Sunday, April 10, 2016

Collectin' Griffey:SPECIAL EDITION!!

If you didn't know, on this date in 1989,  Ken Griffey Jr. hit his first home run that led to the eventual 630 home runs.

To celebrate this special occasion, let's see which Griffey's I uncovered during a recent card search. These cards I had no idea I had.

I have busted at least four boxes of this Panini USA Champions, but I misplaced this in a pile of base. Ooops! Griffey #784.
Up next, a couple of cool Upper Deck Sp Authentic Baseball Heroes I found in a yard sale binder I bought last year and forgot to look through. Great pairing here,

And even better, here. When I can find Griffey and Jeter on the same card it's a great day. These are cards number #785,#786 on my Griffey list. Really like the design on these and gives me another reason to miss Upper Deck baseball cards.
So glad to find these as I close in on 800 Griffeys. Actually, I am pulling off a trade with Project Pedro Blog to help me surpass that. Believe me, you guys will be blown away with what I am taking home in that trade including one nice Griffey. It's such a big trade it's being broken down to a Top 10 list. If you haven't checked out his blog yet, please do so. Great guy and his Cheap Wax Wednesday segments are really cool.

Stay tuned for that and more Collectin' Griffey Segments ahead.


  1. I really need to start a small Griffey PC... since the guy was such a huge part of my collecting history. Can't wait to see this Top 10.

  2. Finding Griffeys while searching dime boxes is like finding cherry bits in Del Monte fruit cocktail. There are just never enough.