Monday, June 13, 2016

For A Limited Time....

With a busy next couple of months and my need to keep posting daily, I have decided to bring back a couple of flavors....I mean segments...for a Limited Time Only. These are fast segments that will allow me to keep my posts going daily. I promise to also fit in a few of the regulars as well.

But, let's give a big welcome back to...

Hobby Topic-The segment where you guys give me your opinions

Caption This-Where I post a card and you caption it

Random Card On My Desk-I post a random card that is on my sorting desk that you may or may not have seen before in the past.

Like I said, these are only for a limited time so enjoy them the next couple of months. I am interested how they will go in the short time and hoping for lots of participation.

I am also hoping to add a few more new segments after I can catch back up on everything.


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