Saturday, December 5, 2015

Breakin Wax:2015 Topps Football Blaster Box

 In what is the final edition of Topps football with an NFL license, I had high expectations for the product to go out with a bang. Of course I didn't want to buy a hobby box with that only having one hit just like a blaster, so I gave the blaster box a try. And I will say right off that I wasn't at all impressed.

In every blaster box of 2015 Topps football, there are 10 packs with 8 cards per pack. You also get one exclusive Super Bowl commemorative coin per box.

Unlike the 2015 baseball, Topps attempt to change things up for football didn't go well with the base card design. I think it might have been better as the baseball design or if they had left the border on the sides and on top off from it. The bottom isn't bad at all but the rest of it makes the card appear too crowded. 

There are a few subsets in the base set as well, just look at the pic.

Rookie cards. My blaster box was very weak.

Best of the group. 

Now onto the inserts, ugh, what happened to the days where inserts didn't look like base cards? Where are the shiny ones? Where are the Finest? Where is the effort? This years Yard Clubs are inserts or at least the numbering made me believe that.

 The gold parallels even look bad in this design. And even those are not done like they used to be.

Bleh. All of the inserts look the same. 

By far the best looking inserts of them all. Flashback designs commemorating 60 years. I got Winston, the second best card from my blaster. 

And onto the best part of my blaster and of this years Topps football, the commemorative coin. These are made with metal, weigh a good amount and come in parallels too. It's a great looking card as well. I really need to chase down the Giants ones. 
Overall, I am sorry about my harsh words on Topps football. I had high expectations after opening up many baseball packs this year. As for this product goes, this will be my only break of it. The coins are cool so I may try to chase down a few more. A set would be super sweet but with some of these selling for $25 or more it may be a bit of a costly chase.

Now that you have heard my hurtful thoughts about this product, what are your thoughts on 2015 Topps football? 

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