Saturday, June 4, 2016

Top 5:1994-1995 Ultra Basketball Base Cards

It has been a very long time since I have done one of the Top 5 posts, so why not do it? I also haven't ever done a Basketball one yet so this will be fun as well. I have however done Ultra many times and today is another year of Ultra. Their base cards just look so good it's hard to not do that brand.

So let's get to this.

First I want you to remember, these are the Top 5 in my opinion. You guys may have your own thoughts on these.

Up first, #5. This one is a great angle of a player trying to do a layup and Greg Anderson trying to get the block.

#4 showcases the smooth move by Tyrone Hill to get past one of my favorite Knicks, Patrick Ewing. its fun to think what may be going through Patrick's head right there.

#3 takes us high flying with Loy Vaught. In the background you can also notice a Kings player throwing their hands up in disbelief on this soon to be dunk.

#2 I not only like the angle of the shot, but the player next to Benoit's reaction to his upcoming dunk. He looks in shock.

And finally, #1 is Shaq's dunk, the fans reactions in the background and the opposing player watching this play happen sets the stage for a well rounded action shot.

Do you agree with my list? Do you have other favorites you would have stuck in here instead? Thoughts on the 94-95 Ultra basketball design? (which by the way I really like the Ultra foil with the hoop)


  1. Ultra is my favorite brand but the 1994-95 set is not one of my favorite years. I think I am one card away from completing it though. This year was a big deal at the time because it has both gold and silver foil on the front and foil on the back, the first year that was done. pretty rare to see lot vaught with no hair. That was the most popular haircut in that timeframe but he rarely did it. He was a favorite player of mine

  2. I'd have to examine the set to agree with your list, but there are some original angles that show some unique perspectives. Btw, it's Derrick Coleman and Robert Parish, respectively, in the background of 4 & 5.