Thursday, November 3, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Topps Update Baseball Hobby Box (1:1,055 pull) And GIVEAWAY!

Topps Update is a late season release where collectors are chasing key rookie debuts from 2016 and key players that changed uniforms. I mean, you gotta update your team or player PC and not wait for the following year. I know I want to.

How did this years version go? Well, check it out and READ ON!

In every box of 2016 Topps Update baseball hobby box is 36 packs of 10 cards. So you are getting a ton of cards per box. There is also one autograph or relic card per box. Boxes will run you roughly $50.

The base set is loaded, as I said above, with key rookies and players in new uniforms. It also has a very HEAVY All-Star game presence. There are 300 cards in the base set with key rookie cards of Julio Urias, Jameson Taillon, Byung-Ho Park, Blake Snell, A.J. Reed, Tyler Naquin, Michael Fulmer, Nomar Mazara, Jose Berrios, Albert Almora, Hyun-Soo Kim, Trevor Story, Lucas Giolito, and Willson Contreras.

There are a few subsets to find and....

Some very nice base card images. This one, despite being a hated rivalry player, is one of the best.
As expected, there are also base card variations with different photos. I didn't pull one and did find it easier to search pack to pack to see if I did. I don't match the photos to find the difference, I use the codes on the back in the small print in the right hand bottom. It makes things much easier as the last few digits is all that matters instead of matching photo to photo.

The base cards will end in a 14, the Rookie Photo Variations will end in a 35 and the All-Star Photo Variations with a 58. I hope this helps you too.

Parallel time!

Gold parallels are always a find in any Topps flagship related product. They are numbered to 2016 and fall 1:7 packs.

Rainbow foil, 1:10 packs, find their way in the product as well.

There are tougher parallel finds such as Negative 1:87 packs (not numbered)

And Black (1:67 packs) that is numbered to 64

Other parallels not found in my box are, 
  • Pink numbered to 50.
  • Platinum numbered 1/1.
  • SILVER FRAME numbered 1/1/
  • PRINTING PLATES numbered 1/1
Now onto the inserts. 

There are plenty to find. I either got a parallel or insert per pack on average in my box.

Ichiro's major hits continues in the Update series. They are inserted 1:8 packs.

Elite players in the 3,000 hits club are found in this insert set and they are inserted 1:6 packs.

The fun and popular designs from Topps Fire found their way in the Update Series and are inserted 1:8 packs.

Can't argue with this card. The Mariners throwback colors look great with the splash paint appeal of Topps Fire. Don't you agree?

First Pitch pays tribute to the pop culture icons who threw out a ceremonial first pitch during the 2016 MLB season. These rank in my Top 20 favorite insert sets of all-time and are inserted 1:6 packs. You can also find inspirational Brady Kahle included as well. That's one for sure I want to find.

And finally, there are TEAM FRANKLIN showcasing top MLB players who are a part of the premier batting glove company's team and are inserted 1:8 packs.

Now onto my hit.

To be strictly honest, I was really expecting a single color relic in the box. It's my usual pull from Topps Series 1, Series 2 and Update. I have never pulled an autograph or anything else but one of those. So when this 3,000 Hit Club Gold Medallion showed up at an alarming 1:1,055 odds, I was in shock. It's numbered to 50.
Other hits not found in my box include:
Every relic card showcases material from the official 2016 MLB All-Star Game Workout Jerseys!

All-Star Stitches Autographed Relics numbered to 25, All-Star Jumbo Patches Autographs numbered to 6, All-Star STITCHES with a Gold Parallel numbered to 50 and a PLATINUM Parallel - numbered 1/1. ALL-STAR JUMBO PATCHES showcases National League or American League logo patches and are numbered to 6. ALL-STAR STITCHES DUALS are numbered to 25.ALL-STAR STITCHES TRIPLES are numbered to 25.

3,000 Hits Club Medallions like the one above are like the insert set but include an medallion. with a Gold Parallel numbered to 50, a PLATINUM Parallel numbered to 10 and a PLATINUM Parallel autograph numbered to 10. 500 Home Run Club Stamp Cards, First Pitch Relics have the actual ticket stub from the game featured and are numbered to 10. That's a great addition!! I would love to see future autographed versions Own the Name: Feature a letter from the nameplate of a game-worn jersey. Each card features one letter and is a 1/1!

Scouting Report Autographs, CHASING 3,000 autographed versions of the Ichiro set, 3,000 Hits Club Autographs are numbered to 25.Fire Autographs are numbered to 25.TEAM FRANKLIN autographs are numbered to 25.

Overall, this product will not be for the big hit seekers for hobby boxes anyways. Jumbo boxes come with an autograph and two relics. They run almost twice as much as the hobby as you would expect with bonus hits. But, better chances at some of the bigger epic pulls above I listed.

For those who can't afford the jumbo boxes, hobby is for the set collectors, team and player collectors, rookie collectors, ones who collect photogenic base cards and just those looking for an affordable rip on a rainy day.  Which today is one of those days so I expect you to rip one.


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Good luck to all that enter and thanks for reading!


  1. PRO: I like that Update really commemorates that year's All-Star Game. Looks like a nice assortment of inserts, too.

    CON: "Team Franklin" inserts? Really? If you're putting an ad on a card, I should be getting that card free, or at least free with the purchase of that company's product. Not in a major set!

  2. Pro: Well... its cheap. I also would agree with you that the Topps Fire inserts are pretty sweet, but that's a different set, isn't it?

    Cons: Update is dumb IMO. It features gimmicky base cards that are made even more ugly this year because of the Padres, a design that has already been used for 3 other sets (S1, S2, Chrome) this year, and its value is driven purely by what random rookie is in the set for the first time (see Trout from a few years ago...).

  3. Pro: Love the fact that you get updated players with the team that they are playing for.

    Con: Another set of 300 plus cards really? I get to spend how much $ on another set plus inserts? ah well being a card collector lol ;)

  4. Pro: Most of the inserts look nice, and this is a set with good representation across all teams (rather than just the Yankees, Red Sox, and Cubs like in some other sets).

    Con: Still too many inserts. The Franklin inserts are particularly bad (seems like nothing but an ad that I'd be paying for). Why is a manurelic card so hard to pull?!

  5. Thanks for the contest and Topps for the box.

    Pro- getting cards of players in their updated uniforms into the market quickly.

    Con- one hit per box that is not a guaranteed auto at this price point is alarming, should be 2 or more with at least one auto imo.

  6. Pro: Topps always the best
    Con: need more hits. Not just inserts

  7. You did very well with your box. A manufactured relic card is a case hit in hobby boxes. To get a numbered one is even harder, let alone of a great player. This is my favorite of the three flagship sets. I especially like this year's set because of the ASG in San Diego. It's a fun product at a great price. There are no drawbacks to it, other than a lack of amazing hits. However, that is not the purpose of this product.

    I try not to buy too much initially because I like to save some room for the Chrome Mega boxes that hit shelves later on. They are the only place to find Chrome Update cards. Plus, the relics always look sweet.

  8. Pro: I love the unique photos they include in the update series. The cards look sharper than older topps products
    Con: sets are expanding so much it is very difficult to collect every card in a set

  9. Update has always been one of my favorites since I love seeing guys on new teams and the all star cards are great. However the one hit is generally pretty lame so I usually try to get this product months later when the price drops.

  10. Pro: It is form Topps and I will always have a soft spot this brand.
    Con: Could do without the First Pitch and the Team Franklin subsets

  11. I think it's a cop-out to have manufactured relics as the hit (con), though that Aaron is a nice looking card (pro). Thanks for the contest!

  12. Thanks again for the contest!!
    Con: The chance you're spending 50 bucks on a box and not getting value, financial wise
    Pro: The cards looks really cool, lots of thought and ideas and design go into them.

  13. Pro: love the fire inserts and all star game stuff
    Con: I'm kind of over the first pitch cards

  14. Thanks to you and to Topps for the contest!

    Pro: Large base set to allow for RCs and player updates as well as the All-Star cards.
    Con: Some sites have reported uncorrected errors in the base set which makes Topps come off as being lazy in proofreading

  15. I shared because I cared.

  16. Pro: I like getting players on their new teams as well as high-performing rookies without having to wait until next year, when they may have moved on yet again.
    Con: I think the set could be a bit smaller if it didn't include All-Stars, but also I'd like to see less cards of players in the All-Star warmups. My team only had one all-star this year, so I'd like to see him in his own uniform, not something Padres-inspired.

  17. Pro: I personally love this set with all the rookies and all star game I love it it is a fair price for hobby regular and jumbo

    Cons: same old same old on the first pitch, and a team franklin set? Why?

  18. Pro - Good amount of inserts to collect and the price is worth it if you like to collect base and inserts.
    Con - Pretty difficult to get hits.

  19. Pro - Price is on the lower end
    Con - massive set with a lack of truly great hits