Saturday, April 19, 2014

Sport Card Collectors Blog Semi-Retiring?

Recently it has popped into my mind of maybe semi-retiring Sport Card Collectors blog. Why you may ask? Well there are many reasons.
  1. Sport Card Collectors used to strive upon doing reviews and retail/hobby box breaks (stuff I buy) to show you the results. But lack of me buying anything and lack of reviews from Panini and two other companies turning SCC down for reviews means that part of the blog is failing to exist at the moment. It is one of the blog's most popular parts. Reviews and those kinda breaks also give us stuff to giveaway. If it wasn't for Jammin JDcards, BCW Supplies and The Pack Gambler right now, no giveaways would be happening.
  2. Some of the changes such as cards of the week and opinion stories like the Collecting Basics series lack in both views and comments which is extremely disappointing. Knowing that these are 3/4 of what the blog is now its hard to keep those going.
  3. I would like to spend some more time building up That 90's Sport Card Blog and would like to see you guys there!
  4. The lack of reaction yesterday when announcing the possibility of semi-retiring this blog as only 2 (over 2500 Twitter followers and 150+ Facebook likes) asked any questions or inquired about it. That alone is not a good sign.
  5. Gotta say I love to give stuff away. I have probably given over 500 plus cards out over two years here. However, when seeing polls go up from Upper Deck and other tweeters asking you guys who gives a lot away and who deserves some recognition for doing so and not one of you mentioning this blog was saddening. Don't get me wrong on this part, I do not need the recognition at all because I like to give stuff away and will continue to no matter what, it would have been nice to at least see someone show that they enjoy what I do here.
  6. And I just haven't been feeling it or been into this blog lately as my mind has been drifting to other places. Sort of a lull feeling where I am running out of things to blog on here though I have tons more stuff to say :D
So what does this semi-retirement mean if implemented:
  1.  It means opinion stories, reviews, hobby/retail breaks, Panini, Topps, Upper Deck Cards Of The Week, and NPN of the week will cease to exist for awhile.
  2. There will only be a couple of posts a week such as contests (to continue on the monthly ones til October) and the Pack Gambler ones, Hobby Topic, Caption This, and Jammin JDcards break results.
  3. A lot more new posts on That 90's Sport Card blog
  4. A lot of days off without posts
What may help avoid a semi-retirement:
  1. Implementing new changes including the weekly lineup, blog layout and design, possibly even the name of the blog
  2. Finding a way to do some reviews
  3. Finding a way to balance both blogs.
This possibility of a semi-retirement isn't down in stone. It may or may not happen. However, there is a good possibility this is where things are heading.

I would like to hear your thoughts and feedback on all of this.

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