Monday, April 25, 2016

@skunkman1998 Bombards Me Part 1

One of the people I have known the longest online since my discovery of it (yes I was a bit delayed on the internet years), is @skunkman1998. We have known each other for 5 years now and send each other blind packages occasionally. Friday I received a massive one from him containing many goodies.

This mail day will be broken down into two days, today and tomorrow. Today's is Giants packed, tomorrows, will be well rounded with all sports and players like Jeter, Griffey and more. Some of the cards I decided not to post yet as I am waiting for my new 90's segment to kick in :)

So let's just take a look what I am showcasing for now. Today, let's all bleed blue!

Up first, I found the oldest current NY Giants card I own.
Great looking inserts here, especially the Finest Nassib. That is one epic die cut.

Refractors. Love those no matter the team but being Giants gives them a bit of an edge. That Toomer up close is a stunning card.

More refractor goodness.

Numbered Nassib. I am starting to wonder if I should see how many of his cards I have. I gotta be pushing a good number. New PC guy? Well, we will see.

Victor Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz Rated Rookie among other great Giants inserts.

Golden Osi! This is also in an uncirculated case I just cropped it down to card only. It's one sharp looking card to say the least.

A NEW Andre Williams Jersey card for that PC. I think it makes me card #65.

The leagues best WR. Yes, I said it. Hoping this year he can at least beat Josh Norman. Will be interesting to see those two matched up twice a year now that Norman is a Redskin. I totally dig the blue Prizm parallel.

More Rodney. I gotta check and see if I got these to. I am currently 3 cards short of 400 so wondering if these will get me there.
Some great cards in Part 1 of this mail day. Part 2 is just as good as you will see tomorrow. 

Stay tuned and thoughts on today's mail day are welcomed!

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