Saturday, April 26, 2014


I hope all of you enjoyed playing in April's Contest and congrats again to our winners. For the month of May til the October there will be some changes made to the monthly contests. For one, there was a ton of inconsistency on the amount of people that would enter per day. Some days there would be 12 other days there would be 20. There were also some who entered one day and never came back again. I like contests with lots of competition. So to fix this problem I have found a new simpler way to play the monthly contest game.

Before I tell you how to play, I first want to say thanks to Jammin JDcards and BCW Supplies for providing prizes for the monthly contests Without them, there would be no contests.

Now onto how to play:
  • There will be one game a week to pick the winner, total score, and another stat of from that game.
  • The games will consist of many sports including MLB, NBA, NFL, NASCAR, WNBA, and so on. You just will never know
  • Each game that is chosen will be a Sunday Night game. You will have one week to get your ONE entry in. Do not be late on your entry or it will not count!
  • All entries will be hidden for the fun of the game and the challenge. But will be revealed the following day when a winner is announced.
  • There will be ONE WINNER per week for THREE WEEKS. The winners will be thrown into a WINNERS POT and will be randomed for the prize of their choice starting with the person whose name is at the top of the list
  • Once you have won for the month, you CANNOT win again that same month. We are looking for more winners here.
  • BIG NEWS: Everyone who won from April-September, including the Top 3 in April, will be battling it out for a GRAND PRIZE from BCW Supplies in October along with some break spots from Jammin JDcards as well. If there are same winners from different months, meaning if Sport Card Collectors won in May and August, they will only get in for one of the months and then we will take names of those who entered the monthly contests on a consistent basis and random the names and fill in those spots of same winners. So make sure you always enter!
  • There should be 18 winners entering for the October Contest. However, if there is good turnout on a weekly basis, I may, actually I will, random off a two more Wild Card spots into the challenge for the Grand Prize contest for those who enter regularly. Making 20 possible spots open for the Grand Prize month. Three spots have already been claimed from April.
There are only two rules:
  • This contest is open to U.S. Residents ONLY....Sorry!
  • HAVE FUN and win great prizes!
Now onto the winnings. I usually I have a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place prize. But not this time. I think all of these prizes are pretty equal and will allow the winner to choose which prize they want. After that, the second place winner picks their prize and the third place winner gets the remaining prize. The prize places will be decided by the monthly randoming. Then prizes can be chosen.

The prizes for the MONTHLY CONTESTS are as follows:
  • BCW Supplies:
    May, variety of toploaders
    June, box magnetics
    July,  variety of toploaders
    Aug., box of 9pocket pages and an album
    Sept. variety of toploaders
    Oct., Grand Prize TBD
  • Monthly: A spot into a Basketball break from Jammin JDcards (TBD by Jammin JDcards)
  • Monthly: A spot into a Football break from Jammin JDcards (TBD by Jammin JDcards)
If you have any questions on the Monthly Contest, feel free to ask those below.

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