Saturday, April 23, 2016

Mail Day Saturday:TTM Chevy Chase (DNA too?)

Once again, another part of my epic Monday mail day. This time it comes in the form of a TTM that I sent out about two weeks ago to the one and only, Chevy Chase. Chevy has always been a fan favorite in my household and someone I have followed since my younger years. Of course if you followed this blog, you would know I am also a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation fanatic. Still the best movie ever made.

I think doing TTM's are fun and I used to do a ton, but after failing time and time again I started to give up. However, recently, I have started to mail a few out and was 2/2 before going 3/3 with this one. It's a good streak I hope to continue.

The one problem I have with sending TTM autographs to actors/actresses is figuring out if they are legit or not. This one is my first attempt to my favorite actor and it came back a bit different than others I have received in the past from sports players. So I want to lean towards legit.

The back of the envelope was actually sealed and sealed well with tape as if they didn't want someone in it. I have never seen this before.

Inside, Chevy not only signed my index card I sent, but he also included another index card to keep the autograph from smudging on the inside of the envelope and probably to keep it from being seen from the outside. He also stamped his address on the outside.

I thought that was pretty cool.

When it comes to the autograph itself, it appears to be signed the way he has always signed most of his items, XO Chevy Chase. I also compared the autograph on the Steiner Sports website HERE. Looks legit.

Another thing I thought was really cool if you didn't notice it above on the back of the envelope is the  "DNA" that was left in the tape. Looks like a piece of sweater. Bonus win for a collector! Just hope it doesn't come across creepy that I noticed that because I wasn't trying to sound that way.

A big thanks to Chevy for taking time out for his fans. From SNL to the National Lampoon movies to Community to Hot Tub Time Machine to the latest Vacation movie, I have seen it all and look for more from you in the future. 

What's the coolest TTM you have ever gotten and how legit do you think this autograph or others are getting them this way?


  1. Very cool TTM success.. congrats!

    Might be a dog hair.. better take it to the lab to have it examined.. lol

  2. maybe its a pube?