Saturday, November 22, 2014

WINNER Of The Player Of The Day FINALE Beckham Auto!

I can't believe another year of me hosting the Player Of The Day contest is over.

There was some really fun contests along the way in what turned out to be my biggest year yet!! Thanks everyone for showing up with your entries, your pictures and for spreading the word on the contest. This kind of support is what keeps this contest coming back every year.

Another thing I like about this contest other than it giving back to my readers, is the fact it brings in new readers. I hope all of you stay on board because there is plenty of cardboard talk ahead!

Without further ado and further of me rambling on, here is the FINALE of Player Of The Day's winner.

There were 24 items in your list. Here they are in random order:
  1. KMH
  3. Dennis (Seahawksfan605)
  4. @markloftus9677
  5. JJ Ham
  6. Justin C
  7. barry
  8. Ronald Robinson
  9. the bowl cut kid
  10. john sarginson
  11. @mikeyz84
  12. Scott N.
  13. Leslie C.
  14. neckcutta17
  15. tony Ragsdale
  16. @harrisonepstein
  17. Travis Leflar
  18. Tracy LeVeaux
  20. @WickedMikee87
  21. shean poppenhager
  22. HobbyBoxMan
  23. Jason Swope
  24. NYGFan88
Timestamp: 2014-11-22 12:45:53 UTC
You have randomized this list 7 times.

Congrats to KMH! You have won the Odell Beckham auto so please email me at with your address so I can get this out to you next week. Also something else to note, for some of you there is a minor shipping delay on your POD prizes so next week I will be able to get out what hasn't been mailed yet. I have spent a lot on shipping prizes out in this contest and the #SCCGivesBack packages so I am having to delay to paydays to get these out now.

Also, KMH, if you are willing to trade this to me, please include that in your email as well. If not, I won't hold it against you......or will I. JK.

Once again thank you to everyone who turned out for the biggest year yet in 2014. Let's hope I can host it again in 2015 and make that the biggest year ever!

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