Friday, June 28, 2019

Cardboard Review:2019 Topps MLB Sticker Collection


Change can be taken in many ways all depending on how you look at the situation. Some may like what has changed to a certain thing and others may not.

In this years 2019 Topps Sticker collection there are some new changes and from my perspective, they are positive and good ones.

Let's check them out and see what your thoughts are.

The sticker box is the start of the changes. There are now only 50 packs of 4 stickers per as opposed to the 50 packs of 8 last year. Price point for the sticker book and album stay the same at roughtly $45.

 There are 236 stickers to collect this year and lots of new fun subset ones to as well.

 Here's what the team pages look like. Five players per team.

 The sticker freebies page and Betts celebration on the inside cover

 Guys who can hit the long ball.

 Rookies and Rising Stars.

This years album is full of bright, bold colorful pages.

Here is the packs packaging. Notice anything different about it? Well, now it's trading card size packs that also means the stickers are too.

Here are the four sticker/cards I found.

 Stickers have full bleed photographs and a solid design.

In addition to the fronts of the stickers, the backs are now collectible and you don't need to throw them away like the old days. The backs of each, represented by the same order as I posted above, have players to that you could save and collect as cards. I really like this idea and it saves on so much waste from these.

OVERALL THOUGHTS: The Topps MLB Sticker collection has always been fun for old and young collectors and I think this years brings it to another whole level. The themes and pages are fun and now with the stickers having added collectible backs it adds a whole new level of collecting to this. I say go have fun with it!


  1. I heard the stickers were now trading card size and was wondering how they fit into the pages of the sticker book. Thanks for showing the inside pages!

  2. Love the idea of having a second design on the card back. I kinda wish they'd just make a card back that matches the front though. These remind me of the 1988 Topps Stickers. Gwynn had like 9 or 10 different backs to chase in that set.