Saturday, April 30, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:The Project Pedro MEGA TRADE

Remember that Project Pedro Blog massive trade I whispered about a few weeks ago, well, the trade was finalized and I received my goodies earlier this week.

Inside of this box was by far the biggest trade I ever pulled off and possibly one of the best mail days I have ever received in a trade. I will not reveal it all today. In fact, the next 10-12 blog posts will break down the Top 12 card(s) in this trade. Today's you can call the pie crust, the good stuff, but not the cherry yet. That's what number one is for. So sit back and enjoy.....
Up first, some Star Wars cards were tossed in for the PC including these three inserts.
Up next, he picked me up this 10 card set at an LCS. With all of the Griffey's featured in today's post alone, I have surpassed the 800 different Griffey plateau. A milestone that has taken longer than expected but I will have an exact number when all of these posts are up. Yes, I am leaving you thinking more Griffeys are on the way.
Some much needed base fillers. I never realize how many more I need. The Bowmans Best at the bottom is an insert with Johnny Damon.

Die Cut, shiny and a Legend. All around sweet.

Powerdeck needs. Where did creativity go in today's collecting??

There is just something spectacular about this card. I can't explain it but I really dig it.

And finally, this card is pretty slick. 1996 Leaf Steel that is printed on a metal surface. Maybe Steel? Hahaha.
Yes, I know. If this is just the beginning and these are this awesome? What's to come you may ask...well...just wait and see. Tomorrow kicks it off!

While I am at it, for an extra plug-in, I extremely suggest you add the guy to your blog read list. Great guy, awesome and trusted trader (you can't trade for Griffey however we have a deal where I get first dibs haha) and if that's not enough, does occasional giveaways including "Cheap Wax Wednesday" boxes. Check him out, HERE.

OH, and if you want to see what I mailed him before my gallery begins, he posted about it HERE.

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  1. I still want to pick up a Griffey Powerdeck cd/card. It has been one of my gray whales that I don't buy for whatever reason.