Monday, November 21, 2016

Breakin Wax:1995 Classic Images Live Football Pack

Classic put some decent products out in the 90's but none caught my eye more than their Images line. They are printed on fun etched foil board which created some impressive looking inserts.

There were two versions of the Images football in 1995. One was Live for Retail fans and the other was Limited for hobby fans. Not much is different between the two sets except a few cards.

I gave the Live version here a go.

In each pack of 1995 Images Live, there are 6 "super premium" base cards. Packs marked like this one used to run for $3.99 as I remember buying them for that from the local pharmacy. Yes, cards used to be sold everywhere! They are much better priced now-a-days and on the Jammin JD Sports Cards they are now only $1.75. You can find them HERE

To kick off my gallery, a Bruener rookie and some Bernie Parm.

Jeff George has stalked me throughout my retro crate breaks so far. I never understood why he lasted so long in the NFL either. Wasn't the best QB.

And a solid ending to my pack with rookies of Hugh Douglas and the great Curtis Martin.
$1.75 for good looking cards and some top rookies I can't complain. There are some really nice inserts in the product  to and I wished I could had pulled one in here to show you but maybe that leaves it open for me to go back again or for you to try one for yourself.....

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