Monday, September 16, 2019

NYG PC Spotlight 126: 2009 Donruss Gridiron Gear X's Bear Pascoe

Bear Pascoe
Parallel Card
Card Number 111
Card #d 75/250

I should also mention that this card and the rest I will be posting this week and last week are brought to by Wes. Wes, the man who sends the big ole heat mail days!

While Posts Have Been Posting...

It may feel on here that I haven't missed a beat while the posts have been posting, but honestly, I haven't checked fully in on this blog in awhile.

All of the posts that have been posting are backlogged ones that have been desperately needing to see the light of day. So instead of posting my few small and far in-between mail days, I have been tweeting those out and letting these backlogged posts take up the blog.

Well, except for today. I decided to pop in with something fresh and update on what I have been doing in my spare time instead of putting up new posts.

I have been sorting. Every minute I have had a chance, I have been sorting, re-organizing and tearing it down and apart. This is by far the most work I have and will be putting forth into my collection since I started in the 90's.

First off, I have been stripping apart my once insert binders. Originally I was just tossing all the inserts into binders and that was it. But, I got so sick of looking for stuff I thought I had and since it wasn't by team it would take forever to look for. Well no more!

I finished baseball and football awhile go and now it's basketball and hockey time. I have to pull all of the cards out of the binder which is time consuming to say the least, then sort them by team using the handy BCW Sorting Tray. Which I suggest once again you go grab one for yourself HERE. Don't think I could have done this project without it.

Since I only have one tray free to work with, the other two have NY Yankees and rookie cards in them to be put away, so I have been transferring each sport by the tray onto my desk which I cleaned a spot for.

After that, I have been making sure to have BCW Penny Sleeves (which I found much more sturdy than it's rival counterpart), and BCW Trading Card dividers on hand so I can keep this project moving forward. I already had Shoe Boxes on hand.

 And Shoe Box Houses to keep it nice and neat. I have been labeling the outside of the boxes as I go.

Now a bunch of empty binders and pages remain. But, don't worry, those won't be empty long.

The next part to tangle once basketball and hockey inserts are done is my Rodney Hampton binder. I have decided after much back and forth that I want to put those in a box as well by year. That way if I am looking for something I can just go to the year and find it.

This is just some of the sorting I am tackling.

I still have the following to do,
  • Sort hockey rookies by team. Last sport that needs it done
  • Move star players by sport from boxes into binders for easier access
  • Finally combine my football rookie inserts and my football rookies. Football rookie inserts must be pulled out of binder, sort by team to be put away
  • Sort hits by team 
  • Locate some non sport sets I have been wanting to binder
My point is to make it so I can locate cards easier. This should be a big help, but a lot of work and very time consuming.

I will try to keep you guys updated on my progress when I can. In the meantime, at least until November, enjoy the backlogged posts.

Another note before I close, I have been keeping my want lists and set needs updated on here. Just in case you are looking to trade :)

Sunday, September 15, 2019

NYG PC Spotlight 125:2000 Score Scorecard Michael Strahan

Michael Strahan
Card Number 243
Card #d 210/2000

I should also mention that this card and the rest I will be posting this week and last week are brought to by Wes. Wes, the man who sends the big ole heat mail days!

Rodney's Cardboard:1995 Action Packed Monday Night Football Highlights

COMC has a seller on there who has a bunch of Rodney Hampton cardboard I have never seen listed...EVER.

And all of it I fear will leave before I can afford to buy it. Fortunately for me, I have good friends in southern places such as Wes. Guy is like no other and is definitely my brother from another mother.

He snagged a few of them off from there for me and now I am showing them off. Today's is from 1995 Action Packed Monday Night Football which was one of three Action Packed product releases in 1995.

I am a tad surprised how tough it was to find today's card. They only fell 1:6 packs but you would think it was 1:million.

This was the only one listed for this card number. I think there are two overall in the set of Hampton I need. I am just glad to have one.

The parallel overall is pretty simple. Silver foil on the front 

Highlights imprinted on the back

Hopefully I can add the other at some point and finish up my Action Packed needs for 1995.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

NYG PC Spotlight 124: 2010 Epix Silver Linval Joseph

Linval Joseph
Rookie Parallel
Card number 169
Card #d 82/250

I should also mention that this card and the rest I will be posting this week and last week are brought to by Wes. Wes, the man who sends the big ole heat mail days!

The Origins Of A Cardboard Addict:TMNT

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles....Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles...Heroes in a Half Shell, Turtle Power!

If you were a fan of TMNT and don't agree that the original movies and cartoon series were the best, well, we can't be friends. Well, we can be, but we will totally disagree on this.

I am not sure what they have done to the once mighty turtles that were mutants today, but it's garbage compared to the shows past. Weird animation, characters that are not themselves and the look of them is definitely not the same.

The show I watched from the late 80's til the mid to late 90's was awesome. Four turtles that fell into mutagen, raised by a rat and taught ninja skills to defend the city against the Shredder and other mutants, oh yeah!

It was my cartoon go to for sure.

That's why when Walmart has seasons of them in their $5 or less DVD bin, I grabbed a few of them. However, I don't have them all.

Along with adding some DVD's, I have also added a few toys along the way as well such as this 1991 City Sewer Leo thanks to Wes who grabbed it for me. The only piece I believe is missing is the pull string that came along with it.

And this complete BeeBop I got form another friend.

I do have a few others from the 90's I have showed off before on here, but there are many, many more I want on my want list to go. Such as Baxter Stockmon (has to be complete) who was one of my favorite villains, Krang, All 4 Turtles for one year, among many other of the characters that I had growing up.

I remember acting out TMNT on recess with my friends. I was Leo of course, blue is my favorite color and felt I was the lead of our play time. It was a lot of fun going into battle against the Shredder who would also occasionally be me when I wanted to do two roles. But, most of the time Shredder was the teacher and we had to avoid her. She didn't know she was playing her role however.

In the past few years, I have watched a few episodes of the newer TMNT and the new movies and it is just awful and painful. I am so glad I grew up when I did and had these figures and the shows I was able to watch. Nostalgia is great memories, but also speaks volumes on how great the 80's and 90's were compared to today's times.

Friday, September 13, 2019

NYG PC Spotlight 123:2012 National Treasures NFL Gear Dual Relic Autograph Rueben Randle

Rueben Randle
Memorabilia Card
Card Number 86
Card #d 17/49

I should also mention that this card and the rest I will be posting this week and last week are brought to by Wes. Wes, the man who sends the big ole heat mail days!

I Left My Heart In San Francisco

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me 

I left my heart in San Francisco
High on a hill, it calls to me

I Left My Heart In San Francisco was one OF THE MANY big time hits from the legendary Tony Bennett. Someone my grandmother listened to often.

In my chase of celebrity autographs, I try to find ones that play a role with my past in some form. And even though I am not technically a fan of the singer other than watching from afar, he was on my list to get. How can you not at least watch this guy from afar? A guy who has won over 20 Grammy's and brought home a Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award.

That sounds like someone I needed to TTM attempt alone.

And like others I saw, I had success. And he was pretty fast about returning it as well.

To finish out today's mail day roll call, I will also mention two fun facts you may or may not know about Tony.
  • The 92 year old Bennett will be in my state in August doing a concert. The guy keeps on chugging at his age and you have got to respect that as well. 
  • He is a painter as well as captures images out his hotel room windows while on tour. I haven't seen any of his art but I bet it's amazing.
If you are reading this Tony or stumble upon this, thank you for returning my request. It's going into my Hall Of Fame of autographs.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

NYG PC Spotlight 122:2013 Topps Chrome Prism Refractor Hakeem Nicks

Hakeem Nicks
Card number 20
Card #d 126/260

I should also mention that this card and the rest I will be posting this week and last week are brought to by Wes. Wes, the man who sends the big ole heat mail days!

The Snake Stops Here

I don't always check my Hotmail more than once a day, but when I saw one from Nate over at The Buc Stops Here blog I had to check it out. Him and I had never done a trade before but I am always welcoming to new blog traders. Not to mention he told me he had two cards off from my Top 20 want list which is located on the right side of the blog.

He kicked off a streak of luck I had narrowing down some of those wants but still many to go.

Nate not only sent along the two cards off from the list, I will get to those in a minute, he also sent two Eli Mannings I didn't have as well. I have and always will be a fan of Eli and root him on. I am not quite ready to see him step away yet. Maybe after this year. He looked good in the first game I thought other than one or two plays that should have gone elsewhere. He also showed a little life in his long ball with the Hail Mary before halftime. Now if only the Giants defense had the same life. I said this on Twitter and will say it here, I could have thrown a TD against that defense. No pass rush and no coverage. Terrible and they lost because of it. It's like a repeat of last year all over again.

One of the Eli's he passed along was this Orange Topps Chrome refractor. The other is a Absolute parallel above.

The two cards he really had me hooked on was the ones on my Top 20 want list and ones that help my chase for the 1997 Topps Chrome football set I am hoping to build after a 22 year hiatus of owning it.
First card is this Warrick Dunn rookie showing off the Buc's new helmet. No more orange.

And the second one was probably my favorite base of the 90's, the Jake Plummer rookie. Such a great photo of Jake The Snake Plummer with a snake. Doesn't get any better for a base card than this. All of the photography for rookies in '97 Chrome were probably the best there was.

Thanks to Nate for the mail day. I haven't been posting many mail days on here as of late. Trying to catch up in the next month on backlogged series posts with most of my mail day ones being posted on Twitter. I don't however post Blogger mail days there. They go here.

Looking forward to trading more with Nate down the road.