Friday, June 24, 2016

REVIEW:2016 Cryptozoic DC Comics Justice League Trading Cards

I am more of a DC guy than a Marvel guy, so when it comes to comics and card related, I prefer a product I can more relate to and one that involves Batman is good in any nature to me.

So here is a break of Cryptozoic's latest release.

In every box of 2016 Cryptozoic DC Comics Justice League Trading Cards there are 24 packs with 5 cards per pack. There seems to also be a box topper as well in a big toploader. You can find one sketch card per box and the boxes run you around $82.

The box topper I don't have any info on other than they seems to feature a character and their bio from the Justice League. I assume you will find one per box.



The base cards are written and artistically done by DC Comics writer Adam Beechen. 

The base cards are very visual appealing and also have a very glossy back, are tad thicker than normal base and have a rough front surface. Not like the rest of the Cryptozoic cards that are usually high in gloss. It would be fun to submit some of these in to be signed as the surface would be great for that. 
There are 63 cards in the base set which one box should complete it for you on average.

Silver foil parallels. Once again, lacking some info on odds for these but looking at the number of them I landed, I assume 1:3 packs will get ya one. They cover both the base set and insert sets.

Now onto the inserts. I believe you complete every set of them per box. Except the Batman Classic TV series Cryptomium Reissue cards that only fall one-per.
Model Sheets fall 1:4 packs. It's literally a model sheet and displays the color theme of each featured superhero and has a back and front look at each.

All-Star Comics fall 1:4 packs. Displaying cover art for some of the covers.

Madame Xanadu Tarot Cards fall 1:4 packs with a featured hero and a Tarot name for each. Such as Superman known as The Hero and Batman as The Detective.

One of my favorites from the product are these Retro's that fall 1:6 packs. These look really cool and my favorite of the group is Batman's. But overall, the color scheme and look on these are quite remarkable.

Batman Classic TV series Cryptomium Reissue cards fall 1:24 packs. These are Crytomium "chromed" cards of the original Batman cards from the 60's I believe.

And now onto the hits, I pulled a Sketch card. Very cool and signed by the artist on the back. All of these are 1/1's. My back of the card picture never uploaded for some odd reason and I will try again at some point.
You can also find other pulls. such as Totally Fabricated costume cards (1:192 packs), Replica Patch cards (1:96 packs), Printing Plates (1:192 packs) and Hall of Justice die-cut sketch cards (1:192 packs). All of which are really cool.
Overall, a very nice looking product from top to bottom. The price is a bit steep for the one sketch card per box and that's my only concern. But, you also gotta consider getting a full line of complete insert sets and a full base set in the box value too along with some other parallels. Some boxes may also give you an extra hit which is the usual for a Cryptozoic product.

I will also throw in, it's really hard to do a product like this and find enough "hits" to put in. Kudos to Cryptozoic for their creativity to come up with some unique ones like the Totally Fabricated costume cards. Just like the Totally Fabricated Slime cards they did for Ghostbusters. It's enough to draw collector's attention.

Also, if interested, here is the downloadable checklist.
Bloggers Note:  
Look for some of these cards in future giveaways. Thanks to Cryptozoic for providing this for a review and for future giveaways. You can check them out HERE.

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