Thursday, May 21, 2015

Trade Mail Day From Project Pedro Blog Part 1 Of 2: The Bonuses!

Yesterday's mail was beyond exciting, it contained a pretty good sized trade package from my buddy Shane over at Project Pedro Blog.. If you haven't checked out his blog, please do so. He is a newbie to the blogging community who could use a huge welcome.

As you can tell by the title of his blog, his main PC is collecting Pedro Martinez and I knew that I had some kicking around. So we talked about a trade and within days had one in place. I sent him ALL of the Martinez's I had and in exchange I received some Griffey's that I will showcase tomorrow. However, he also sent a ton of freebies which brings us to today's post. If I haven't stated it yet, he is a pretty cool guy.

Up first for freebies were some NY Knicks. Now, most Knicks fans are still probably wearing paper bags over their heads from this past season and probably even more after the Lottery Drafts decision to give the Knicks the #4 selection last night.

However, what Shane sent was from what I consider the Knicks good years. You know the guys. Charles Oakley, Kurt Thomas, Anthony Mason, Charlie Ward, and so on. The tough guys that went out every night and played proud Knicks basketball. Not the guys they have now who forgot how to show pride. Ouch, I guess I just slammed them. Slammed, they got that a lot last year. Ouch..did it again. I could go on but then I wouldn't get to the rest of this post so let's move on!

There was just something about this Hoops design that really stood out to me.

Now that we are past the Knicks cards we can start winning again. Oooops. Just can't stop ;)

Shane awhile back sent me a bunch of over-sized/box topper cards for my collection and if you don't remember, you gotta check that out HERE. This is just a few more....

Sweet Turkey Red one...

And it was instant love with me and Phil Hughes box topper. Just another beautiful Upper Deck card.

And finally was something that I hadn't seen before. It was quite cool and definitely something I didn't have. Its an 1985 Topps 3D over-sized card that's deeply embossed to give you a 3D look. If  you can't see the embossed where you are sitting, a Ghostbusters reference comes to mind. Remember in the second one when you first see Vigor's head popping out of the painting? Well, this is similar.
Despite the impressive look on the front of the card, the back of the card is left completely blank leaving you in disappointment. Probably something you most likely would display on the wall that way it hides the back.

And that concludes part one of this mail day. Part 2 will be posted tomorrow with an amazing 31 COMPLETELY NEW Ken Griffey Jr. cards for my PC. Stay tuned and hope to see you come back!

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