Tuesday, June 14, 2016

2016 Yard Sale Find Part 4: Grand Finale!

A baby wipes container. Who would have thought of using that as a place to store baseball cards?? I will say that it's pretty durable and it can hold many cards, but corners however, don't survive that well. And I found that out the hard way.

Kicking this off, tons of 2007 Topps baseball. Most had some to significant corner damage. That's what storing them in this will do along with those black borders. I remember how excited I was when I pack pulled that Kei Igawa rookie, then it quickly went away. This time that excitement came back for a bit but left fast. Still a Yank's PC find however.

Tons of 1992 Stadium Club Draft Picks and Team USA cards. Nobody I knew besides Yanks awesome pick Brien Taylor (feel that sarcasm)

Sp rookie of Quilvio Veras. Always loved these rookie cards and surprisingly this one survived the corner massacre.

Nice gold parallel finds especially in Ichiro. Just wished it didn't have a couple of very small corner issues.

Even more baseball inserts from a variety of years. Some in good shape, others not. But players include, Bonds, A-Rod, David Ortiz (what a year he is having) and Ryne Sandberg.

Mickey Mantle Homerun inserts. These were luckily in great shape.

KGJR! I believe this is a new one as well. And it's shiny, bonus!

Derek Jeter SI For Kids card. Not bad at all.

And finally, to my biggest surprise, a jersey card. I think the jersey card itself was surprising to. It's player worn. Not something you hear of that's not a rookie card.
Overall, I would say $20 well spent. Pretty solid list of players, some sets, inserts and even a jersey card.
Now that you guys have seen it all, $20 well spent? Would you have rather spent it elsewhere? Best find of my cards?


  1. The Ichiro is my favorite of the bunch. As far as the $20 goes I usually don't buy grab bag type of items like this. For me it is always better to spend the $20 on Pirate items. The contents of your box seem pretty similar to what you would pull from those repacks that guarantee a hit and cost the same amount.

  2. I'm with Mr. Scott... that Ichiro is sweet! Three years ago I would have plopped down my $20 and picked up this collection. These days... I just don't have the space, so I'd probably end up finding a "lot" on eBay of some 2016 Topps Archives autographs... or put it towards the 1956 Topps Mays I'm looking forward to buying in the future.