Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Cramer Vs Me

My never ending sorting project, I posted about this project last year, has me sorting my entire collection by teams and key players now after years of sorting by brand, number and year. Sometimes when you go back through everything you find some cool pieces you had forgotten about. One of the many cool things I found were these 1980-1983 Pacific Cramer baseball cards.

This product was issued over a period of four years by Cramer Sports Promotions, who was the forerunner of Pacific back when they existed. From 1980-1983 you could buy packs of these and try to put sets together. Every year had a section of the set to put together, cards 1-30 were issued in 1980; #'s 31-60 in 1981; #'s 61-90 in 1982; #'s 90-124 in 1983 and finally cards #121-124 were issued on the 1983 wax box. The set consisted of mainly big namers and Hall of Famers.

As for design, the cards have a sepia-toned photo on front with a black frame. Some had a brighter tone then others, almost a  yellow look to them. Overall they had a very old appeal front and back.

Here is the handful of them I found in the boxes. I also later on found some in a binder that went in a trade with Project Pedro Blog.
Some of the key players I found in the stack

Maris in an Athletics Uni.....

The real Home Run King!


Can't go wrong finding these kind of names in a box. They are worth much in terms of value, but they are something I plan on holding onto just because. I like the oddball kinda finds and you will see that when I roll out other things I found in my sorting project that is never-ending.

How many of you collected these? Anyone put a set together?


  1. I was able to put a set together out of a box of packs years ago. The last four in the set were on the bottom of the card box!

  2. I have the first three sets and have been waiting for a good deal on the last set. People usually want too much money for them on eBay.