of two bad teams. Question is, which one is worse and can the Giants finally get that W? Guess I will find out this weekend.