Wednesday, November 5, 2014

2014 Flair Showcase Football Set Part 4: The Finale...FOR NOW

For the first time in awhile, I am trying to chase down a set BIG TIME. Yes, for those of you who are wondering, SET COLLECTORS STILL DO EXIST!

I have had half attempts at sets in recent years, some I completed, some I ended up giving up in the end. This time however, I will continue to build upon this set from time to time when I can afford to pick up the missing pieces or can find them. I really want to accomplish this one since I am pretty close and the fact that I really dig the design as it throws me back to what I consider the good years of collecting, the 90's.

I have paged all of my set so far, so I figured I would roughly show off three pages at a time of what I have so far. In the meantime, I may post updates of missing numbers I bring in and will continue to cross them off my checklist that resides on the right side of the blog if you haven't seen it yet.

Flair Showcase is set up similar to the one in the 90's as it's broken down into three sections Row 2, that come most per pack. Row 1 that comes a couple per pack and Row 0 with veterans and rookies falls at toughie at 1:6. The set will be a challenge with the Row 0's, but one I am willing to accept.

Yesterday I showed you Part 3 with some name and no name players. Today's is a mix of stars and non-stars both veterans and rookies. Today's is not only Row 2, but Row 1 and 0 as well. I didn't end up showing all of the 0's since what I have is limited.

Before viewing, please take note that you might think you are seeing multiple cards, but you are not. These are all in pages in a binder and where you see a faded card it's not a double but actually the card on the next page.

Without further ado...The final least until I can put the set ALL together!

A couple of NY Giant beasts shown in Odell Beckham and Andre Williams. Also shown in Row 1 is Money Manziel. Like I said, my set is pretty far along, but I still have some hills to climb to complete it.

Please keep checking in on mail day posts of new additions. I have one posting tomorrow with hopefully more to come.

When and if I can complete this set, wait for an all out post on the ENTIRE SET! I really hope to be able to finish this feat!

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