Saturday, April 16, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Museum Collection Baseball(MONSTER HIT) And Giveaway!!

For the past week, I have been staring/drooling over images of 2016 Topps Museum Collection baseball all over Twitter. It's a product I haven't honestly ever opened and only have dreamed of doing. Well, today, that dream was brought to a reality.

To celebrate my dream being brought to a reality, I want to celebrate it with a giveaway! Read the review, then find out how to enter to win a card from the break.

Read on!

The box design on the outside is a great start, I am hoping the contents are as well.

After opening the box,  I felt a game show type of rush as if I had to choose which suitcase (mini box) had the big pull I anticipated. Yes, as you can see, there are four mini boxes per hobby box.

Each of those mini boxes has one pack and each pack has 5 cards. Every mini box also has a hit per. Here is the overall breakdown of a box:
  • 4 Packs Per Box, 5 Cards Per Pack
  • One On-Card Autograph Per Box
  • One Autographed Relic Card Per Box
  • One Quad Relic Card Per Box
  • One Prime Relic Card Per Box
  • Boxes run around $180 
The base cards are simple, but yet elegant. It is a black border thick base card with full color player photo There is a touch of foil for inner frame, player name, MC (Museum Collection) and team name. It's simply the kind of base card you would expect from a high end product and one with the name Museum included.

There are 100 base cards in the set consisting of current players, rookies and retirees.

Not much in here for terms of inserts in Museum Collection and I felt they weren't really needed either. But, there are four levels of base card parallels, Copper, Blue, Green and Red and one insert in Canvas Collection.

Copper, Green (#’d to 199), Blue (#’d to 99) and Red (#’d 1/1) - See more at:
Copper, Green (#’d to 199), Blue (#’d to 99) and Red (#’d 1/1) - See more at:
Here is what a copper parallel looks like. I would also like to note the player in his updated uniform. Not sure what the odds of this one is. I would have to assume 1:4 mini boxes. These are also unnumbered.

Green Parallels, these are numbered to 199 and fall 1:4 mini boxes.


Blue parallels, numbered to 99, fall 1:8 packs.

Canvas Collections comes in two forms. The actual 1/1 original artwork or the reproduction that falls 1:4 packs and the one I got of Frank Thomas. There are a total of 25 of these overall.
Now onto the hits.

Up first, a base version of Meaningful Material of Zack Greinke that's numbered to 50. I think the card looks spectacular. The balance of player, swatch and color is perfect. What I like most is the appeal of something you may see in a museum. Glad they stuck to a theme as that is something not always easy. The swatch included is also really nice with 2-color seam.

These fall 1:9 mini boxes. There are also parallel versions numbered 35 or less.

Primary Pieces can come with 4 pieces of one player or 4 players with one piece. Legends are involved as well with 20 different ones on the checklist.

My Primary Pieces, though a single player, is a bit special. This is the Primary Pieces Quad Patch that is numbered 4/5 and falls 1:278 mini boxes. Crazy pull huh? Another minor detail I noticed immediately is how dirty it was. Yes, some call this hit even filthy. See my next picture.....

Yes, these were actually  GAME WORN!!!! A couple of the pieces on the card have marks like this.

My next hit was one of the promised autograph cards from the box, Signature Swatches. Mine is of NY Met Zack Wheeler and is the gold parallel that falls 1:85 mini boxes. This one happens to be a sticker auto, which I still don't mind cause an auto is an auto to me, but Museum does also have on-card offerings.

Once again, spot on with design on these and some nice swatches on this card as well.

And my final hit, well, it wasn't the second promised autograph....HOWEVER, it was something monstrous and so much better. 

My first ever Laundry Tag pull...

A 1:284 Mini Boxes pull....

A 1/1 Miguel Cabrera Momentous Materials JUMBO Laundry Tag. These babies stand out from a mile away. I can't even tell you how great this card looks cause words can't describe it. The previews I drooled over didn't even do it justice.

I think using the whole laundry tag and not just a corner of it makes these a museum worthy piece. I would go visit a museum with these displayed.

Overall, my first break of Museum Collection was absolutely stunning. It left me wanting more and may be something I add to my Christmas list now. If you are one who busts high end and are a baseball card collector (or just a collector in general), I strongly suggest you go this route with all that this product provides. The fun thing also, even if you don't bust high end hobby boxes or can't afford to, find someone who sells the mini boxes. It gives you the same kind of experience but at an easier price. I think a mini box would be well worth your time as well with one hit per and a chance at some of the beauties like I pulled above.

Now onto the giveaway portion of this review,

My first giveaway is going to be for this card which is what you are entering to win today:


However, if I can get 30+ entries on this contest, I will giveaway that sweet Zack Wheeler autograph/patch card numbered 1/25 above after this contest ends. Now that's a win-win. So start spreading the word!

Now onto the small print.
  1. Please make sure to take a minute out to thank Topps for providing this box for me to review and to host this/these nice giveaways with. Follow them on all social media sites and visit their site, HERE, as well.
  2. ***VERY IMPORTANT***MUST BE A U.S. RESIDENT to enter or have a shipping address in the U.S. Shipping costs have gone haywire and I can't afford to ship everywhere.This is always hard to do as I appreciate all readers but I hope you all understand non-U.S. readers.
  3. Random winner will be chosen after 7 randoms
  4. Card may be shipped PWE. I like to forewarn on this.
  5. LEAVE A COMMENT BELOW telling me your thoughts on this product
  6. EARN AN EXTRA ENTRY FOR SHARING THIS CONTEST ON YOUR BLOG AND/OR ON TWITTER. Make sure to leave your link in comments too so I can count it. If not, I won't be able to give you the credit. Commenting with it is very important!!
  7. Sport Card Collectors or it's owner (person who runs the blog), WILL NOT be held responsible for lost, stolen or damaged mail. Sorry had to add this in since someone tried to scam me once about this.
  8. Contest starts today, ends on Saturday, April 23rd 2016. Winner will be announced in a separate post on Sunday April 24th. 
  9. Don't forget to thank the above sponsor of this contest and I won't mind a thank you as well :)
Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. I appreciate that you realize most collectors distaste w/ sticker autos, even though u aren't picky. I love the overall design of the cards. I just don't see a point in a base set for Museum. I don't know anyone that would try to piece together the set, which is sadly something now lacking in collecting. The base come off as filler cards. Everything from this product should be #'d. Also I hate when there r multi versions of the same 1of1. I'm not sure if Museum did this, but NT went overboard w/ it.
    Anyways thx for the blog & giveaway chance. Good read & good promotion of the hobby.

  2. Wow, great pulls. Makes me want to buy a mini box.

  3. Very nice! I re-tweeted,

    So Topps gave you that box to post a review? Wow! Hey Topps, I'd be happy to review any of your products on my blog in exchange for a free box!

    1. Hey Topps... I second what Gavin just said ;)

      SCC - Great box. Almost makes me want to go out and try one for myself.

  4. That laundry tag card is incredible! Overall, I like the black borders and I agree that the relics are nicely done. The product is definitely museum worthy.

    1. Decided to give he contest a shout out here too:

  5. I have seen nothing but good things coming from museum this year. The cards are gorgeous and well worth the money. Thank you Topps for showing us another reason to by Museum this year.

  6. It is a beautiful product, but I'd never spend anywhere close to asking price to open it. I'm happy with the "base cards" that filter down into dime and quarter boxes.

  7. Love watching breaks of higher end products. I can't afford them since I'm a college student but love the multi color patches. That laundry tag is sick. Very nice product that someday I would love to break a box of it.

  8. Great looking product. Feel like maybe for a nice higher end product that on-card autos should be required, but I also understand the difficulty getting players to sign on card in today's world.

    I've never opened this product, but I sure would love to!

    Thanks to Topps for supplying this awesome product!

  9. It seems like you beat the odds a couple of times over. Twenty cards total and three White Sox? I think that is a southside hot box.
    The design is okay, but I'm not a fan of black bordered cards. The Greinke is pretty sweet looking though.
    I the idea of opening one of these boxes, but I'll never pull the trigger on purchasing because I'm more of a quantity over quality collector... resale value means very little to me. Give me the cheaper sets like flagship and Opening Day.

  10. Very nice pull on the one of one. I love this product and will be picking up some of the base cards..

  11. Amazing product. Love the Museum Collection. I just wish i could afford products like this. Great design and even though i dont like sticker autos, i get it. Its so awesome that Topps let others review their products. Thanks for the review and the blog. Great read.

  12. As usual i couldnt leave a comment on the blog, something with my computer. Love the Wheeler card, and the Cabrera is a total classic!!!! I wouldnt want any base cards from this set, but might go for some special cards of the 4 teams i like (Yankees, Mets, Marlins, Dodgers).

    Arnie P (facebook)

  13. Congrats on your sweet cards! I've always wanted to break a box of Museum but I shy away from high end stuff. @EEFFL

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. Great product this year. I love the contrast of the black border to the patches. Well done topps.

  16. Very nice, but way too pricey.

  17. for me as a CWS fan, the pulls you got make me wanna go buy a box right now! lol. these are probably my second favorite brand baseball cards behind Allen & Ginter. Another amazing product by Topps and thanks to SCC for showing it off.

  18. Awesome stuff thanks for doing everything you do for the hobby. I love it. Thanks for the chance. @JGfan24ever

  19. What a nasty box. Love the 1/1 Miggy and I agree with you that the entire tag makes for a sick card. Nice pulls and thanks for the contest!

  20. Wow! What a card! That laundry tag is amazing! Museum Collection is always nice. Like you, I've been drooling over it from a distance. Glad you got to open a box and got such an epic card. Big shoot out to Topps and to you for running another contest. I just put up a post thanking you for your last contest and I also plugged this one as well.

  21. I enjoyed reading this review, which was very comprehensive. Im not a huge fan of laundry tags (even if they are 1/1), but I do agree the Greinke is solid and I like how you pointed out the game-worn jersey from Arenado. Hope I can grab some Museum COllection boxes for myself someday!

  22. Love what topps does with museum. Out my range though. So thanks for opportunity.

    And um.. we may need to talk about that Rockies card ;)

  23. tweeted for ya

  24. I simply cannot afford this product. If I could, I would rather buy Triple Threads instead. You did well though.


  26. The price of this product is quite steep and out of my league. However, I would love the opportunity to break a box. Congrats on your hits!

  27. This review was awesome and helpful. I was excited before, now I will buy! Thank you from @hotstovesports

  28. Check out @hotstovesports's Tweet:

  29. Liking this year's cards..not to dull not to overbaord.

  30. Boxes run around $180 OUCH!!!! but seems to be a quality product.

  31. Contest is closed. Thanks for entering and winner will be announced later today!

  32. very Nice. i like this very much. thanks for sharing with us.. For more