Wednesday, April 20, 2016

A RUTHian Contest Win

Last week I found out I was the lucky random winner of a 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection blaster box from @TopShelfBreaks on Twitter. The prize arrived on Monday (I am a few days behind) and I thought I would show some of the cards off.

Being a Yanks fan, I was pretty stoked about this contest win especially after passing on a box at Walmart due to finances.
 Each box of 2016 Leaf Babe Ruth Collection comes with 20 packs of cards with 5 cards per pack. I believe that the boxes are $30 each which is a bit steep in my opinion. You do have chances at pulling authentic bat cards, Yankee seat cards and 1 of 1 cut signature cards. But I figured you probably had better odds of being struck by lightning dancing to Freeze Frame then you would pulling one of those three.
The base cards look nice and capture fun Ruth moments on and off the field.

Wonder if this fan is alive today? Would be fun to hear their story...

Punting or ballet.....
If I still had a Caption This segment, this card would be fitting. If you want to, take your shot at it in comments.

There are two forms of inserts you can find as well and you will find one if not two of them per pack. These look good too.
Overall, I like collecting base cards and inserts don't get me wrong, but I felt there was just something lacking here. It was basically 20 packs of base cards in my opinion. I just wished there was some other form of draw in here. Numbered parallel per box, a chrome-type of card, a pennant, something. This box was probably my only bust of this as from what I read there should be a base set and possibly one or both insert sets per blaster. If I can get all that the product offers in one blaster, why buy more??

A big thanks to @TopShelfBreaks for the box and if you guys are not following them, please do so. They do countless giveaways and have some creative/nice breaks as well.

You heard my thoughts so I pass it onto you, what do you guys think of this product?

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  1. I'm planning on buying a hobby box. They are down to $20-25 and there are two relic cards per case (from what I've heard).