Saturday, November 9, 2013

Yard Sale Find # 13 Miscellaneous Box

We recently posted about a Yard Sale we went to and picked up a bunch of sports cards at (mostly baseball). We thought it would be fun to take you on the journey with us to discover what is inside of every box, every single we got picking out the best ones along the way to show. We hope you enjoy the trip and comments are always welcomed.

Here was a very interesting box. This one was one wan an 800 ct boxe and with no markings of what was within, it was a very fun dig with a few small surprises. One of them being the fact it was PACKED with inserts.


Once Gold Label and really miss the product!



Brad Penny and Joe Crede prospect cards




Adam Greenberg and Brandon Wheedon (Weeden is how you really spell it). Bet the Brown's fans wished he stayed in baseball....



I liked finding this card. Always a Sp Authentic fan and Mark Mulder was dominant one point in his career


Harry Potter? Well kind of a cool addition

And sadly it wasn't all that was in the box.We only picked out the cards that stood out to us. If we hadn't, this post may have gone on forever ;)

Let's hear your thoughts on this long gallery of photo's.

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