Tuesday, April 12, 2016

The Beckett Files:The Hot List

It may sound crazy, but one of my favorite features in Beckett other than the price guide is The Hot List.

When my new issue arrives, I always find myself flipping it open to those pages first. I think it's fun to see which cards I have make the list and which spot they fall under. For the most part, baseball and football are always last for me meaning either one or none make the list even though I collect those sports most. It's odd.

If you are unfamiliar with these pages or haven't seen The Hot Lists in Beckett, they look like this....

They list the Top 20 hottest cards on the market from each sport along with a position they fall in and Beckett book value.

I thought for fun, I would have you guys first tell me if you have a card off from the Hot List for these three pages, then take a guess on which one or ones I have off from it. I do have at least one off of each.

Other Sports:
There are still more The Beckett Files to come. The next parts of the series will focus on things I miss that are no longer apart of Beckett. Stay tuned!


  1. I've owned several Griffey's and Piazza's over the years. I still have one copy of the Jr, but I believe I traded my last Piazza to Gavin from Baseball Card Breakdown.

    1. And I'm grateful for it! Yeah, the Griffey and Piazza are the only cards I have off the lists.

  2. I'm shut out on the basketball and 'other' lists, but I have 2 of the 16 that I can see on the baseball list. My guesses: you have the Durant Chrome RC, the Speith SI for Kids, and the Piazza Bowman RC. How'd I do?

  3. I own the UD Griffey, the Topps Curry, and although not confirmed... I'm pretty sure I have both of the golf SI for Kids cards.

    If I were to guess... I'd say you have the same four... plus maybe the Piazza since they seem like the most common cards on the lists.