Monday, April 27, 2015

Rookie Card Contest Winnings Mail Day

Every Sunday on Twitter, a group of guys run what they call #SundayFunday. #SundayFunday is a variety of contests run by those guys using that catchy hashtag. One of those guys is @danblair83.

And that's the very quick back story on what led to this mail day.
@danblair83 is one of the good guys on Twitter that not only does contests, but also likes to discuss the hobby as well.Those two things combined is why I followed.

Last Sunday I was one of the lucky #SundayFunday winners and the prize lot consisted of rookies. If you have read this blog before, you know that is right up my alley.

But enough with my jabbering, now onto the good stuff!!

Yu know this guy...

Rookie and Shiny....yes!

Will be interesting to see how this guy does for the Jets. I can see him having a big season if the Jets can find a QB to throw to him haha!

And to finish off this mail day, two more awesome Beckhams for the PC!

A big thanks goes out to @danblair83 for this nice mail day and helping pad my rookie card PC a bit more. If you are not following him yet, please do so.

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