Friday, June 3, 2016

REVIEW:May 2016 Baseball Loot Locker

Are you like me and don't have an LCS? Tired of buying retail packs that have been searched or given you nothing in return? Do you have an itch to bust a few hobby packs but don't want to pay outrageous shipping costs to get it there? And don't you want a place to store those cards or have something to put those big pulls in afterwards?

I know I do.

So if you are like me don't you just wished there was a simple solution....

Well...there may be...GO TRY....The Loot Locker!

Yes this may sound like an infomercial but what I say is true. Get one of these bad boys delivered to your door that contains 4-6 hobby packs, comes in a 400ct reusable box and also comes with some penny sleeves/toploaders. You can either just order one when you can afford to or subscribe and get them delivered monthly. The choice is yours.

Below is an example of what you may find in a baseball one. The Loot Lockers also come in Basketball, Football and Hockey.
Each month the hobby pack offerings are different because they are voted on by fans who follow The Loot Locker on Twitter. At the beginning of a new month, The Loot Locker has you narrow a list down to the Top 3 pack choices and that will be the offerings for that month. They do this for each sport every month.

So let's get to crackin my first Loot Locker which I chose as baseball since it's the in-season sport.

After you open your locker, this is what you will see. A well packed package (try to say that a few times). Believe me, I shook it before I opened it and you couldn't hear a single thing in there. I wanted this to be a very thorough review.

You remove the bubble wrap, and KAZAAAM there is the good stuff.

Not only is the box it is shipped in reusable, but you also get these new toploaders and penny sleeves to use. Whether it's for cards you pull in this package or cards you already have. There are roughly 10 of each I believe. They are also Ultra Pro not that generic dollar store stuff.

Free candy included too. Nobody ever complains about bonuses like that. Going to chew on this Dubble Bubble while breakin the wax....

Okay, so here was May's Pack Offerings. Some good ones for sure. I had wanted to try Bowman's Best and now I get the chance to.

Time to rip!!

No autograph pulls from my Bowman Chrome, but I get some prospects, a refractor, a die cut Puig and a pretty slick Aaron Judge.

The Bowmans Best pack didn't provide me a hit either, but I did pull a really nice looking Mirror Image insert.

Totally digging this card. #The90's

And my final pack was Gypsy Queen. No hits but I did pull a mini and a rookie card I didn't have so that was a plus.

Well, that takes it to the end of my Loot Locker break. I didn't pull any hits, but I still had fun and the thrill of the rip was satisfied for the time being. 
Now, just because I didn't pull any hits, doesn't mean they were pack searched or scammed. A lot of legitimate hobby collectors I follow have posted their Loots and have pulled some incredible cards including a Michael Jordan auto. All of which you can view right, HERE and see for yourself. Maybe your pull picture could be there next!
I would guess by now you must be asking yourself, what's one of these cost? Well, they are $20 plus S&H each. I priced the packs alone at that from the cheapest place I know and that's not counting the reusable box and protectors. So it's a deal and it's delivered to you.
Before I close, I also wanted to mention that there are bonuses that are offered as well. Such as bonus packs, Lockers and more! So there is a lot offered here and makes me really want to see how the other sports are now!

I know many of you have that will be reading this, but if you haven't or just want to again, please check out The Loot Locker website and see if there is something that fits your budget there.
I would also enjoy to hear your thoughts on The Loot Locker in the comments below.

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  1. Looks pretty cool! The candy is a nice touch...