Sunday, April 27, 2014

Winner Of The Two Autographed NHL Rookie Cards From The Pack Gambler

Well, this was a much easier contest to find a winner than I expected it to be. There were roughly 15 of you out of 30 that chose Boston. Than it came down to total goals WITHOUT going over. All of you stayed under the 6, however, one of you picked 6. So with picking Boston and picking the exact amount of goals an obvious winner was staring at me. So a big congrats goes out to @tonyottley for making the correct picks. You have won the following:


You can contact me at with your information or since you have Twitter, you can contact The Pack Gambler there.

Congrats again to our winner and a BIG THANKS goes out to The Pack Gambler for sponsoring this contest. If you haven't LIKED or FOLLOWED them on Twitter and Facebook yet, please do so and tell them thanks while you are there.

And if you didn't win, the new monthly contest starts today and when that ends, it's followed by another exciting Pack Gambler contest. We are giving stuff away every week! Join in on the fun!

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