Saturday, November 1, 2014

Review: 2014-2015 Hoops Basketball

In one of the more anticipated rookie classes in years, Hoops releases just before the season begins so you can start adding to your collection the new rookie class.

A set collectors dream, this years Hoops did not disappoint in that nature or in any nature. This may have however impressed and may be the best Hoops release to date. Why you may on!

2014-2015 Hoops basketball comes with 12 cards per pack with 24 packs per box. On average you will find one memorabilia card and two autographs per box along with 36 rookie cards. There is a lot to find in a box as you will see as you read on.

The base cards in Hoops are fun. Great action shots and some fun rookie poses.There are 300 cards in the base set.

 I especially like this Jabari Parker one! It makes me think back to a NCAA basketball game I used to have where the famous Dick Vitale would say "dipsy do, dunka roo!"

The inserts, well, the inserts may be my favorite thing about Hoops. Especially the parallels. They are look extremely nice. But, some of the other inserts are well done too.

The Road To The Finals inserts are all numbered to 999 and bring added value to a box. I roughly landed 4 of them. You can find cards of ALL 89 Playoff games in the Road To The Finals set all the way to San Antonio's victory!

I really liked the Picture Perfect insert. I like the shadowing of a darker color photo and a full colored one. Makes for a great effect.

Faces Of The Future has a nice look with the player in the forefront and a court layout in the back.

Now onto the parallels!! These are similar to the parallels used in Score Football 2013 that brought me so much joy.
There is gold glitter, a cracked ice,and  two rainbow borders, both numbered, including the Artist Proof parallel that is a tough find and numbered to 99. The parallels in Hoops look so sweet! I wished my camera could have captured them a little better, but when you try a box, they will impress you and surprise you like they did me. Panini must have said to themselves, none of this plain gold border stuff, Panini took Hoops parallels to the next level!

Up next, was my first hit of the box. A memorabilia card from the set called Blast From The Past. The memorabilia set is of players that have played for more than one team and features them in a former teams uniform. I like the design and I think the theme is fun. There are some bigger names and some players you may have forgotten about. It's a good mix.

There are two autographs in every box with a mix of rookies and veterans. I got one of each and landed the Celtics top prospect in Marcus Smart.
The autograph design in this years product is much more impressive than past releases. It honestly looks like one they would have normally stuck in Prestige. I like the switch-up here adding a rainbow foil to the product instead of the plain base card type of autograph.

Overall, I really like Hoops. Action shot base cards that also covers set collectors with the big set to chase, nice inserts with some numbered, 3 hits, and a product that has a friendly feel for both old and young collectors. The price per box is reasonable as well.

If you are a HOOPS fan, give this product a try. I don't think you will be disappointed.

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