Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Nice Twitter Trade With @batcavelv

For the first time, someone actually approached me first about doing a trade.
One afternoon, @batcavelv tweeted at me some unopened packs of 1990's football he had picked up and asked if I or anyone else would be interested. Within seconds I snatched the trade bait to make sure I was going to be the receiver of the goodies. A few days later, a trade was worked out and the waiting game til my goodies arrived began!

And here they are! The pack contents will be revealed during my Breakin Wax segments. Sorry but you gotta wait!

First four packs of 1994 Prism football

One pack of 1997 Masters football

Two packs of 1995 Collectors Edge Black Label football

And these three autographed cards.

Two Chrome rookie autos. These two players still have a chance to make a big impact on their teams as these are just a few years old. It's just about waiting for them to do so. I mostly asked for these not because of their possible potential, but because they are chrome. Yes, I am a chromie if you didn't know!

Overall with these kind of results, I say another great trade went down with me and @batcavelv.

Thanks again for the trade Tracy and I look forward to the next one!

(Note: I am a bit delayed on posting this. The trade mail day was well over a week ago but I had other posts scheduled before this that needed to go up first. So my apologies @batcavelv)

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