Thursday, June 16, 2016


34 have gotten in the 2016 Topps Archives contest up to this point. There will be two winners with one of those winners getting an autograph. You can earn extra entries in that contest by sharing it on your blog or Twitter.

Entries end tomorrow!

If you haven't entered yet, go to this link:

The Sports Challenge Contest Week 1 entries end tomorrow as well. Some pretty nice prizes involved.

Go to this link to find the prize list and see how you can earn bonus points before others do! This isn't your full entry as this will only get you up to 3 points. (to get the 3 points that means you would have to share the link below on your blog plus share the Archives one on your blog too)

This is where you enter your Week 1 game picks. There are 10 MLB games you need to pick winners of and if you are right on them all, you get 10 points plus whatever bonus points above you get.

You must claim your bonus points by Week 2 contest end which is by next Friday.

Good luck to those that enter and there is plenty more card giving ahead.

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