Friday, April 15, 2016

Top 5: 2005 Fleer Ultra Football Base Cards

If 2005 Fleer Ultra sounds familiar to you in this series, it should. This is my second installment using it. The first round was the Top 5 baseball card pics, this time we hit the gridiron! 2005 Fleer Ultra was simply action packed and sometimes unique with it's photography along with a clean design.

Just like with the baseball, it was extremely challenging to narrow this down to five images. Remember this list just consists of ones I think are Top 5. Everyone has their own likes/dislikes and connects with certain cards for their own reason.

Let's take a look at mine.

#5. A great sideline catch here by Lloyd. It displays both his concentration and the defender doing their best to stop this completion.

#4 High flying Donald Driver and the priceless reaction on the Bears sideline makes this card a must have on this list.

#3 Slam dunking of Tony Gonzalez. Great shot of this.

#2 Yes, I sometimes think 2 and 3 should be switched, but I can't remember a piece of cardboard that shows a QB from this angle.

#1 No, this isn't an action packed photo, but Brooks entering the field, the green of the grass and the fans cheering caught my eye. It's a beautiful photo capturing the fun and emotion of the game.

So what do you think of my list? Would you have moved some around? Or do you know of others you would have stuck in here instead? You know where to leave your thoughts!

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  1. As a Packers fan... I probably would have gone with Driver @ #1 ;)