Friday, April 18, 2014

90's Rip Party: Spx Football 1997 Hobby Box Part 1: Base Cards

In the 90's there was no greater technology to me than holograms. Upper Deck was the main company at using them and in 1996 created an die-cut Spx Football product based on the technology. I almost missed out on that product as I had never heard of it til I went to a local card show where it was the talk of the show. I went over to the one dealer who was selling it and was able to pick up a couple of packs (which also has another story attached to it for another time) and fell for it's beauty right away.

So when in 1997, I heard that Upper Deck returned with the newest edition of Spx, that combined the hologram technology with die-cuts, silver foil-board, and color that made what was an eye spectacle of a football base card, I knew I had to have some and didn't want to almost miss out this time. However with the pack prices running between $6.99-$7.99 a pack for one card I couldn't afford too much. I think I bought maybe 10 packs and even though that was more than I got of the '96 version, I knew I wanted more at some point in my life. As there is no greater card design than these.

Recently I was able to acquire a box from eBay at a great deal. Don't worry I didn't pay the prices on the box, but it's amazing what this product went for at one point. Now-a-days we would complain about this kind of product on the market with that top sticker price and no hits. I don't know if I would however.

There are 36 packs per box with 1 card per pack. So 36 cards total. There are gold parallels that fall 1:9 packs. Rarer inserts such as HoloFame Collection 1:75 packs, PROmotion 1:433 packs and even rarer PROmotion Autographs with only 600 total cards of those made.

So now that I possess this box in hand, I hold the power. I hold it tight and called it my precious. This was something I could only dream about in 1997 and now 17 years later I made it a reality. So how would I celebrate such an event? Well, I wanted to show off the cards of course! What's more fun?! I also wanted  you guys can see why I have so much love for this product.

Below is the gallery of all of the base cards I pulled from the box. Try not to let your eyes go cross from looking at their beauty:

I set the inserts I pulled from this break aside for now. I wanted to show them separately as I did manage to get a couple of  nice pulls and will show those off tomorrow.

For today however, I was very happy with my base card pulls. Plenty of star power within and of course THE DESIGN!

I encourage comments on this product and let me know what you think of it.

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