Thursday, May 28, 2015

A Very Grady Mail Day Part 4 0f 4: SHINY STUFF!!!


There is just something about shiny stuff in this hobby that attracts me like a moth to a light bulb. It has been that way for years. It doesn't matter the player, team, sport or product. Shiny stuff just straight up rules in my collection. A lot of the time I would take shiny stuff over hits. The only exception to that rule is if the hit is also shiny stuff. Oooooooo.

Now that I have shown my love for shiny stuff, it's time to show off the final part of my mail day.

I hadn't seen any of these up close yet. Pretty cool. My pictures don't showcase the rainbow refractor goodness these present.

I love Crusade inserts. I wished Panini would release this as a straight up product.

Bowman Platinum is one of my favorite releases.

Topps Chrome is the main fault for my shiny addiction. It got me hooked in 1996.

The Bowman flashback inserts with the sparkle look incredible.

And who can forget Prizm? Some great Camo inserts here with two for the Yankees PC with CC and the Grandyman.

Basketball Prizm parallels. The Green Karl Malone is pretty sweet. I enjoyed watching the "Mailman" deliver in the 90's.

To finish up this mail day, some Prizm hockey green and blue Prizms or as I call them, refractors.

Overall, another top notch Grady mail day.

A big thanks goes out to Grady for this mail day as I really enjoyed digging through what I consider is a treasure box. I hope you enjoyed the one I mailed you as well. I have begun saving stuff out for you again and hopefully in the next month or so can have another ready for ya!

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  1. Donruss and Prizm are a nice way to add shiny cards. Each box yields multiples.