Friday, April 18, 2014

APRIL 18TH 2014


First off, check the standings located HERE to see if you are eliminated or not. You are only eliminated if you have 0 points or didn't enter one of the final three days (read below for more on this)

In order to enter today's, you must give us the total number of points you are willing to risk picking the right or wrong answer.

For example, if you have 12 points and the game is NY Yankees @ Toronto Blue Jays. In your entry you will put the winner of the game, then the number of points out of 12. You cannot bid more than what you have however you can bid 0. Your entry should look like this:

NY Yankees
3 points

If you get the game right, you win 3 points. If you get it wrong, you lose 3. Remember to use your points wisely as you have 3 days of bidding. Once you are at 0 points, you are eliminated. In this part of the game, I have seen some with 1 point win before. Some have comeback from 10 points down to win. You are never out of the game til you have 0. So use your points wisely.

YOU MUST ALSO ENTER THE LAST THREE DAYS OF THIS CONTEST TO EARN PRIZES. If you started this contest lets say at the beginning of the month and haven't entered since and don't enter these three days, your points will not count at the end if you are the highest score. YOU MUST ENTER ALL THREE DAYS FINAL DAYS OR YOU ARE OUT.

Make sure to read what I am asking you to do as well. It may not always be a pick a winner. The final two days for sure will not be that.

Remember that this contest is only OPEN TO U.S. RESIDENTS ONLY and that you cannot be a minute late on the entry or it will NOT count. Good luck and have fun! Points will be updated daily!

Pick the winner of this MLB game:

Chicago White Sox at Texas


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