Monday, April 4, 2016

Opening Day..... Gallery Of Fun

To celebrate Opening Day in baseball, here are a bunch of random baseball cards I found in my blogger albums. Most of these you may have seen, but say you may have not.

Let's get this gallery on and hope everyone enjoys a great day of baseball!
Pack pulled this a couple of years ago
Cool card, player I don't respect however. Sorry Bonds fans.

Miss this guy playing. Yankees do to.
I never did finish my rainbow of him...
Always liked his signature

He was better in pinstripes.....
Always the type of players I pull in Bowman....
 Found this in a mystery box

Obvious card had to be here.

90's! Don't make inserts like this anymore.

Yard Sale pickups a couple of years ago

Wished this was in a Yanks uni, but I still like it
This is actually a picture, but still awesome and was a must post

There is nothing wrong with posting extra Yankees today...

One of my favorite 2015 pickups...

So good luck to your MLB team if they play today, unless you are an Astros fan, cause I am just going to leave you with this image...


  1. Once Chapman is back it is going to be a lot of fun watching the Yankees bullpen this year.

  2. Man your spot on about the inserts. There is just something about 90's inserts that today's inserts don't stand up to. As far as opening day my Braves gave up a lead late and lost in extras but we do have some promising prospects to have a decent team in a couple years.