Friday, November 11, 2016

Breakin Wax:1996 Playoff Absolute Football Pack Break

1996 Playoff Absolute was always a fun bust. The pack within a pack concept was new one and one that intrigued me for some time. I would have liked to had seen the inserts put in the packs that way randomly instead of having an extra pack inside of every pack. The mystery would have been fun if you found one of those within.

Anyways, let's bust this!

In every pack of 1996 Playoff Absolute Football, you will find yourself immersed in 6 cards and you will find that inner pack as well that has one tougher-to-pull base. Packs run on Jammin JD Sport Card website for $3.95. You can find it HERE.

The 90's provided us with so many great base card designs and you wonder why many of us set collectors have disappeared today as base card designs have diminished. At least in my opinion.

We don't have cool looking base cards like this. Stadium back drop. Brilliant!


My inner pack came as a blue. Blue's are the tougher of the two base card levels. Whites are more common.

My card. Not great. If you can't tell the difference in the base card levels its all about the Absolute word. It's blue on this Holmes card as it's normally red on the base.

Not the best of breaks but I love this base card design and hope to build a set of the product with all three levels of base some day. My pack also means the cooler Absolute pulls are waiting to be had at Jammin JD Sports Cards unless I can beat you to them.

Thoughts on today's break?

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  1. Really cool seeing Timmy in front of the Oakland Coliseum.