Monday, November 24, 2014

Hobby Break 'Em:1995 Topps Finest Series 1 Football Pack

With my obsession with everything 90's collecting, when placing my order at Steel City Collectibles, I had to make it to the $99 for the free shipping. I was roughly $2 short from what I needed so I decided to search the site for deals on 90's cards. That's when I stumbled upon this for $1.99 a pack:

1995 Topps Finest Football comes with 7 cards per pack for $1.99. These cards were as the package claims them, "High Tech" for that era. It was another preview of things to come that would soon become chromed. The design of the base cards was very "electric".

One of the cool things that I enjoyed about Topps Finest from the 90's was the protective film they put over the cards protecting them from scratches and fingerprints. You will see this in the gallery. Also in case you were wondering, no, I never peel the protective coating off. It may have to do with protecting the card or have to do with my OCD.Either way, the protection stays on.

Now onto the gallery!

Loved watching this guy play:

This guy never wore a silver glove on one hand....

Overall, I was pretty happy. I was really hoping to pull a refractor but the nostalgia alone was worth the $2 to me. Sometimes, it's not always about the value.

Let me know your thoughts on this break. I am always curious how others feel about 90's collecting. Especially those of you readers who missed this amazing era.

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