Monday, April 27, 2015

Breakin Wax:2014 Sp Authentic Football Hobby Box

Sp Authentic. One of my favorite Upper Deck releases year in and year out. Sadly, this could be literally the year out with Panini owning the CLC license now. Not quite sure how the hobby is going to look without the awesomeness that Sp Authentic brings. I know UD could go the unlicensed rout, but it would never be the same.

I guess in the meantime, we can still enjoy what could be the final edition. 2014.

For some reason my post is lacking both the box picture and the base card picture, if you really need to know what the base cards look like, just peek below ahead of time at the autographs. I am still doing a breakdown of a box without the picture.

In every box of 2014 Sp Authentic football you get 20 packs in a box with 5 cards per pack. Each box will run you around $100 and will have three autographs (including one patch auto) along with four canvas cards. There is also three SPA Future Watch inserts # to 999 or less per box as well.

The base cards, despite not being pictured, stick with the usual white background and player picture in the front. However, the base card set setup is much different. There are 100 regular base cards, 30 rookie short prints, 20 Legend short prints and 50 of these Authentic Moments:

I really like these SPA Future Watch flashing the 2000 design. There are gold parallels...

You see here numbered to 99.

And I got my boy Andre!!

Another thing I really enjoy about the product is the Canvas Cards. These are really cool especially when you get players like Odell Beckham and Peyton Manning in your box.

Now onto the hits. The autographs are on-card, but my box I felt was a #CollectFail in this category in terms of players. The first two autographs in my box I had no idea who they were.....

And what I consider the "big hit" of  every box turned out to be a guy I have seen multiple times. Once again introducing....Mr. Terrence West! I do however like the design and the two-color patch.
Overall, Sp Authentic didn't at all provide big hits here, but it provided what it always has, a well built product. I like this years even more due to the base card set up. I am a set collector so having a challenge makes these base cards more exciting. The last few years a box would provide you with two complete sets. I like this setup more.

Hopefully this isn't the last time we see Sp Authentic. Cause I will sure miss it.

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