Thursday, October 4, 2018

Nuttin' But The Hits:2018 Topps Chrome Baseball Blaster Box

Every year when Topps Chrome releases, I always make sure to snag up some extra. It's by the far the best retail buy out there and one of the most popular products among collectors.

I have seen so many autograph pulls, including two by my father in retail blaster boxes that I figured why not give it a shot.

I just didn't have the luck others have that's all.
Every blaster box comes with 7 packs of 4 cards with one bonus pack, an 8th one, all with sepia refractors. Each blaster is $19.99.

I found this Judge base for my PC I needed so that was a good start.

Rookie cards I found. Not the strongest group of players. I think O'Neill highlights the group.

My first refractor was Yoan Moncada

Next was Corey Kluber.

After was Addison Russell and it was a Prism one.

My insert finds were these. I have two of that Stanton now.

And the Sepia pack had these guys. Nothing impressive at all besides the refractors.
Overall, not my best Topps Chrome break but at least I added some refractors. Always love adding shiny things.

I am not sure if my journey of busting Topps Chrome has come to an end after one blaster and one hobby, but we will see. So far my luck with Chrome is 0 for 2 but I still love opening the stuff up.


  1. I always find that even my worst Chrome breaks are still fun, and ones I don't regret. I certainly can't say that about most other products. That's a nice Turner sepia.

  2. Out of all of my blaster breaks this year, Chrome was hands down my favorite. That may change when I finally decide to bust the two Archives I have stashed... but for now Chrome is king.

  3. i say bust another box! I love these because even if there's nothing for my collection, the cards are nice enough for my trades pals.

    1. I hope to soon. But sometimes chrome sells out fasts round here lol

    2. I'm still finding on shelves here. Should I being buying this up, depleting supply for other collectors?