Tuesday, April 26, 2016

@skunkman1998 Bombards Me Part 2

Yesterday I posted Part 1 of my mail day from @skunkman1998, today is the second half of it.

Part 2 starts with unopened older packs. Good mixture of football and baseball.

These are sweet!!!!! I really enjoyed Upper Deck throwing it back to '97 on these inserts. They have the same design and feel, but the player head doesn't have the hologram component. I still like it anyways.

Broadway looks pretty good in Prizm.

Some Knicks. They look better on cardboard then they do the court. Zinger! The Anthony Prizm Red/White/Blue parallel is nice.

No Yankin your chain here, a great mixture of Yankees inserts from a variety of players.

Mantle! All three are new to that small PC. All of my Mickey's are modern day. Some day would love to add some vintage there.

A couple of shiny inserts.

DJ! Haven't added to my Jeter PC in a very long time. Really like Bowman Platinum.

A couple new Griffey Jr's here. They will be featured in upcoming Collectin Griffey segments.

And to end it, Some incredible looking Walt.

A big thanks goes out to Tim for this amazing mail day. He covered all PC areas in one small box. I look forward to our next round of mailings. 

Anyone got thoughts on today's mail day offerings?

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