Sunday, December 6, 2015

BEST TTM EVER! Celebrity Edition!

Some of you may call her Clarissa, others may call her Sabrina or maybe you know her as Mel. No matter how you associate Melissa Joan Hart, she has made her quiet presence known in Hollywood since the 90's.

I can say I associate her with all three as I grew up watching her and her most recent show, Melissa and Joey with my wife. So when she had posted on Twitter that she signed for fans and even gave out the address for fans to send their requests to, I was all over it. You don't find many celebs who will sign for fans like that.

As with all of my TTM requests, I sent a SASE and a card, white blank one, along with a handwritten letter expressing my following of her career. I was about to give up cause it had been well over a year before this surprised me in the mail in my SASE......

Great pic too (as my wife glares as me)

She sent this photo along with the card I sent! Double bonus!
I wanna thank Melissa for taking a few minutes out of her busy schedule to sign these for me and for taking time out for her fans. These will forever be apart of my collection and serve as a memory.

How many of you have tried getting celebrity autographs through the mail? What was your best score?


  1. Very cool.. congrats!
    I haven't done any celebrity TTMs yet, but I've been thinking about it. Where's the best place to find addresses?

    1. Honestly I lucked into Melissa's. I just happened to follow her. As for other celebs not sure or even sure if they would return.

      Sports on the other hand I used to use Tuff Stuff who used to publish the addresses inside the magazine. Without them however I have struggled to find any. I Googled for some once and found a few and mailed some out. I still used my Tuff Stuff ones up to a couple of years ago but nothing was coming back so I assumed they were out of date.

  2. I only started doing it this year and I am 2 for 3 and I am working on the next group I will be sending out.

  3. Nice! Had a crush on Clarissa back then.

  4. I've done a TON of hockey TTM over the past year, and for me, has been an invaluable resource. Not only do they have addresses of athletes from all sports, and celebrities, too, but they also have a return percentage, so that you know who actually signs, how often, and how long of a wait you could expect. It's $15 a year, but WELL worth that small price.