Thursday, April 21, 2016

JBF Drops 2 Bombs:Bomb 1-The Numbered Bunch

In what was an epic Monday mail day, I showed off the Leaf blaster yesterday, I also found myself staring at not one, but two Jaybarkerfan's Junk blog packages and knew I would soon be in heaven.
I don't think I made it through my house door before I started ripping those open. So just as I thought, I was soon drifting off into heaven.
To kick it off, some great numbered finds. None of these I have (and this goes for overall) so completely new Giants additions here. David Wilson back-flip blue wave refractor is pretty cool and the Brandon Jacobs gold on the bottom is numbered to 99.
JPP! A few more rookies and some more shiny finds.
The Shockey Titanium rookie is a great addition. I was a huge fan of Jeremy. A couple of new Andre Williams for that growing PC and my first ever Red Zone parallel of a Giant. I will always consider Tuck a Giant and ignore his couple of years with the Raiders. G-Men got him the bling!

Odell, what a find! Love these Crusade designs Panini does. Would love a full blown Crusade product.

A numbered Cox (sounds a little wrong) and die cut Nassib.

A few basketball cards and some numbered Non-Sport. Wes knows I am a huge non sport fan.
Another thing he knows I am a huge fan of, unopened 90s packs for any sport. Especially between the years of 94-99. I will be showing off their contents in a upcoming Nuttin But The Hits segment!
Once again, like we all know, JBF is the man. The thing to remember is, this is only Part 1. Tomorrow the bomb really explodes..WITH HITS! 
Stay tuned!

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