Thursday, April 30, 2015

Breakin Wax: 2015 Sage Hit High Series Blaster Box

It's almost time for the draft. What I consider the second best time of the year in the off-season for the NFL, Free Agency is first in my thoughts, but first in what kicks off a new football card season. Where rookies end up and whether they can start right off or not matters in any 2015 football product you buy. I think we are pretty much sold on at least one starter in Jameis Winston, who won't only be the number one pick, but should start for the Buc's. But after that, we just never know.

To celebrate the draft today, I decided to show off both of my breaks of the first 2015 football card release of the year in Sage Hit. This time I am showing off recently released High Series with players that weren't in the Low Series (showed off earlier), along with some fan favorites that carried over.

Let's show this off!
In every blaster box of 2015 Sage Hit, you get 12 packs with 4 cards per pack. These also include 4 autographs per blaster which is an amazing amount of hits for a box only costing you $20.

Like I stated earlier, players that weren't in the Low Series, show up here in the High Series such as Brett Hundley, Kevin White and Amari Cooper. However, I think Mariota is not in this product.

Spotlight subset makes its appearance in the High Series. These were not in the Low.

New subset Five Star, looks great. I only pulled this one in the set.

Artistry inserts. I pulled even more in the High Series than I did in the Low. I like the design.

Now onto the hits, Swaim should be one of the higher drafted TE's outside of Maxx Williams

Bonner could be a force on defense for a team that needs a safety....hmmm...NY Giants??

James could be a sleeper

And Cook is one of the many WRs in this deep class. I have always enjoyed pulling these hand numbered autos.
Overall, a great deal just like the Low Series. With 4 autographs in every blaster, it would be foolish not to give this product a try and to get some of the newest class of rookies this way.

Once again, the only disappointment is the autographs being packed separately which means the 12 packs you open are all base. This years product as a whole is massively improved, if they can avoid packing those separate, that would make it even better. Let's see this happen in 2016 guys!

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