Sunday, November 2, 2014


In my spare time, I find it fun to search Jammin JDcards Beckett Marketplace just to see what new items have been added and to do some shopping.

In my recent search, I stumbled upon some Griffey's that I needed. I said to myself, hey, why not, they are just staring at me. So I picked up a few.

They arrived shortly after ordering and here is what I scored! (ignore the numbers on them, it's how Jammin JDcards keeps things categorized and I was too lazy to unpeel them before pics)

Love that Upper Deck photography! Baseball cards could really use that right now.

Inserts and some Metal!

I know this is a manu relic and that I am usually not a fan of these types of cards, but I have always wanted one of these because they looked cool and to find out that it was Griffey, it gave me another excuse of why I needed it.
Overall, an excellent mail day. This brings my current total of DIFFERENT Griffey's up to 435. I still have a BIG CLIMB to go, but I will continue to add pieces when I can.

If you haven't done so yet, you should check out Jammin JDcards Beckett Marketplace. You never know what hidden treasure you may need for your PC.

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