Friday, February 28, 2014

Retro Break 'Em: 1989 Topps Football Pack

Once in awhile it's fun to dig into the past and open up an older pack of cards. Times were simpler than. No fancy-dancy-autograph-low serial numbered-patch piece from a memorable game limited cards to be found in these. Just simply cards. Cards that weren't always about the value. Cards that made you think why you got into the hobby. Not so much from ripping and flipping. But just for collecting and having fun. And enjoying the cards themselves with the photography and even for some of us who are sports buffs, the stats on the back. This NEW SEGMENT called Retro Break 'Em will show you just that.

This time we dive back to 1989 Topps Football thanks to the great people at B and M Sports Cards who provided me with the pack to break open.

Each pack of 1989 Topps Football comes with 29 cards, 1 glossy card and 1 delicious, just kidding, stick of bubble gum. The photography in the 80's can sometimes be funny with the poses they find themselves on cardboard with. A lot of photography back then wasn't so much about the action, it was the players. The cards also have Topps trademark white border around the pictures.

Now onto how I did in this break:

79 cents!! Say What?!! That at most would get you one base card now-a-days

Base cards were a little NY Giants argument from me there.

Cool action packed subets

Glossy 1,000 Yard Club insert. Glad to see Topps brought these back in newer products

Well, this break didn't come jumping out at you, but did provide some fun. And seeing the older photography can be fun as well. Could lead to some Caption This in the future. Did get some NY Giants to add to the PC so that is always a plus.

A thanks goes out again to B and M Sports Cards for providing this break. You can find them on Twitter and on Facebook.

As always, thoughts and comments are encouraged.

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