Saturday, November 15, 2014

WINNER Of The Player Of The Day Contest Part 5B

Well, I gotta admit I was a bit disappointed in the turnout. I have had people outside the U.S. ask why I don't do a contests for them, one, I can't afford the shipping, two, it's not that I don't do them, but I only do them when I have a redemption code so I am not having to pay for expensive shipping. So I found a redemption I had and created this Player Of The Day Contest out of the blue to suffice and give those who live outside the U.S. a chance at a prize with a very simple task. 

However, only ONE entered. Here is that entry:

"Heading back to jail! Would rather be ripping some packs!"

So a big congrats to the person who entered..... Tom Poray. I appreciate your entry and a BIG CONGRATS TO YOU! I will be emailing you this code soon:


A big congrats goes out to Tom again and hope you enjoy your new autographed card!

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