Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 4 0f 4: SHINY STUFF!!!


There is just something about shiny stuff in this hobby that attracts me like a moth to a light bulb. It has been that way for years. It doesn't matter the player, team, sport or product. Shiny stuff just straight up rules in my collection. A lot of the time I would take shiny stuff over hits. The only exception to that rule is if the hit is also shiny stuff. Oooooooo.

Now that I have shown my love for shiny stuff, it's time to show off the final part of my mail day.

I hadn't seen any of these up close yet. Pretty cool. My pictures don't showcase the rainbow refractor goodness these present.

I love Crusade inserts. I wished Panini would release this as a straight up product.

Bowman Platinum is one of my favorite releases.

Topps Chrome is the main fault for my shiny addiction. It got me hooked in 1996.

The Bowman flashback inserts with the sparkle look incredible.

And who can forget Prizm? Some great Camo inserts here with two for the Yankees PC with CC and the Grandyman.

Basketball Prizm parallels. The Green Karl Malone is pretty sweet. I enjoyed watching the "Mailman" deliver in the 90's.

To finish up this mail day, some Prizm hockey green and blue Prizms or as I call them, refractors.

Overall, another top notch Grady mail day.

A big thanks goes out to Grady for this mail day as I really enjoyed digging through what I consider is a treasure box. I hope you enjoyed the one I mailed you as well. I have begun saving stuff out for you again and hopefully in the next month or so can have another ready for ya!

If ya haven't yet, go give my buddy Grady a follow on Twitter. You can find him @RUFUSRUFFCUTT

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 3 of 4:LOTS Of Baseball Inserts

Baseball....America's Past Time

Baseball Cards....One Of My Collecting Passions

There was definitely plenty to collect in this mail day.

It was loaded with everything from Topps to Heritage to Gypsy Queen to Donruss and more. All of the inserts were right up my alley.

Now I know I showed off Yanks yesterday in the mail day, but I also saved a few for today's and tomorrows. One of them is this sweet Roger Maris.

I really like the First Pitch cards. Might be one of Topps more creative inserts for their flagship product in awhile. It may also be a set that I might try to complete.

Donruss inserts. Well, I consider the Donruss '81 inserts as they fall at a tougher rate in the base set. Same goes for Diamond Kings.

And All-Time Diamond Kings
More insert goodness.....

I love that Panini brought back the Preferred line as an insert. Possibly something we see in the future as a product. Will have to see. Some big names Grady sent along.

Same goes for Elite

To close out the baseball insert portion of this mail day, gotta show off some Gypsy Queen finds. First up,  framed inserts.

Next, mini's!

And even more Mini's including a #'d to 99 on the bottom.
Like I said, this part was loaded. And as the title states, there is still one more part of this mail day. Yes, I said it, one more part. What could already top what he sent? Well, if  you like shiny stuff, I suggest you come back :)

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Breakin Wax:1983 Donruss Baseball 1-Pack Break

There are just some iconic baseball brands out there that you have to pick up on a yearly basis for your collection. In my opinion, Donruss is one of them. Even though Donruss baseball today is a far cry from its predecessors of yesterday.

In my third break from my Graded Greats packs, today I am busting a 1983 Donruss baseball pack.
In every pack of 1983 Donruss baseball there are 15 cards and 3 puzzle pieces. Each pack now roughly goes for $5 now-a-days. Key rookies to find in the packs and some that I hoped to find are Wade Boggs, Ryne Sandberg, and Tony Gwynn to name a few.

One of the key things always in Donruss products in the 80's and early 90's was puzzle pieces. If you are like me you either A. have a huge stack of them in your house or B. have put a couple of the puzzles together and glued them to hang. Either way, was kind of a unique draw-in.

The base cards for Donruss were simple. A white border with a yellow bat for a name plate and a glove for team name placed at the bottom of the card. The photographs like most on baseball cards in that era are more of the up-close pictures then of action shots leading to what can be some fun captioning.

I didn't pull any of the key rookies, but I at least landed a few good players. Two of them are featured here in Lee Smith and Jim Palmer.

I grouped these two together not only because they are new additions to my Yankees PC, but because both would make a great caption this card. Especially the Rich Gossage. Would love to hear some captions for that one from you guys!!! (Mine would be "man, I shouldn't have gone out last night".

And one of my favorite cards from the pack and an iconic name in all Donruss products, the amazing Diamond Kings. You gotta appreciate the stache too.
Overall, I liked the break. I was really hoping for some of the rookies especially a Sandberg since I still lack his, but I got a few decent cards which made me happy.

Are you a fan of Donruss? Do you like today's version of it? What do you like most about the product? Did you collect the 1983 version? I wanna hear it all!

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 2:Hockey/Yanks/Knicks

This part of the mail day has some possible champs and some obvious chumps along with a few other cards as well. But no matter which side they fall on, they are still my PC material.

Up first are the NY Rangers. The other team I bleed blue for.

Absolutely love this die cut card. Upper Deck nailed the Fleer Ultra product.

Some inserts including some big names and die cuts.

Fleer Ultra Gold Medallions. Even one of Nathan Mckinnon

Now onto some more cards of possible champs. The Yanks have way outplayed my expectations. That bullpen has been amazing so far.

Babe Ruth insert and a Prizm card of one of my favorite all-time recent Yanks, Alfonso Soriano.

My first Miller card in a Yanks uni. Glad he was named the closer after his tremendous start.

Some SWEET old time Yank inserts from the 80's.

And now the cards of a few Chumps...Sorry NYK. Someday you will come back relevance. I keep saying bring back Jeff Van Gundy. You just need to listen!
Some more great PC pieces but lots more ahead. Tomorrow's post focuses on baseball inserts. If you are a baseball card collector, I strongly recommend you stay tuned to see that gallery.

Monday, May 25, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 1 of 4:Football Inserts/Rookies

When I hear the words...."KEEP YOUR EYES PEELED" from reader Grady M I know something exciting is about to be found in my mailbox. And once again, a small flat-rate box PACKED full of goodies arrived. So many goodies that I had to break it down into four blog posts so I hope you will wanna come along for the viewing.

Today's post focuses on football inserts and rookies I found in the package.

It kicks off with with some Fleer Showcase and Fleer Metal cards from Fleer Retro.

Then came more inserts pouring out from the box.

Even some numbered inserts including a Trevor Reilly numbered to 25!

Wouldn't be football additions without some NYG including my first Upper Deck rookie of Landon Collins and a sweet numbered rookie of Mario Manningham. Not to mention, a NEW Andre Williams.

As I kept digging in this box, the football rookies rained..

And it closes up with some 2015 Upper Deck. These were great adds since I don't have a lot of 2015 rookies yet. This lot included Cowboys steal Randy Gregory.
This concludes Part 1 of this tremendous mail day. Plenty more to come and I hope to see you back to the view the rest cause there is some really sweet cards to share.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Another Trade, Another Mail Day From 90's Niche Football Card Blog (10/10 Auto Involved!)

I have gotten to know Bryan over at 90's Niche Football Card Blog pretty well over the last year as we both have a lot in common including the passion for football cards in the 90's, hence his blog's name. But, we both also collect cards of today which was the main focus of our last trade.

First off, I will show off some freebies he threw in the trade.

Landon Collins. I don't have this one yet so I am stoked now to have it. He was my favorite pick this year from the Giants. Need to get myself an auto now.

And then two Sage Hit cards from last years Rookie Of The Year and Giants top pick, Odell Beckham. Don't have either of these cards so that adds to my small PC of him as well.

Then finally the biggie and main focus of the trade, a 10/10 auto of Hakeem Nicks.
Nicks isn't a Giant anymore, but I will still invest in him. He was one of my favorite WR's to watch before Odell. His large hands and grabs helped lead the Giants to Super Bowl 46. Anyone still remember that Hail Mary catch against Green Bay before halftime??? I do. He dominated in the playoffs that year.

Thanks goes out to Bryan for the trade and I look forward to our next one. And if any of you haven't checked out his BLOG yet, please do so.