Friday, April 17, 2015

Inspired Pickup

Every night I read other sport card blogs especially ones who grab my attention with catchy post titles. One of those nights, I read the title The Box That Broke My Heart written by The Chronicles Of Fuji Blog. If that post title doesn't grab you in, none will. In the article he discusses 1996 Spx baseball and suddenly I felt inspired to go and look some up on eBay. No joking. It literally happened just like that. There was just something about the post and pictures that sent me a vibe that I needed to search. And search I did.

Upon scrolling a few cards down, I noticed a set of the 1997 Spx baseball that was soon ending on auction. I felt led to bid and I did. So a post by someone else inspired me to bid on something out of nowhere on eBay and would you have guessed that I won the auction. Not only just won it either. I scored the entire 1997 Spx set for $12!! Call the police! That's a steal my friend!

So I can cross off 1997 Spx baseball from my 90's Spx set hunting all thanks to Fuji's post. Wasn't even ready to cross that one off yet.

Let's take a break from the story and get to what you want to see. The set! Well, here it is. Try not to drool.

My camera didn't care about catching the holograms all that well so I tried to get you a general idea of how they all look from this Eddie Murray.

Back of the card

Now onto the rest

Overall there are 50 cards of pure hologram goodness. The Griffey in the set also serves as a PC piece I didn't have before either. Those alone you can't find cheaper than $6.

Thanks for the inspiration Fuji that led me to this heck of a deal. I look forward to future reads that may do the same. Just try to stay within my budget.

For you 90's card guru's or readers that have been paying attention to my Spx search, I now have 1996, 1997, 1998 Spx football along with the 1996 Marino/Montana inserts and the Marino/Montana autos. I also have half of a 1996-1997 Spx hockey set and now this one. Still more to got but hopefully this one time dream of chasing these all down can become a reality.

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  1. Congratulations! That's a great deal... and a beautiful set! I have a decent size stack of 1996/97 SPx hockey. Let me know what numbers you need.