Friday, April 25, 2014

Retail Break Em: Fairfield Company Baseball Box

I have seen many people breaking these all across the internet. Blogs, sites, Twitter, etc. I have seen the good and the bad that can come from these. But, I look at something that offers me 20 packs, 1 guaranteed hit for $20 and I can't turn away from that. Who Can? So I broke one of the football ones and one of the baseball ones so tame my curiosity.

This specific post is about the baseball box, I will show the football results next week. How did this one go, well, you will have to see for yourself as you check out the gallery!

These were the packs within. Was pleasantly surprised to find a hobby pack of Topps Heritage:

 This was the guaranteed "hit" of the box:

And these were the best cards I got from the packs:

Overall, not bad for what I paid for. If I was to go back and buy another one, this is the one I would buy. I feel like the baseball has more variety and a lot more to offer in value unlike the football one but I will leave that judgement up to you when you see the football break. The pleasant surprise of a hobby pack goes a long ways as well. The hit I got in this box was much better than the football one I got as well. That is not saying much. But I have seen some boxes that have come with much better hits which is what tempted me to breaking these in the first place.

Let me know your thoughts and if you tried breaking one of these and how you did.

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