Monday, April 21, 2014

Winners Of April's Contest!

Well, that was an interesting turn of events on the final day as I had hoped. For most of the contest the competition was close and I knew on the very last day it would be the same. But, there was one leader throughout the contest and that leader stayed on top even on the final day holding on by one point.

So now onto the winners.

In first place is Scott N.
Second place goes to Miami Vice
Third place goes to Gubu Z

Congrats to all of our winners! Under this post, starting with Scott N, please tell me which of the prizes you would like. Then followed by Miami Vice then Gubu Z gets the remaining prize.

Here are the list of prizes for April again:
  • A box of 9pocket pages and an album from BCW Supplies
  • A spot into a Basketball break from Jammin JDcards (TBD by Jammin JDcards)
  • A spot into a Football break from Jammin JDcards (TBD by Jammin JDcards)
Once your prize is chosen, please contact me at with your information and I will pass it along to the right party or forward you onto them.

Please also take a minute to say thank you to our Monthly contest sponsors Jammin JDcards and BCW Supplies. You can also find them both on Twitter and on Facebook and give them a follow or like for the hobby.

Thanks to everyone who participated in April. May's contest will be much differently set up than this one. That information will be announced at the end of this month. In the meantime, we have a pretty nice contest coming up with The Pack Gambler either the end of this week or next.

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