Thursday, February 18, 2016

Glistening Hampton

I will say this right off, my post from yesterday and today have similar titles and similar cards. Not to mention, they are not really that catchy. However, the sum up the mail day.

Up first, a 1995 Mystery Finest card. Would love to find one unpeeled too.
One of my favorite products of the 90's, Totally Certified. This one is numbered to 2499. Paid like $1 to add this one.
Anyone who collected Leaf in the 90's will remember these. I still need the die cut version

My love of holograms still exists.

One of my favorite early 90's, 1994, parallels.

Two parallels in one. Red Siege and Artists Proof.

Start of a rainbow....

This one is /500

Stunning is the word I would use for these 1995 Summitt Ground Zero parallels

Boosters I would also use that word for. Pretty similar in sharpness, but I still think Summitt had the slight edge.
Young Stars was a combo of the two parallels above with a slight touch of Museum Collection.
As I stated in the title, these glisten. Can't think of a better title than above despite being comparable to yesterday. 

There are still more Hampton mail days to post coming ahead. I promise to break them up a bit. I know not many of you will be fans or not know who he is, but the cards featured should bring back those memories of collecting or maybe be new viewings to you.

(BLOGGERS NOTE: This post was put together before I decided to do the Hampton Cardboard Craze blog. You will definitely see these cards again on that blog individually front and back and with more detail on each. If you haven't added that blog to your read list, please do so. You can add that blog or check it out with this link, . Thanks! ) 

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